On the relationship between Shanghai dragon and network marketing

Shanghai dragon in domestic popular time only five years, but the network marketing this concept already familiar, 08 Taobao shop to now all kinds of crazy promotional advertising player software is the network marketing, Shanghai dragon is the search engine optimization, the actual Shanghai Longfeng with network marketing isn’t what relationship, but because of the people of Shanghai dragon the purpose of it is to profit, many people think that people gradually changed to Shanghai Dragon View: Shanghai dragon is the golden rice bowl, it learns to learn the network marketing, the Internet will be able to profit. read more

Love Shanghai two generation algorithm that was born with green highlights

since the mobile Internet tide comes, when other Internet companies are restructuring and innovation on the occasion, Shanghai love the pace of innovation is obviously not able to meet the current market demand, coupled with the current 360 and other search engines to encircle, love Shanghai in the future prospect is not so Everything is going smoothly., now rely on the profits of the industry the platform to promote their own bidding into >

from the previous love Shanghai algorithm innovation, did not actually see what significant changes introduced by artificial adjustment algorithm is still obvious, but the adjustment trend of one hand to make their own products revenue, on the other hand to others through my marketing platform, so it is necessary to leave money, though this pattern is not, at the same time, since it provides the service, it should get a reward, but the love of Shanghai to succeed, but need to establish in a fair and impartial point of view, if the thickness of the time, then the effect is not just the love of Shanghai’s website, also the influence of love Shanghai brand image. read more

Who moved my Yiqifa accountBehind Starbucks’s globalisation equipment manufacturers in Swiss small v

Thermoplan employs only 230 people and exports 98% of its products. It is also a microcosm of many small and medium enterprises in Switzerland that have global perspectives and rely on the craftsmanship to drive their business.

contract, Thermoplan’s coffee maker became the ubiquitous standard for all Starbucks chains from New York to Paris to Beijing.

Thermoplan into the world of coffee machine market can be traced back to a vast expanse of water when the company made of whipped cream machine 30 years ago. read more

How to effectively prevent the acquisition

1, IP shield is the first method I use, through data analysis, screening for IP and then shielded, certainly not enough insurance, if the acquisition of guerrilla do not have so much energy to deal with.

6, some stations, especially the station, can not complete the content published on the website, so that people are basically useless acquisition in the past.

4, made his watermark in the picture, the feasibility is good, disadvantage is that most of the web is pure text, the picture is less. read more

mmature side with the events of 2012 about the Shanghai Dragon

this is the 360 approach, I believe that this is done in order to let more people love away from Shanghai, but to simply love Shanghai, but can not be shaken, the love of Shanghai was too strong in the cloud users, these are the layout should be considered, and after the mobile Internet, if 360 you can force, do mobile terminal entrance, is on the other side of the search market firmly in control in the hands of. Not mature in the 360 great expectations.

in many cases, 360 no precipitation and accumulation of the market, strong love of Shanghai lies in the love of Shanghai know, love Shanghai Post Bar, activities of the two communities nature will use the cloud the way many people together, that is we often say that the cloud, but the 360 have no such pattern of accumulation the user mode is the competition of his client, this is between the cloud and the end of the race; but because of the love of Shanghai is a cloud, 360 to a certain extent will encounter a bottleneck, so we can’t depend too much on the rise of 360, if you just think 360 can be used as rescue your site, to the last that they will be defeated, between the two there is no temporarily comparative, remember in micro-blog, the most is about love fraud in Shanghai 360 micro-blog search, as shown in figure read more

Shanghai dragon base to share practical experience href Tags

tutorial on the HTML base label made the following description, its href attribute definition and usage: href property page in all relative link reference URL.

in Shanghai Longfeng forum turn, often see a similar problem with WWW site is down right ", I didn’t pay much attention to his web site until this happens after began looking for solutions. Then, 301 redirect is also done, Webmaster Platform redirect set, the domain name are all the absolute path, to the analysis of WWW without is broken, but the love of Shanghai is still crawling without the WWW domain name, the domain of choice to love Shanghai, I really no plan the? Fortunately, in the past to do when the knowledge learned, I suddenly thought of the HTML label, may have a decisive role in the selection of preferred domain love Shanghai. read more

Tell you The website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization keywords layout which 10 position is better

at this time, we are here, talk about keywords in what position is better in a website optimization? The following summarizes 10 key words placed in the position, I hope all of you refer to.

4 in the text, part of the body, the more close to the page at the beginning of the better.

said in the above can layout keywords, and the front.

Yang Zi today to share with you, though is a commonplace talk of an old scholar but in recent years, now, there are still a lot of Shanghai dragon er or some novice webmaster to ask, how to optimize the layout of the site keywords is good, should be in what position the site keywords layout is better when read more

Summary of the impact of Shanghai dragon from the A5 clinic in Shanghai Longfeng case

recently wandering in the A5 site, looked at the Shanghai dragon diagnosis of this section of the content. All customer cases are finished, the analysis summarizes the impact of some of the reasons and the website of Shanghai dragon, a total of 12 points to share:


three, website layout

five, URL specification: standard, not repeat URL


2, about us, contact us, privacy protection, company profile, website and other links can put them nofollow off, to do so, the first page of the PR value will not transfer to them. read more

The construction of the chain method also inappropriate boomgeranged analysis


many owners in the chain. Too much to a website or two sites to send, and think everything can leave the chain method in these two sites, such as forum signatures, forum information inside and so on, although the methods through various posts can leave the chain, but once this forum account has been closed, then done before all efforts will become worthless, because your site outside the chain overnight disappear, this is quite a huge blow for the site, so the construction method of the correct site outside the chain of nature is to find ways to make the chain diversification website, even if the site has been blocked, but there are other there is a site outside the chain, don’t let your site outside the chain number caused by Shanghai’s aversion to change radically, love read more

Shanghai dragon do not blindly follow the optimization algorithm update steps


collection content do not blindly delete

forum link is not urgent submitted to shield

webmaster do optimization of Shanghai dragon is most looking forward to search algorithm update website can get better ranking, fear most is to update the search algorithm, the new algorithm website may have been punished. The stationmaster always entangled in the search engine algorithm, but the website can get better ranking, not looking forward to the renewal of the algorithm, more is to make their own efforts, earnestly implement the "Shanghai dragon optimization guide", do not blindly follow the pace of updating algorithm. read more

The two advantage Links and three points for attention

1, Links more correlation;

website optimization is the main content of the two parts with the chain, plays a decisive role in the whole chain ranking website optimization, the chain do well in large level can improve website ranking and weight. The form of chain promotion we usually have: Forum promotion, blog promotion, quiz promotion, love Shanghai experience and Wikipedia, soft article submissions, site navigation, and Links etc.. Each one has its own merits the way to promote the chain, but the effect is good is submitted to the soft exchange with Links. The following talk about Links. read more

The love of Shanghai snapshot complaints sequela

3: excessive complaints will cause love Shanghai offensive, the light is right down, heavy K

station!The use of

love Shanghai love Shanghai complaints as long as it is included, and the actual content of the snapshot, you can make a complaint, 4 hours after complaints about you can query to the snapshot update, and that time is the day. Many people may feel good, as long as the website snapshot is slow and I went to complain, I said love Shanghai complaints in the aftermath:

Shanghai dragon dragon read more

We can analysis website correctly reading methods of empty talk

core analysisWhen the

structure of the site should seriously study the competition of >

two, competitor analysis keywords


analysis is a member of Shanghai Longfeng optimization workers skills, when optimization personnel get a need to optimize the website, the first thing to do is to make a systematic analysis on the site, and then find out the defects of the existing web site, and make corresponding analysis report on the website of the competitors. The feasibility of this site optimization scheme is pointed out, and submitted to the relevant leaders, eventually leading to finalized, portfolio launched. From the view of the process of a project started in the website optimization analysis, and finally analysis of the web site. read more

Tracy net interconnection on spatial high load

said, I believe that many of the webmaster friends met because of the small load space, and the emergence of a series of things, even many websites were closed, transfer etc.. The loss of a lot of traffic and funds. Stronger load capacity space or VPS data so many owners are looking for more, and to solve the traffic condition of increasing. However, the high load space now came into being. High load space. The biggest feature is the size of the space is much larger than other types of space. 500M, 1000M, 2000M, 5000M, 10000M for your choice. This space as suitable for movie website or video website etc. these resources relatively large station. At the same time high load space compared to some of the VPS also slightly inferior, but also in terms of price, are also safety, stability, high availability. Now the high load space is more and more favored by the webmaster. read more

The relationship between the PR value of the domain name and Google keyword ranking

first: what factors affect the Google keywords ranking

in the Chinese search engine market share and love Shanghai far, but it is undeniable that it is still firmly occupy the second place, if the comparison of the optimization awesome words, get the traffic is also very expensive. This little Google Adsense from earnings performance is still strong and can probably see out, if not many people search relevant keywords, then Google Adsense search advertising is not possible to obtain so much profit. Another little, in the foreign trade market, the importance of Google is more self-evident, which is why so many foreign trade website owners a lot of seeking English site outside the chain website for their own reasons. The above text is to illustrate a web site to get good rankings in Google is also very important, especially for the foreign trade website. Next, say PR, make the website friends should also know, PR is a standard rating website external links based on the website of Google’s own scoring, the lowest was 0, the highest for 10. That is to say, a web site can be Google search to the external links, then PR is high, and low pr. Well, the above said the main domain name so much a website is to draw out the title as the PR value and its corresponding key words in Google’s ranking in the end there is Never mind? If there is, is what kind of relationship? This paper will discuss to. read more

Virtual son rain analysis of the website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic report layout

1, beautiful design layout

for a web site if we want to make the user experience to the user to enjoy good, so beautiful or have great effect. A beautiful website may succeed probability of potential customers is higher than a poor appearance of the site 3 times, or even more, but not to say that the appearance of the site complex, our website to work in a premise, to facilitate the search engine index and grab, so as little as possible with JS, less flash, use more text content to attract users. The picture is a weapon in the appearance of the site is essential, but we do not forget to give each picture with ALT attribute. In the process of Shanghai dragon in diagnosis we must stand in the user’s perspective to evaluate whether the site is beautiful, high appearance of the website can definitely impact the user’s line of sight, to attract potential users of the transaction, it is important to note that. read more

The search engine can determine what type of your website


first of all, we should determine the user search intention of the word. Of course we are not patted his head, he thinks he can understand. We can use the search engine to determine the user use. How to use? Or take the "trademark query" this is when we search the word, love is related to Shanghai, trademark search network, trademark, trademark search query software system. Through these words, we can know what users want is a website, a software, they want to through this software, to get results. So the obvious intention of user. read more

A5 Yue Huai talk to avoid website ranking good but no traffic skills

second: good user experience optimization; many factors affecting user experience: 1, to provide useful information to users, website ranking, users in the point, do not get what they want, just open it off, also will not come back, not only the bounce rate increased, and certainly will reduce the flow every day 2, open the website; slow, users in the open your site, space is a problem or is standing in the picture, the slow loading, users dislike this; 3, title and description are not attractive, the website optimization promotion, title title and description of web pages is the main part of website optimization. Optimization, search engine to give the weight of the label is very high, on the other hand, the title and description tags will be displayed in the search list, will be very easy for users to see, to attract visitors attention, traffic will certainly high. read more

Fast query page flow with JS Bookmarklet

pages. The channel soon know.

JS Bookmarklet via: distilled

code a21631695w42784104p42743849 to need digital into your GA account corresponding to the correct use, you can be found here:

to the following JS bookmarklet onto your bookmarks bar

you in the optimization of some landing page you will encounter such a situation, you want to know the specific flow of a certain period of time, this page, from which channels what keywords, what is PV and BR. You will then open the GA, screened by URL, and then add the channel. Have you thought about these intermediate steps can be achieved with a JS Bookmarklet read more

How to use the love Shanghai statistics enhance the website user experience

there are a lot of awesome love Shanghai statistical features convenient for us to improve the quality of your site, today I mainly: thermodynamic diagram, site speed diagnosis and source analysis of three aspects to share, love Shanghai statistics and some other practical function but I think generally, I might not have found the reason, if any you have a new found must tell me oh.

and love Shanghai thermodynamic diagram we see web site open speed is the speed of diagnosis, the foundation is the most important. Imagine a ten to twenty seconds are not open the website, you are willing to continue to wait? Site open speed like a user in front of you key, even if no key inside full of hidden treasure is also equal to zero. A page open speed in addition to spatial factors, will be affected by many factors. These issues require professional programmers to deal with problems, we only need to detect feedback to the program, Shanghai love diagnostic tools in brief mention problems and harm us or with the communication program. read more