The new competitive situation of Henan Sports Association concern

in our life with the development of the economy, the electronic industry in the market is booming, in order to further promote the development of the electronics industry, Henan E-sports Association opened. December 5th, the central E-sports ecological industry development forum held in Zhengzhou. Shanxi, Hunan, Hubei, Anhui, Jiangxi and other provinces of electronic competition relevant person in charge of the project, the enterprise and the Tencent, the aerial technology and Beijing were invited to attend the forum gaming era. Zhai Lin, Deputy Secretary General of Henan Electronic Sports Association, introduced the development of Henan e-sports. read more

A snack how much does it cost to business

business in the shop before all to do cost-benefit analysis, because this is one of the essential work of the project do work in front of the shop. Take a snack bar, operating a snack bar requires investors to do a good job in the shop before the budget, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the store, to avoid the emergence of loss. A snack shop investment budget including utilities, management fees, costs, tables and chairs tableware fees, for these costs, operators to this list, estimated to cost about, the shop’s business is very helpful, so, how to open a snack shop cost? What are the precautions. Below, small series and we talk about the cost of opening a snack bar and snack bar to note. read more

Chongqing to increase the legislative system to promote the construction of charity

charity has been a concern, and even the government is also actively involved in charity. As of December 31, 2016, the Chongqing municipal charity to raise funds and materials 549 million yuan, including the China Charity Federation aid medicines worth 377 million yuan. This year, boosting the improvement of people’s livelihood, especially on the basis of the city’s poverty alleviation, the city’s booming philanthropy, showing a bright spot.

Chongqing City charity through study and understand the "charity law" and the leadership instructions, further unified thinking and understanding, clear the thoughts of charity work, take the initiative to boost the improvement of people’s livelihood especially the poverty alleviation, as the primary task of charity work and priority, consciously adhere to the main city to carry out charitable relief, actively change "to" fish "to fish" to promote the charity of poverty alleviation. In the fight against poverty, pay more attention to highlight the focus, practical results, to ensure accurate poverty alleviation, precision poverty. read more

t was Chinese tourism commodity Menyuan

Recently, Menyuan Hui Autonomous County Yi source milk products Co., Ltd. production of "Menyuan Naipi by virtue of the unique mode of production, and rich cultural heritage, in the first China tourism commodity online display contest in Qinghai Province as the only brand of success in Qinghai province famous trademark.

"Menyuan Naipi handmade products" as the oldest, Hui has characteristics, no pollution, no additives, rich in high quality protein, fat, calcium, iron, zinc and other trace elements needed by the body, crisp and refreshing, not greasy, unique flavor, rich nutrition, quality of fresh and pure. And has a certain beauty, health and longevity benefits volume effect. "It China Menyuan" has become the product of geographical indication, a famous trademark in Qinghai province.   read more

Emission reduction work will be held in Xining Province

in May 29th, the province’s energy-saving emission reduction leading group held in 2013 the total emissions of pollutants in the province will promote the work of this year, informed of each region of the province pollution reduction task goal, and in view of the current progress in pollution reduction work situation and problems, the arrangements for the deployment of the next phase of work, to mobilize the relevant departments at all levels to further promote the pollution reduction work. read more

Community story a small photographer show comity style

and carry out activities to create a civilized city community, by the Xining evening news and comity Street Street Party Working Committee, the office and the Jiefang Road community jointly held my eyes "comity" community youth photography activities recently ended.

One of the important contents of

in Xining city as the "create a national civilized city and State Street office into the community" series of activities this year summer vacation community, this photography contest a total collection of more than and 70 works, these works cover a wide range of subjects, prominent theme, rich in content, showing the comity street public service facilities, fully embodies the people in the community and youth wonderfull life condition and the mental outlook and civilized behavior, reflects the profound changes brought the comity Street actively create a national civilized city after. After careful selection, the second grade Datong Street Primary School horse, Yu Dongxue won the one or two prize; the second grade Datong Street Primary School Song Wenting, Xining thirteen in the third third-prize Ren Jie won the second grade; Datong Street Primary School, 71 Dengyu Hou Road Primary School in the sixth grade white Yunting, Xining Xu Bowen Memorial Day award. read more

North Town project to build a large livelihood

this year, north of the city area to improve the people’s living environment, improve the city road network structure, open up the broken road, enhance urban grade as the goal, to create a livable city beautiful generous, and strive to build a small urban construction project Huimin project.
north this year, a total investment of about 31 million 480 thousand yuan, Ning Rui river north of Riverside Road, North Road, new planning (Huang Shuihe), Riverside Road (Beichuan River), twenty East Road, Qilian road paved sidewalks isolation guardrail lamp project in the implementation phase of the project, adhere to the people-oriented under the premise of not the demolition of the building to push the line transformation, not only to meet the smooth road, and meet the residents.

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How much money is invested in the construction of educational informatization in Yibin

lives in an era of the Internet, from the Internet, it seems that our lives will become a mess. For the construction of information technology, is a very important project. So, the Yibin education information construction investment is how much? Let us look at the following.

as of April, the Yibin Municipal Education Informatization Construction of a total investment of 587 million yuan, completed the "broadband network school -" 520 schools, accounting for 31% of the total, 5847 multimedia classrooms, accounting for 30% of the total municipal education network 1, county (District) education network 6; 1202 schools have access to the Internet and 68.7% of the total; 67% of the city’s primary and secondary school teachers, 53% junior high school students and 6% of pupils have learning network real name system in the provincial education resources of public service platform. read more

Pass the warmth of the report to the grassroots

Mayor Zhang Xiaorong made the government work report, between the lines are full of pragmatic for the people’s affection and love." Even the day to start, municipal people’s Congress and CPPCC members on the "government work report" a heated discussion, we believe that the report is encouraging and inspiring, embodies the love for people, for the people, warm, have said, take this warm transfer to every corner of the grass-roots level as soon as possible.

in the "12th Five-Year" period, the city in economic development, improve people’s livelihood, ecological construction and other fields has made new achievements, new breakthroughs, "12th Five-Year" successful ending, "13th Five-Year year" start planning work focused, effective measures. Municipal government to determine the 12315 development goals, in line with the provincial Party committee, the overall requirements of the 131, but also reflects the reality of the development of Xining, building a happy Xining in line with the broad masses of the city’s good expectations. "Government work report," the results of seeking truth from facts, concise, practical and accurate to talk about the problem in place, can be said to be a pragmatic and innovative, exciting report. The report objective and comprehensive summary of the work over the past five years, scientific and rational planning, put forward the "13th Five-Year" around the "12315" goal and the construction of "happy Xining" focus on the arrangements for the deployment of the city in 2016 the work objectives and tasks and priorities, after listening to the report, the heart shocked, in 2016, we have to work together innovation, to "dry in reality in the forefront," the spirit of a building "a new chapter of happy Xining".

– the city CPPCC member Li Haiping read more

Let poor families enjoy the privilege

Director, I brought home the key, I go to school, can help me rent out the house, I will not come back during the summer vacation." The early morning of February 18th, people began to work, the provincial capital of Kunlun Road West Community Serena (a pseudonym) ready to pack up to go to school, before leaving, he deliberately went to the community, the two keys home to the king of our community director’s hand, he wants to let the community staff help will rent out their the house.

"we like Serena this area particularly difficult family and 6 households." Wang Yuting said that she had made in front of Serena, but the installation fee how to solve? I had to bite the bullet to Xining oil and gas co.." Wang Yuting did not think of is, soon, gas companies have the answer: free installation for Serena, including 7 poor households.

soon, the construction team began to install wall boiler Wang Yuting went from door to door, Serena home keys, "was as cold as ice, his father in the home for the winter every year, nearly 2000 yuan to buy coal for heating, since the death of his father, the winter house never too warm." In those days the installation of natural gas, the staff of the community will be cleaned both inside and outside of the room.
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