Three Juancheng County women’s entrepreneurial success story the whole

in a favorable environment for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is no longer just a matter of men, women are on the road to success is also more and more people. In Juancheng, there are a number of self-made female clients, they are not included in the golden key of the birth of the princess, there is no particularly bright resume. They find the way to realize their dreams through their own hard pioneering road.

Dong Dandan: returning home to achieve the dream of entrepreneurship

Dong Dandan, general manager of Juancheng Shun Tai Arts & Crafts Co., ltd.. During college, she will use vacation time to do all kinds of part-time jobs, worked as a restaurant waiter, counter sales, street propagandist. After graduation, Dong Dandan worked in Qingdao arts and crafts company, start from the grassroots marketing personnel, understand the various market information in the sales line, greatly broaden their horizons, increase of knowledge, update their concept of sales. read more

Propolis ten brands list the whole

in a variety of bee products, propolis is a very important component in the current market has been a lot of people’s favorite. Of course, China is a very important country of bee products, leading to a lot of brands in the propolis industry. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten brands of propolis, so that we can have a better understanding of China’s Propolis market brand.

ten NO.1 propolis brand rankings, Wang Wang’s: founded in 1985, the national protection of trademark, the famous trademark of Jiangxi Province, Jiangxi province famous brand, national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, Jiangxi Wang bee Garden Co. ltd.. read more

Slaughter cattle money to join Hot pot

hot pot to join the project, has been a very fiery project. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the slaughter cattle Hot pot project, an open their own cattle slaughter Hot pot stores, something that is not a very good thing!

cattle slaughter Hot pot chain to join?

cattle slaughter Hot pot shop based on the old Hot pot on the delicacy of innovation, become an independent school. Slaughter cattle Hot pot chain join? With the bright red color of nutrition and health, fragrant spicy but not dry, refreshing and comfortable always walk in the forefront of the industry advantage. read more

The Manshasha moxibustion join to pay attention to what the whole

we all know, the health of the market, has been very hot. Small entrepreneurial choice of health market, no doubt, is very wise, very choice of business opportunities. I heard the Manshasha moxibustion alliance project, is very good. High quality entrepreneurial projects, successful venture worthy of trust!

due to the rapid pace of modern social life, work pressure is relatively large, often stay up late to work overtime, lack of exercise. So it is easy to cause many people to gain weight. Weight loss is simple, but it is not so easy to implement. Weight loss seems to be a lot of ways, but it is not suitable for everyone, all people are able to stick to it, if you give up weight loss, but also easy to rebound. Today, we take a look at sand moxibustion to lose weight. read more

Taiwan tea shop marketing method

shop operators, mainly to get consumers to spend, and the main way to get consumers to promote their own brands, do their own brand marketing. There are many methods of marketing, each store management main body different marketing methods are not the same, here we just take the tea shop management as an example to introduce how to do the tea shop brand marketing.

with the increasing number of tea shops, operators in the fierce competition in the market began to sign it? Many operators take pains, in the taste, packaging to do enough effort to stimulate consumer desire to buy. Below, we look at the tea industry in the operation of the emergence of what creative marketing? read more

The cat’s investment Cathie fashion choice

entrepreneurship is going to be different. How about investing in a cat? The quality of entrepreneurial projects, for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very good choice. Joined the investment Kay cat, with a home of their own investment Kay cat franchise, no doubt, is a very choice of business opportunities!

Kay cat children’s clothing for children to wear out fashion trends, Kay cat children’s clothing with the latest international fashion elements of the design plan, Japan and South Korea to participate in the development of professional team, with the development of different series of children’s clothing. Become the most competitive children’s wear brand. Kay cat children’s clothing covers the most recognized by the new luxury, new quality and fashion cute and other children’s clothing style. The commodity structure of each quarter is reasonable, the style is clear, the style is diverse. The unified store image of the whole country, the unique store image of the cat and cat children’s clothing has become a beautiful scenery line in the children’s clothing market of all the cooperative stores. Fashion children’s fashion trend is the wind vane. read more

The new competitive situation of Henan Sports Association concern

in our life with the development of the economy, the electronic industry in the market is booming, in order to further promote the development of the electronics industry, Henan E-sports Association opened. December 5th, the central E-sports ecological industry development forum held in Zhengzhou. Shanxi, Hunan, Hubei, Anhui, Jiangxi and other provinces of electronic competition relevant person in charge of the project, the enterprise and the Tencent, the aerial technology and Beijing were invited to attend the forum gaming era. Zhai Lin, Deputy Secretary General of Henan Electronic Sports Association, introduced the development of Henan e-sports. read more

A snack how much does it cost to business

business in the shop before all to do cost-benefit analysis, because this is one of the essential work of the project do work in front of the shop. Take a snack bar, operating a snack bar requires investors to do a good job in the shop before the budget, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the store, to avoid the emergence of loss. A snack shop investment budget including utilities, management fees, costs, tables and chairs tableware fees, for these costs, operators to this list, estimated to cost about, the shop’s business is very helpful, so, how to open a snack shop cost? What are the precautions. Below, small series and we talk about the cost of opening a snack bar and snack bar to note. read more

Chongqing to increase the legislative system to promote the construction of charity

charity has been a concern, and even the government is also actively involved in charity. As of December 31, 2016, the Chongqing municipal charity to raise funds and materials 549 million yuan, including the China Charity Federation aid medicines worth 377 million yuan. This year, boosting the improvement of people’s livelihood, especially on the basis of the city’s poverty alleviation, the city’s booming philanthropy, showing a bright spot.

Chongqing City charity through study and understand the "charity law" and the leadership instructions, further unified thinking and understanding, clear the thoughts of charity work, take the initiative to boost the improvement of people’s livelihood especially the poverty alleviation, as the primary task of charity work and priority, consciously adhere to the main city to carry out charitable relief, actively change "to" fish "to fish" to promote the charity of poverty alleviation. In the fight against poverty, pay more attention to highlight the focus, practical results, to ensure accurate poverty alleviation, precision poverty. read more

t was Chinese tourism commodity Menyuan

Recently, Menyuan Hui Autonomous County Yi source milk products Co., Ltd. production of "Menyuan Naipi by virtue of the unique mode of production, and rich cultural heritage, in the first China tourism commodity online display contest in Qinghai Province as the only brand of success in Qinghai province famous trademark.

"Menyuan Naipi handmade products" as the oldest, Hui has characteristics, no pollution, no additives, rich in high quality protein, fat, calcium, iron, zinc and other trace elements needed by the body, crisp and refreshing, not greasy, unique flavor, rich nutrition, quality of fresh and pure. And has a certain beauty, health and longevity benefits volume effect. "It China Menyuan" has become the product of geographical indication, a famous trademark in Qinghai province.   read more