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What are the mobile phone website optimization techniques


fifth, the overall structure of

second, third

, the first regional


as a new generation of Internet and mobile phone star website, it has greatly facilitated people’s life. In the absence of the network, people rely on newspapers and TV entertainment, media head basically is on the computer, this is enough to surprise. Later, with the popularity of the intelligent machine, the network gradually put into the mobile phone. People’s life is like a mobile phone and mobile phone company, because of small size and convenient to carry, so no matter when and where, people love is tight, and our mobile phone website is very important, so how to optimize the mobile phone website? read more

How to optimize the new words based on old words don’t fall on

three, due to a snapshot of the site is in the next update, modify site title second days after the snapshot is updated, the security machine appeared in the new title and description. But the author expected the same ranking and is not very ideal, in the love of Shanghai fourteenth, here is a big reason from the author did not update the contents of the website or is done outside the chain, because the rankings have been stable only because of its weight in the "support". Then I will often add some new content to the website, the security for the relevant news or product release, so that the entire website related information security machine gradually increased, of course also need two words before occasionally to add some contents. read more

How to take the initiative in search engine optimization

of the two kinds of errors:

1, the user really useful high quality original content


How does the There is no

2, the so-called "original content" opportunistic manufacturing

included in the site, get higher weight, some new Adsense will think the content of the site must be enough. Yes, the number of rich content is to increase the source of your website, but the use of the existing collection network on high repetition of content in fact will only be judged as spam, did not give the weight plus website, but in the search engine in the evaluation of a website, be judged as garbage sites even suspected cheating, then the site to "stand up" to get high weight and good in the search engine included is more difficult to do. So, for new sites, increase the content should pay more attention to quality, not excessively quickly, delayed the healthy development of long-term website. read more

Love Shanghai share is likely to be a wolf in sheep’s skin wolf

as part of the movie station through brush love Shanghai sharing quick get ranked, if you are a love long term observation of users, you can observe the long-term movie website, look at their rankings can persist for two weeks, in general, by sharing the sea love brush rankings are not long, probably a fatal blow in the happy after a period of time.

, of course, may have friends will think this is the case, in fact this is not the case, I have seen a lot of brush love Shanghai sharing web site, traffic is greatly reduced, which can be roughly through the Alexa toolbar judged; even the Shanghai dragon Zac website, in his introduction of Shanghai love to share, there is a the people love Shanghai brush share, direct brush to thousands of times, then search his site to Shanghai dragon to page second, now has been restored to the first page seventh, do not know whether this phenomenon could explain some of the problems. read more

Love Shanghai 360 search will put you in the spring

The recent hot

at the end of 2011, 360 security browser installed capacity exceeded 200 million. You can imagine if there are SOSO QQ in support of this backing him, but the 360 tour into 360 search volume is not more than 200 million QQ, the browser installed capacity, and now the 360 safe navigation has abandoned Google for a comprehensive search of their own, I think beyond the soso search market accounted for second of the location point the day and await for it it is only a matter of time. read more

How to use love Shanghai news source to optimize their website


website, should create some stories, of course, these subjects best not to engage in negative, not to engage in some even put It is sheer fiction., website marketing is not necessarily out, make your site more profits, after all, site or product is not a movie star, by the negative news, as long as the famous the degree of up, will you find business endorsements, looking for you to shoot, because is well-known, whether it is "down" or "history"! For web site or enterprise network, the negative news is resolutely resist read more

What is the Shanghai dragon road of sustainable development


things necessarily Shenglaobingsi, network marketing is no exception, so, Shanghai dragon is dead? More and more people feel difficult to do in fact not Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Longfeng difficult to do, but we are very hard to Shanghai dragon, the main reason is not from the source to identify marketing point, Shanghai dragon first the intention has been distorted, marketers in the use of Shanghai Longfeng process imperceptibly entered a misunderstanding, affected by most marketers wrong thinking, they were gradually assimilated, and truly understand the meaning of the Shanghai dragon is only a part of the marketing, for this part of marketers will undoubtedly bring them the value of survival. Want to do better in Shanghai Longfeng, must study the route of sustainable development, for the future is unpredictable, so that it can cater to the change of the future market. So, what is the Shanghai dragon road of sustainable development? How should we grasp it? I have to talk about my personal views, hope to interact with you and discuss, grow together, progress together. read more

Xu Jin several common search engine backlinks query

There are several methods of

nobility baby are given, and the site really have reverse link number far, link its nobility baby also declared its given number is not accurate, at the same time, show the link is random, and in no particular order, change range is large, the frequency of updates very slow. But in any case, link given value for noble baby in the eyes of the noble baby website more or less of certain reference. The specific method is: link:www.xxxx贵族宝贝

with Yahoo! Chinese to check your site chain link, although Yahoo! Given is not very accurate, but relative to other search engines better, especially in terms of link number. In addition, Yahoo! Displayed on the reverse link in the query results is in accordance with the order of the importance of the link. In the Yahoo method! Query link: link:www.xxxx贵族宝贝 read more

What is the URL standard

贵族宝贝xiaohan Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝/index.php

when the search engine should be standardized. When the search engine needs to be one of the best representatives from these choices. Generally speaking, your home should be fixed, only one. But sometimes, in many site owners in the link back to the home page, the use of URL is not the only. For example, probably on your website, while connected to the URL 贵族宝贝xiaohan贵族宝贝 Shanghai Longfeng, while connected to the URL 贵族宝贝xiaohan Shanghai,贵族宝贝/index.php. read more

From the details do let your website traffic rising

station before the IDC operators, once the choice will have been using it. Now on the market IDC operators advertising is very attractive, the webmaster to withstand the temptation, don’t see which server is cheap, which server is high performance / price ratio change server. In fact, the market price of the server is almost the same configuration of the server, the difference is not more than five percent.

server is the most basic details. If the site every two or three days for the server, will lead to love Shanghai snapshot back, included reducing, ranking drop, while the K station. Or a small Fandango operators will terminate service, causing data loss. That will have an extremely adverse impact on the site, so we in the site before the choice of a stable IDC operator is imperative. read more

Ten let you better use web analytics tools below

website at the same time using the cnzz,, GA and other traffic statistics, Shanghai love statistical software, no matter for what purpose, I think this is not what good. If the analysis of love CNZZ report, love keyword analysis. At the same time, the use of 2 is possible, but only in order to detect the real traffic, then there is no need to. The final statistics for each statistic the data are not the same, that is to say no to the 100% statistical tool flow, then using a perfectly. The more the use of statistical software, then cause the page loading speed slow more. read more

Talk about women how to do site editing content full of sound and colour

: as a female site editor, I think if you want to make your content so I think you full of sound and colour, we must first into this group of women, which is why women sites are women the reason why editing. Only after we got involved in this group we can understand women women are concerned about a topic of concern. For example, female friends attention to beauty beauty, cosmetic breast, entertainment celebrity gossip and so on. Is the so-called "to complete its matter, must first sharpen his" female friends, if you can not accurately into this group, then you will lose focus on the localization of content, not content to be full of sound and colour even to add content, what you do not know. read more

A5 marketing one not careful you cheat you know

? TAG tag did not bring any traffic for the site because this style of search engine judge cheating

before we have seen some of the owners, in order to send abroad at some sites in the chain, the chain will deliberately adjust color, white, so the administrator can not see, do not delete posts! In fact, this chain is really effective? The result is not only ineffective, but if there are a large number of the chain this type of lead to site is down right.

search engine for the TAG tag good weight, because of its value, if the label itself has lost value, then this label, why get weight? In simple terms, is a kind of cheating. read more

Several reasons Website Optimization Website Ranking unstable

may be a lot of people know this, but I don’t know what the structure is the best structure of the site, let me give you a little advice. Particular attention must be paid to the novice webmaster.

(2), the solution: every day to develop a reasonable plan to promote the chain, such as how much of the chain every day (Ps: day I suggest that 7-10 is the best), to ensure the quality of the chain which is the primary task, try not to spam links, can make Hoplinks OK, here a the method, first, you can publish content in B2B and other large web site, and then go to the Hoplinks Gao Quanzhong forum to do so in this B2B, this link should be good, but also reached a certain included. Another is a soft link. read more

Some novice webmaster talk about the YAHOO chain

blog and forum this way, or to do anchor text, blog has third party, there are third independent blog blog, you can apply for a few, and then in the article above, there are many specific practices online, here not much. Independent blog, I personally recommend creating a blog, because third more restrictions, which belongs to own independent blog, easier to manage, if you do not want to build it, can go back to people independent blog, like Bo

blogThe The chain of YAHOO

I just started in doing this, the boss asked me to do the YAHOO chain, because at that time, what also do not understand, he didn’t want to promise to do, wait for the start when found, YAHOO chain is much more difficult than the chain to love Shanghai (because of the ignorance will feel very difficult) at that time, only for several forums and information network to do outside the chain, there is no sense to the forum and information network, so, after a period of time is not what effect is not about YAHOO outside the chain, the chain began to focus on the love of Shanghai. read more

The best Windows virtual hosting space

3. ASP.NET 1.1/2/3.5SP1/4.5

5. Microsoft URLRewrite2, pseudo static

custom control panel91

4. support leading

is equipped with independent application pool

host 91 Windows virtual host space is the most stable configuration of Windows server environment. Stability and security is high, can meet the needs of different types of users.


1. Hongkong new world top PCCW room

4., VIP line connection (very fast)

host Windows host control panel is used by the host in 91 after the two development of the WebSitePanel control panel, the control panel is convenient for the user to Chinese the operation, with a strong user experience. Integrated file management, FTP management, domain name / site management, database management, file compression / decompression functions on the control panel, started very quickly. read more

Shanghai dragon ER self ascend from denial of almost start

long tail keywords and tag optimization method has already been search engine advertising their skillful use of

currently Shanghai Longfeng basic technology has been basically popularized, those who engaged in the network marketing business, almost did not know the importance of the Shanghai dragon, "Shanghai dragon bridge for thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers", competition is very fierce cruel.

In this case

"Efficiency comes from diligence. shortage in the play", in short, we need to spend effort than others, work hard to study, to learn more than others of investment intentions — although the website of Shanghai dragon is so something, you only understand the entire industry, after understanding the whole enterprise, it. read more

Shanghai dragon company and the integration of social media marketing is the trend of network market

48% said in a lack of budget and operation of Shanghai Longfeng employees will be listed as one of the most challenging barriers to the success of the Shanghai dragon. This paper consists of 贵族宝贝mjgoucp贵族宝贝 finishing editing, please indicate the

"very successful", "the biggest difference between the success of the company is their use of social media as part of a search engine optimization strategy. The chart below shows, 38% of those who were "very successful" search engine optimization and social media widely integrated, and the Shanghai dragon company, not only two percent. And a complete after a group of 50% – those who are not successful in search engine optimization and integration of social media. read more

Talk about the construction of the chain in the reflection from the optimization of the ZAC blog

today, according to the rule went to ZAC’s blog around it has become one of my habits, although no new updates, but the construction of the chain of this one I think it is necessary to seriously study ZAC. Because in each of his blog, almost all can see several for the chain is very strong, this for users in reading any of his article, will not be difficult. Those who have knowledge of the local node, he has another explanation within the chain, allows you to easily on the knowledge points, or events, with intuitive understanding. read more