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Virtual son rain analysis of the website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic report layout

1, beautiful design layout

for a web site if we want to make the user experience to the user to enjoy good, so beautiful or have great effect. A beautiful website may succeed probability of potential customers is higher than a poor appearance of the site 3 times, or even more, but not to say that the appearance of the site complex, our website to work in a premise, to facilitate the search engine index and grab, so as little as possible with JS, less flash, use more text content to attract users. The picture is a weapon in the appearance of the site is essential, but we do not forget to give each picture with ALT attribute. In the process of Shanghai dragon in diagnosis we must stand in the user’s perspective to evaluate whether the site is beautiful, high appearance of the website can definitely impact the user’s line of sight, to attract potential users of the transaction, it is important to note that. read more

The search engine can determine what type of your website


first of all, we should determine the user search intention of the word. Of course we are not patted his head, he thinks he can understand. We can use the search engine to determine the user use. How to use? Or take the "trademark query" this is when we search the word, love is related to Shanghai, trademark search network, trademark, trademark search query software system. Through these words, we can know what users want is a website, a software, they want to through this software, to get results. So the obvious intention of user. read more

A5 Yue Huai talk to avoid website ranking good but no traffic skills

second: good user experience optimization; many factors affecting user experience: 1, to provide useful information to users, website ranking, users in the point, do not get what they want, just open it off, also will not come back, not only the bounce rate increased, and certainly will reduce the flow every day 2, open the website; slow, users in the open your site, space is a problem or is standing in the picture, the slow loading, users dislike this; 3, title and description are not attractive, the website optimization promotion, title title and description of web pages is the main part of website optimization. Optimization, search engine to give the weight of the label is very high, on the other hand, the title and description tags will be displayed in the search list, will be very easy for users to see, to attract visitors attention, traffic will certainly high. read more

Fast query page flow with JS Bookmarklet

pages. The channel soon know.

JS Bookmarklet via: distilled

code a21631695w42784104p42743849 to need digital into your GA account corresponding to the correct use, you can be found here:

to the following JS bookmarklet onto your bookmarks bar

you in the optimization of some landing page you will encounter such a situation, you want to know the specific flow of a certain period of time, this page, from which channels what keywords, what is PV and BR. You will then open the GA, screened by URL, and then add the channel. Have you thought about these intermediate steps can be achieved with a JS Bookmarklet read more

How to use the love Shanghai statistics enhance the website user experience

there are a lot of awesome love Shanghai statistical features convenient for us to improve the quality of your site, today I mainly: thermodynamic diagram, site speed diagnosis and source analysis of three aspects to share, love Shanghai statistics and some other practical function but I think generally, I might not have found the reason, if any you have a new found must tell me oh.

and love Shanghai thermodynamic diagram we see web site open speed is the speed of diagnosis, the foundation is the most important. Imagine a ten to twenty seconds are not open the website, you are willing to continue to wait? Site open speed like a user in front of you key, even if no key inside full of hidden treasure is also equal to zero. A page open speed in addition to spatial factors, will be affected by many factors. These issues require professional programmers to deal with problems, we only need to detect feedback to the program, Shanghai love diagnostic tools in brief mention problems and harm us or with the communication program. read more

n addition to many places worth the webmaster attention Shanghai Dragon

whether or not you love website, whether you what purpose began his head, at the end of the day, the site you will be in trouble when, because of the unstable factors do too much, not only a factor in the development of the industry, more Baidu "temper", sometimes really let us not stand, so how to do? The author is to walk to you here, chat. A person’s knowledge is limited, the webmaster industry is a moment and the Internet deal with things, you don’t communicate in the short term can not see what harm, but there is no experience will directly affect your future career direction. read more

You don’t know a few outside the chain of skills and problem

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2, Interactive Encyclopedia links do not transfer the weight of

webmasters in the text of the chain, the effect is often not good. There are several reasons, one is probably your soft Wen too serious, that attraction is not high; the second is some soft Wen basic is false original or copy, the online a grasp of a lot of articles, you only see a paragraph is not interested in reading. We in the BBS has become feeble Wen objective is to the construction of chain, if the content is not good, so most also is only a chain, bad could be quickly removed. And the use of the reading psychology of the readers to the text outside the chain, then the effect may be such as A5 technical articles were reprinted. For example: read more

The website of Shanghai dragon is not the purpose of profit model is the key

through second ways of network Denver is doing Taobao customers, this is the universal Wangzhuan way, but said to make money less, do not make money, the reason for the problem of executive power and the way is for everyone, but is determined through the Shanghai dragon with Taobao customer the way is to make money, but is based on each person’s ability to earn earn less.

learning is a necessary network related technology is necessary, such as the Shanghai dragon, by Shanghai dragon website profit is not a cloud. The Shanghai dragon how to create value? If you want to engage in professional services such as Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon provide services for small and medium sized enterprises, then can do full-time Shanghai dragon Er, however, provide services for small and medium sized enterprises in Shanghai dragon, you should not go to the network company, Shanghai dragon in most network company and you are not making money, at the most is a small white-collar workers. But relatively speaking, his own Shanghai dragon is feasible, but will you have one or two operation cases before, or you take the list is in trouble, it is difficult to open the market. This is a Shanghai Longfeng way to make money, but this way is to have the time consumption, and will make you all day long bustling about, with the increase of the list, a person you are very hard to cope. read more

Video site map and YouTube Vimeo Optimization Guide

if you find it correctly embed code, it should look like this:

The benefits of code

you don’t have to clean up your code to my cable, I aim to do so just to make more easier to see what had happened to pay special attention to embedded inside SRC url:

· the mode you have the opportunity to provide a series of details;

· RAD thumbnail pictures, this is a great call for action.


video embedded code

· in video and additional video search; read more

The risk aversion and Links blog

link address

Links is mutual promotion between blog sites in a way that is usually composed of blogs and personal web sites only, can be personalized, the portal is usually not Links. If the blog program content did not change it is possible cause is noble baby downgrade home page link, obviously, links to some cheating or spam sites will be noble baby downgrade, in addition, there are several possible link exchange risk, we need to pay special attention to.

The number of



exchange links to pay attention to the weight of the other site, see the numerical Pagerank, if PR value is too low and the exchange links blog or blog search engine punishment, then there is a risk of search engine joint punishment. read more

Website optimization need to start from the site

the Internet has brought a lot of convenience to our lives, we may not be able to go out to buy the goods they want, they want to enjoy the service, completely out of the geographical restrictions, so that we are able to enjoy whenever and wherever possible you want service, the simplest example is the online ticket ticket as long as their own, simple operation on the computer, you can buy the tickets, no longer need to queue up to buy tickets to the train station or outlets like before, has brought great convenience to our travel. read more

The Shanghai dragon Er catalog promotion

search engine is not through the user directory, can be used directly to query keywords, find all the website information corresponding to a keyword (and arranged according to their correlation), such as Shanghai in search of love. The user can click in the search box input the keywords, search, we can get all the information related to the website, here to keywords: Nanjing website construction as an example, the results as shown below.

directory promotion is the significance of weight transfer, once in the catalog will bring to the site in good weight transfer effect; at the same time, login the well-known categories but also greatly enhance the visibility of the site, to bring more quality traffic to the site. read more

The website data Mstching hits in ranking

no matter from which point of view, the author found that everything we do in the ranking sites and hard, but this is a right direction? Rankings can really for us to improve the website optimization reference? Although I really do not want to admit the mistake, but really, in the rankings is optimization direction deviates from the fundamental Shanghai dragon, have the order reversed.

now, we have to do is stand in the user’s point of view, not from the top view. Our goal is to optimize website user experience, rather than simply data ranking. read more

The site outside the chain construction and release specifications


website invasion chain

chain: high weight outside the chain, "to" the high correlation of the chain


2, classification of information station related website chain

manual chain

low quality of the chain: blog, forum posts at the top of the

High quality

software group and "hung black chain" (Web Intrusion) method belongs to the black hat Shanghai dragon, can easily be search engine found cheating, the chain personnel should put an end to the use of the two kinds of methods. read more

Why can’t love Shanghai and Shanghai Dragon Wing coexist

however, the pace of development with Baidu and noble baby scale, I have to love Shanghai why not coexist and the Shanghai Dragon Wing, noble people treasure can not be inclusive of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon ER and affect the user experience, but not for the presence of Shanghai dragon Er affect the performance, but the do the cause of globalization, to become a world class search engine, also won the owners and users. Love Shanghai, in the webmaster is almost all full of anger, and to punish them for everybody, is considered to be the typical money company. Why not about love Shanghai and the Shanghai dragon Er coexistence has the following conjecture brother Rong, if that’s not good everyone please Paizhuan! read more

The impact of the six industry in Shanghai to guess big update

two, love Shanghai big update effect on selling Links

so Masaoki flow industry, where Shanghai has a flow mechanism. I remember a few years ago, I pro test this mechanism. The establishment of a new station, in order to make love in Shanghai included within 2 days, I’ll fill the content (about 200), and then through keywords and master artificial click, included soon. However, this method is invalid. Love is the flow of Shanghai consistent mechanism exists, has also been adjusted. Adjust to today, is fast on the front page. This obviously disturbs the natural ranking of keywords. The result is that the user experience reduces the love of Shanghai. This is the love of Shanghai can not tolerate. So this time to change the adjustment mechanism, so the traffic is more and more not to buy. Since the buyer seller will be affected by the loss. read more

nternet products how to use the five major needsJiang Xiuliang it’s all about money See how you ma

left Mom in more than half a year, starting from 100IP contact Ali Mama, from 100IP to 20 thousand IP, then I have not to earn money, just do some adverstising, earn more than 500 dollars

food and beverage category carved sirloin, consumers enjoy it when it has from the simple human physiological needs to rise to the pursuit of exquisite, high quality. Therefore, there is a high popularity. Besides litchi FM, you can create a private radio station APP, which allows consumers to meet the social needs, but also allow consumers in the private radio station can tell the secret or extend this hobby, but also meet the esteem needs and self actualization needs, so you can see the depth of social demand in respect of demand coincide. And giants eyeing the wedding industry, its chain long enough to make friends from dating to the mother and child market. The integration and application of each scene is the satisfaction of multiple requirements. For example, in the WeChat platform to know and become lovers, you can only use the application according to the couple to their precise recommend some activities such as shooting pictures of the couple, and then you can 020 similar cooperation platform in wed114 such as wedding photography; adds a rich and interesting social platform, to meet the multiple consumers need. read more

A manager should not be a good employeeBlind development will only shorten the enterprise’s death ti

there is another point, the blind development of enterprises, not only in operations, there must be a clear idea, but also in the operation of the model has a more clear line of thinking. Maybe we’ve seen some retail independent websites that make money

enterprise as independent website, and the third party platform shop, then start two put all must spend a lot of money, however, if based on the platform to find the operation of an enterprise, there are more chances in planning the future development of enterprises must be. Here, we will certainly think that in today’s e-commerce, the first choice of third party platform based is very good, why? More people may say that the third party platform is quick, and so on. Whether it is the choice of independent website or choose the third party platform based on newly established enterprises, in short, the first major development projects which, again is very important which the development of a project, because the company to find a quick can bring profits to the company based on the platform. read more

Sharing some experience in making money at the garbage dumpGood project investors will flee entrepre



two, about SP, that’s all. Here’s 51VK or 169 video dating, PPS, UUSEE download, reader download, Mobile Fetion promotion, etc..

writer Jim · Preiss Jim Price had several entrepreneurs, and Zell Ross School of business at the University of Michigan – Lurui Institute as a guest lecturer.

, in order for me to be their advisor, they promised me lots of shares and a board seat. I said I would seriously consider these terms.

, in contrast, the founders who do not have these problems will consider the profits of the enterprise, not their own interests. Their focus is on the introduction of the best and the most read more

The ultimate secret of the site to make moneyPersonal website how to do a professional website to ma

second: when updates do not go as far as possible with the original software to false false original content, because some software artifacts out of the article reads to the user feels strange, not wrong words is to let users understand! The most important is the information content of our website does not meet the needs of users value, we think about it, a wrong words, the article provides false information. Can the user read it? If so, our website can’t keep the old users, so I suggest we try our best to create the original articles. In this way, search engines also like to include. read more