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Small series for you to analyze the symptoms of entrepreneurial failure

everyone wants to start a business, but not everyone can succeed in business. Recently there are entrepreneurs on the Internet to ask questions about the upcoming failure of a number of symptoms, causing a large discussion of foreign entrepreneurs and investors. TECH2IPO you selected one of the most popular answer, sharp words, please see if entrepreneurs had these symptoms, "an antidote against the disease". />

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n the off season to upstream industries

encountered off-season is an inevitable thing, however, in the off-season can take what kind of business strategy, will make the profit is guaranteed, every entrepreneur needs to consider the issue. In all walks of life, there may be a relatively weak season, the difference in the off-season, how to ensure profitability, and even contrarian, and become the focus of attention of each operator.

1, marketing communication is the key

off-season in the industry, the majority of enterprises in the marketing budget is less, rarely invested heavily in marketing communications. Marketing personnel in the marketing communications industry off-season, should study in all aspects of the target audience, media characteristics, propagation time, advertising copy and other more efforts should also be fully integrate their own resources, to make the spread of a resource exchange range maximum. read more

Join the convenience store what investment advice

convenience store is now everyone’s favorite shop, choose the right store, so that the investment can get a good shop income. So, if you want to join the convenience store, then what investment advice? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

location by interpersonal

according to the calculation, the total turnover of 360 thousand yuan per month to join stores, in the deduction of costs, waste and profit and loss (by joining the main burden), how to join the convenience store? Join the master in the hands of only 120 thousand yuan. After deducting 38% of the company’s monthly pumping into the remaining in the hands of the master to join the $70 thousand on the need to cover the rent of 100 square meters of shops, the cost of water and electricity, as well as the positive, deputy manager of the outside of the 15 employees wages. The real profit is not high. So investors in order to obtain higher profits must be done on the rent. read more

How to create a good atmosphere for the experience of cigarette retail store

people are emotional animals, a lot of action is often made in an atmosphere of decision, shopping will naturally be affected by the atmosphere. For this reason, many shops will be very focused on experiential marketing. Today, in our daily lives and consumption, experience two words have been everywhere: mobile 4G experience zone, apple experience store, and even the real estate developers to launch a model room try to live, etc..

consumer buying process is no longer a simple thing to buy itself, it is more important to get a good feeling of emotional communication between people and to meet the needs of the discovery of a pleasant surprise experience. Therefore, as a retail store, no matter what products to sell, we should learn and carry out a new model of experiential marketing, close to the customer, to seize the hearts of consumers. read more

Underwear how to choose a good position

has a very good saying, a good start is conducive to success. In fact, for those who do business with many entrepreneurs, how to choose the shop location is often the beginning of their career, so if you want to shop business in the beginning is half, you must select the location of the shop.

A, underwear store location must be forward-looking

is not a good location will make money, once meet municipal planning changes, lively area will become a rare place, which is being developed in the area have great investment space, therefore, it is best to know more about the location of the future a lot of development. In addition, we must pay attention to the future competition in the region. read more

How can we find a good store

today, people do the clothing business is very much, but the key is to find a good store, then today, the whole network Xiaobian to tell you how to open clothing store, choose a good store.

in operation of the shop, involves many aspects of site selection, financing, purchasing, marketing, financial management, a part of any inconsiderate may lead to failure of the entire investment chain. Therefore, the investment should be carefully studied before the shop opened the details of the shop.

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Forced to treat a man forced to report to the female students do not want to get off the toilet

China’s human relationship is a very complex product, recently a man was forced to invite him to female students, but the two alarm. It is reported that the female students died wrapped around the man does not have to treat, simply do not get off.

and once the stay together morning and night alumni reunion, really make people happy. But recently, Mr. Wang met a female student is very wonderful, a tangled up so that he can do nothing, but had no choice but to help the police out.

1 on the evening of 11, the Changzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Tianning Xinfeng Street police station received a report that the alarm of a female classmate refused to get off his car. Police rushed to the scene and found the man standing outside the car in the rain, a woman sitting in the back seat of the car. read more

Trapped reality treasure mom to join the entrepreneurial Army

women in our country between family and career are not always have, in order to avoid the job market for women’s invisible discrimination, now young mother decided to choose their own businesses, the majority of the "Baoma" began to join the army of entrepreneurship.

in the business tide, there is a kind of business people both ordinary and special, it is a young baby moms, commonly known as "treasure mom". According to incomplete statistics, at present, Wuhan independent entrepreneurial treasure mom more than 100 thousand people, but with the implementation of a comprehensive policy of two children, entrepreneurship treasure mom is still increasing. read more

How to do a new water purifier business agents to get more customers


environmental health products gradually attracted people’s attention and favor, especially recently, water purifier market to join the rise in household water purifier industry as an example, with the improvement of people’s health consciousness, water purifier market demand is increasing, many investors also join in achieving their entrepreneurial dreams through water purifier. But for the new industry just touch water purifier, how to successfully open a popular brand store?

one, learning water purifier to join professional knowledge read more

Sweet Xinyu desserts meals with you do not like dessert delicacy

dessert delicacy occupies more and more important role in people’s life, if you want to make dessert business, you can choose a new brand sweet dessert Xinyu meals to join the project, the project and the general brand dessert items can be different, the point of view of specific analysis.

sweet heart sweet dessert to join Xinyu meals to learn Thai fried rice, pasta, sandwiches, soup, steak, pizza and cheese cakes and other Western-style food staple, and Hong Kong Style desserts, Yoji nectar, fruit and fish, ice cream, coffee, tea, beauty hand taro, Mein mein ice and special roast wing, snack and so on, and the package will package read more

What details do you need to know when starting a business

enterprise is a very important thing for entrepreneurs, in the whole process of entrepreneurship there will certainly be many entrepreneurs so the majority of all the minor details, can not ignore the details, details determine the success or failure of the enterprise to a certain extent, only pay attention to details to rapid success, also can increase the probability of success.

1. must have perseverance

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Jewelry stores how to promote holiday products

In fact,

is now almost in every different holidays, will be a lot of business opportunities, at the same time, in some holiday custom, some shops to successful marketing products, or to focus on some marketing strategies. How to develop a suitable and effective promotion plan?

A, rich product is the key. Holidays as a peak sales period, only to ensure adequate supply of goods, the quality of goods in order to achieve steady growth in turnover. A variety of sales strategy is only an auxiliary means, diverse styles, dazzling commodity is the key to attract people’s attention. In addition, reliable quality, quality service will be your store turnover growth to make no small contribution. Therefore, in the holidays to ensure that the style of the product, quality and adequate supply, in order to be busy in the holidays, to ensure that your sales performance to a higher level. Joyce adorn article join in this especially attention, each greatly small festival before, headquarters will be ready for rich holiday products, and remind each jewelry stores in a timely manner to purchase, with no experience of jewelry stores, will join headquarters specifically for its franchisees to do the purchase guide. read more

Joe club do a business to earn ribs to join

characteristics of food, features earn. How about joining Joe club? Have the advantage of the brand of the project to join, successful venture to choose to join the Joe Club ribs? The best choice for the small business, if you join the club Joe ribs project, is also very interested, hurry to leave a message!

Joe Club chops the exclusive secret recipe, containing more than 30 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine and natural spice seasoning mixture, Qiao Dongjia chops secret recipe by grinding processing, others can not imitate, Joe team to ensure that dealers do chop a business, make a fortune. Investment is small, but the pattern is large. Joe Club ribs, after a hundred years of precipitation, an investment, allowing you to operate for a long time, benefit from life. A person’s ribs shop, a lifetime of good business. read more

Fire fire brand good reputation Hot pot rice cake

now people’s living standards improve, so that the demand for food and beverage consumption has also undergone more obvious changes, from the previous to the , to the quality of the present. China’s food and beverage industry also began to think about the direction of health and health. Fire fire as the authentic Korean rice cake Hot pot brand, first introduced the concept of China health delicacy, for many years with the most high-quality raw materials and healthy cooking methods, the new model combined with the freshest ingredients that will flow the rice cake and a taste of the pickled cabbage meal drink Hot pot become cutting-edge products, so the next word Korean rice cake, cheese Hot pot rice cake, South Korea South Korean troops Hot pot beef rice cake, rice cake and other Hot pot Hot pot Korean seafood are quite popular. read more