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Man alleged to have stolen 25 million from Whitecap First Nation Casino

first_imgAPTN National NewsThe accountant who allegedly stole 2.5 million dollars from the casino on the Whitecap First Nation near Saskatoon has turned himself in.His lawyer says Hugo Gallegos is back to fight the charge and should not have been handcuffed after his court appearance.last_img

Liberals propose billions for affordable housing including individual benefits

first_imgOTTAWA – A Liberal government fond of promising help for those working hard to join the middle class unveiled billions in housing help Wednesday that could make a difference to hundreds of thousands of households — but only in a few years when federal money finally flows to new units and tenant benefits.The release of the national housing strategy on National Housing Day was designed to tout tens of billions in planned and expected spending over the next decade and solidify the federal government’s re-entry into the affordable housing sector.Included in the plan was a promise to introduce legislation to make housing a fundamental right, create a new, portable housing benefit for low-income households, and prioritize funding for the most vulnerable populations like women fleeing domestic violence.But the plan itself rests heavily on provinces and territories kicking in matching funds, without which federal dollars won’t flow.Even then, it won’t happen until April 2018 and not until 2021 in the case of the new housing benefit.Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the reason much of the money won’t be spent until after the next election in 2019 is because the federal government needs to take the time to get the details right and satisfy myriad local, provincial and territorial needs.“We are looking at the realistic horizon that is going to not just put a Band-Aid on the problem, but create the kind of deep change and lasting impact that we know Canadians are going to need,” he said at an event in Toronto.“When we say the federal government is back for the long term, we mean it — and that starts with getting it right from the very beginning.”NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh called the plan “timid” because of the delays in spending when the money is desperately needed now.And Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said the strategy does nothing for lowering the high cost of housing ownership in major urban centres, only making a passing reference to exploring further options.What the plan does is pull together almost $10 billion in planned spending, $11.2 billion in housing money outlined in this year’s budget, and $4.8 billion the Liberals promised to keep spending on funding to affordable housing providers. The rest is all from provinces, territories and the private sector to total about $40 billion over a decade.There are also strict strings attached.A new housing fund to create 60,000 new affordable housing units and allow repairs to 240,000 more, through grants and loans, will prioritize mixed-income developments and require about one-third of all those units to be offered at 80 per cent of median market rents for a 20-year period. (A mix of other funding is poised to create an additional 40,000 new affordable housing units.)The $4-billion portable housing benefit could eventually help 300,000 households by 2028 and provide on average $2,500 a year in help, but only if provinces and territories match $2 billion in federal money and ensure the extra money doesn’t cause a jump in private rents. Mitigating inflationary pressures account for why the documents speaks of targeting the money to those in community and social housing.The strategy also says the government plans to create a federal housing advocate and table legislation to enshrine housing as a human right, requiring regular reports to Parliament on federal efforts to ease the housing burden for hundreds of thousands of families.The details of that idea and others in the strategy still need to be worked out, prompting municipal and housing groups to lend cautiously enthusiastic support for the plan.Recently released census data found that 1.7 million households were in “core housing need” in 2016, meaning they spent more than one-third of their before-tax income on housing that may be substandard or does not meet their needs.The government hopes the strategy will lift 530,000 of those families out of that core housing need category, help 385,000 more avoid losing their homes and lift 50,000 out of homelessness.Wednesday’s news included precious little help for Indigenous communities, which is getting a separate plan that Trudeau said the government is still finalizing. Separate plans are in the works for First Nations, Inuit and Metis.last_img read more

African leaders at UN call for agricultural investment to replace food aid

24 September 2008Investments in the agriculture of developing countries should replace food aid as part of the reforms needed to face the challenges of this century, African presidents told the General Assembly on the second day of its annual high-level debate today. “We can no longer continue to apply 20th century solutions to the more complex problems of the 21st century,” Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade said. “The moment has therefore arrived for an in-depth reform of the mechanism of cooperation for development.”President Blaise Compaoré of Burkina Faso said the crisis of soaring food prices showed the irrelevance of current agricultural policies and the fragility of the system of production and trade.Meanwhile, Mozambican President Emilio Guebuza highlighted the importance of global cooperation to enhance agricultural productivity in developing countries by improving access to inputs and boosting investment in infrastructure to increase market access.For his part, President Bingu Wa Mutharika of Malawi pointed to the detrimental impacts of severe climate changes on food production, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, lamenting that little concrete international action has been taken on the issue.Mr. Wade advocated replacing financing measures that involved long and complicated procedures with investments based on direct assistance to beneficiaries, putting equipment, other agricultural input, and technical training at their disposal. “In contrast to traditional financing, this innovative partnership offers an immediate and credible response to the food crisis, the rural exodus and the troubling phenomenon of illegal immigration,” he said.He assailed the agricultural subsidies in rich countries, which “continue to poison international trade and seriously afflict the economy of developing countries, particularly in Africa.”Mr. Compaoré called for massive investment in rural areas, greater control of water and a more efficient distribution of seeds and fertilizers, citing a decrease in recent years both in the volume and effectiveness of development aid.He also called for international help in combating drug trafficking and the effects of climate change and environmental degradation.Mozambique’s President said the causes of the current global food crisis are myriad, and that countries must join forces to help poorer nations make the leap from “their current subsistence farming into commercial agriculture.”Mr. Guebuza noted that his country is home to natural resources that are favourable to mixed-farming.“However, the shortage of financial resources and the weak [banking network] in the rural zones, associated with the lack of infrastructures and technology to secure the development of a commercial agriculture, have not allowed us to scale up our production to the levels that could meet the food needs of our population,” he said.Mr. Mutharika, the Malawian leader, said that food production has been affected by climate events such as hurricanes, floods, droughts and desertification.“The high dependence on rain-fed agriculture, especially in developing sub-Saharan countries, has also placed such nations at the mercy of the vagaries of nature,” he said.Characterizing global food insecurity as a “collective challenge,” he called on the international community to increase investment in agriculture, especially food production.President Pedro Rodrigues Verona Pires of Cape Verde also underlined the need to boost agricultural production. “The food crisis has endangered hundreds of millions of people,” he told the Assembly. “It is clear that urgent action is needed to guarantee greater agricultural production able to satisfy present and future needs.“This goal requires the promotion of agricultural policies that are consistent with the needs of the situation, the participation of rich and technologically advanced states as well as the technical support of international organizations.“It demands that attention be paid to modernization, increased production and agricultural productivity in the affected countries and regions,” he added, citing his own country and Africa at large.Ghana’s President John Agyekum Kufuor said the various forms of economic and other assistance to developing countries need to better coordinated if the globally agreed targets known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are all to be achieved on time.“The whole idea of aid is to empower beneficiary countries to stand on their own feet to become effective partners in the global market, from which neither the rich nor poor countries can abstain, given the increasing inter-dependence of the world,” he said. read more

Heres An Idea Falcons Throw To Julio Jones In The Red Zone

The 51 receivers on the chart above average a scoring strike every 157.1 yards. Jones averages a TD for every 262 yards he accumulates, which is the third most extreme discrepancy in the sample.2Only Vincent Jackson and Willie Snead have Jones beat here, with 343.6 and 270 yards per touchdown respectively. The Dallas Cowboys’ Dez Bryant, meanwhile, leads all receivers in fewest yards per touchdown, 92.7, but that’s probably no accident: Bryant has long made it clear that he expects a big portion of the touchdown glory — or someone, possibly everyone, is going to hear about it.Jones’s scoring woes almost defy explanation. Receivers who thirst for touchdowns are generally undersized players who do their damage between the 20s. But Jones is one of the game’s largest targets at 6-foot-3, 220 pounds. He’s also one of the position’s best athletes, crushing his scouting combine in speed, jumping ability and agility. It’s tough to imagine a better receiver his size on the NFL boundaries when it comes to getting both feet down inbounds and defying gravity in the process. If an NFL quarterback were to design a perfect red-zone weapon in a lab, he would look a lot like Jones.Incredibly, Jones’s lack of scoring seems to be by design. His percentage of QB Matt Ryan’s targets drops steadily the closer Atlanta gets to the goal line: from 32.8 percent of passes when the Falcons are at least 80 yards from the end zone to just a little more than half that — 16.7 percent — when they’re in the red zone. Julio Jones is unlike most other star receivers. He doesn’t scream at his quarterback or sulk or throw a tantrum when passes don’t come his way. He’s happy to share the wealth with his teammates. In short, he’s no diva.But if any NFL wide receiver has earned the right to complain on the sidelines, it’s Jones. The Falcons star hasn’t scored a touchdown this season — and in fact has underperformed his whole career when it comes to scoring. His touchdown rate has never come close to matching his outsized production everywhere else on the field. So maybe the Falcons — who have scored just 17 points in each of their past two games (both losses) heading into their Super Bowl rematch with the Patriots on Sunday — would actually benefit from Jones flipping a Gatorade cooler or two.Since 2014, Jones has been nothing short of unstoppable. He’s been the NFL’s most productive receiver when measured by yards per game, the second best in terms of receptions per game and the third best in yards per target.1Among all wide receivers and tight ends who have averaged at least 50 yards in at least 25 games since 2014. In those three-plus seasons, he’s averaging 104.8 yards but a ho-hum 0.4 touchdowns per game, which is roughly the same as less-heralded wideouts such as Allen Hurns, Emmanuel Sanders and Jordan Matthews. For an elite receiver, Jones is solidly middle-of-the-pack in touchdown production: Last Sunday, Atlanta lost to the Dolphins in the final minute when Ryan forced a pass in double coverage to second-year tight end Austin Hooper (36 career catches) instead of giving Jones a chance to make a play. The result was a game-ending interception at the Miami 6-yard line. While Jones said nothing, head coach Dan Quinn made it clear that he wasn’t pleased with bypassing his team’s best weapon.Atlanta’s strange unwillingness to use its best receiver has now spanned three offensive coordinators. When the current one, Steve Sarkisian, was handed the keys to the offense that in 2016 led the NFL in scoring, he saw one major area where the unit could improve.“Is there a way to get Julio more touches in the red zone and finding those matchups?” Sarkisian said at the time.The answer, apparently, is “no.”Check out our latest NFL predictions. read more

Lazy Zebras beat Kadetten

Definitely it wasn’t afternoon for the best handball of Alfred Gislason guys, but THW Kiel celebrated their third win in EHF Champions league this season! “Zebras” beat extra motivated Swiss champions Kadetten Schaffhausen 32:29 (19:15) in front of 9.500 fans at Šparkasen Arena.HW KielLandin (1.-13. oNe save), Wolff (13.-60., 15 saves); Duvnjak (5), Toft Hansen (1), Lackovic (3), Sprenger, Weinhold, Wiencek (4), Ekberg (4), Zeitz (4), Brozovic (1), Vujin (4/1), Nilsson (4), Santos (2); Trainer: GislasonKadetten SchaffhausenBringolf (n.e.), Marinovic (1.-60., 14/1 saves); Meister, Delhees (1), Liniger (2), Küttel, Richwien (1), Graubner, Pendic (1), Szyba (2), Csaszar (8/2), Alili, Maros (8), Koch (3), Muggli, Tominec (4); Trainer: Walther ← Previous Story Barca beat Veszprem in EHF CL derby! Next Story → TATRAN beat Chekhovskie Medvedi after great first half time read more

Watch Kingdom Hearts III Is A Game To Play Before You Die

first_imgStay on target Watch: ‘Diablo III’ Is A Game To Play Before You DieWatch: ‘Tetris’ Is A Game To Play Before You Die There are tons of video games out there, way more than any person could ever play, and many of them you shouldn’t play. But some games are so good, so iconic, so important that you should absolutely play them if it’s the last thing you do. And Jordan Minor from, along with some friends from Mashable, is here to tell you what those games are in Games To Play Before You Die, a new show that’s pretty self-explanatory.This week, we’re talking about Kingdom Hearts III, the Disney/Final Fantasy mash-up action-RPG that took a lifetime to come out, so you better play it before you die. Watch us talk about the epic conclusion of fighting against the heartless darkness side by side with Donald Duck. Learn what Disney movies represented here shine and which ones don’t. And figure out whether or not this was all worth it.For more thoughts on Kingdom Hearts III read out befuddled review, listen to us lament Mickey Mouse’s spotty presence in the series, try to understand the lore for yourself, decide whether or not the new theme song slaps, and check out the Kingdom Hearts board game.Buy Kingdom Hearts IIIlast_img read more

Public comment sought on state roads strategy

first_imgThe Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council plans to host an open house for the public to learn about and comment on the draft Washington Transportation Plan – 2040 and Beyond, released by the Washington State Transportation Commission.The open house is from 4 to 7 p.m. Sept. 10 in the Columbia Room at the Vancouver Community Library, 901 C St., Vancouver. For questions about the open house, call RTC at 564-397-6067.Public input will help shape how local and regional challenges are addressed, from city sidewalks to water, rail and air transportation.The draft 2040 plan is especially focused on emerging technology, system resiliency in extreme weather and natural disasters and long-term transportation funding.The draft plan is available online at: Physical copies are available by calling 360-705-7070. Comments, due by Sept. 20, can be submitted on the website or by email to: or mailed to the Transportation Commission, P.O. Box 47308, Olympia, WA, 98502-7308.last_img read more

Acrobats fall during Ringling Bros circus stunt

first_imgPROVIDENCE, R.I. — A support frame collapsed during an aerial hair-hanging stunt at a circus performance Sunday, sending eight acrobats plummeting to the ground. Nine performers were seriously injured in the fall, including a dancer below, while an unknown number of others suffered less serious injuries.The accident was reported about 45 minutes into the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus’ 11 a.m. Legends show at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence.Stephen Payne, a spokesman for Feld Entertainment, the parent company of Ringling Bros., said the accident happened during an act in which eight performers hang “like a human chandelier” using their hair.He said the metal-frame apparatus from which the performers were hanging came free from the metal truss it was connected to. The eight women fell 25 to 40 feet, landing on a dancer on the ground.All the performers have been doing “some variation of this act for some time,” Payne said, though he didn’t know how long. The current incarnation of the act began in January with the launch of the show, he said.last_img read more

Paswans brother an MP dies

first_imgNew Delhi : Lok Janshakti Party MP from Bihar’s Samastipur Ramchandra Paswan died on Sunday afternoon following brief illness. He was 57 and the younger brother of Union minister and LJP chief Ram Vilas Paswan. Party leader Chirag Paswan said his uncle breathed his last at 1.24 pm at the Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital here. Ramchandrawas admitted to the hospital last week after suffering a heart attack. His body will be kept at his residence in New Delhi and on Monday, at the LJP office in Patna for paying last respects. Also Read – CBI carrying out surprise checks at 150 government departments Advertise With Us He is survived by his wife, two sons and a daughter and will be cremated in the Bihar capital on Monday. “With deep sorrow I wish to inform that my uncle Ramchandra Paswan is no more. He breathed his last at 1.24 pm at Ram Manohar Lohia hospital in New Delhi,” Chirag Paswan tweeted. “The body Ramchandra Paswan ji will be kept at his residence at 18, Rajindra Prasad road from 5 pm onwards for paying last respects. The body will be taken to Patna, where it will be kept at Lok Janshakti Party’s office there from 11 am to 3 pm for paying the last respects. He will be cremated at 4 pm in Patna,” he said.last_img read more

Groups Say EPA Doing Too Little About Oil Drilling And Earthquakes

first_imgListen Dave FehlingDrilling rig in La Salle County, TexasDrilling an oil well brings up millions of gallons of contaminated water that has to be injected back down into the ground into special, deep wells, wells that in north and east Texas have been suspected of causing earthquakes. Drilling also generates tons of a muddy, oily, chemical-laced waste that is often put in shallow pits, many of them unlined.Adam Kron is a lawyer with one of three national environmental groups that just filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.“The industry is generating more waste than ever before and EPA has yet to even review the rules since 1988,” says Kron, a lawyer with the Environmental Integrity Project.Kron says the suit would make the EPA update its rules and enforce them uniformly from state-to-state. Kron sites an example: He says state regulators in Oklahoma have moved to restrict injection wells in places where earthquakes are more likely, but Texas?        “Texas is still completely in denial about injection wells, “ Kron said on a conference call with reporters.The drilling industry disagrees.“It’s easy for them to say, ‘Oh, Texas is an unregulated free-for-all’, but like so much of what they said, it’s completely not true,” says Steve Everley, a senior advisor to a drilling industry group, Energy In Depth.“They claim that nothing has happened since the 1980s. That is completely false and they know it,” Everley told News 88.7.Last year, the EPA said in a response to similar allegations that it has been working with the industry and with state regulators on the drilling waste issue, including on rules to reduce the risk of earthquakes from those injection wells. Share X 00:00 /01:22 To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: last_img read more

Emmett On Cuba It Could Completely Change The Way We Do Things

first_imgHarris County Judge Ed Emmett was in Cuba last week with a group of Texas business leaders. Their mission is to increase Texas exports to the neighboring country. Hoping to take advantage of loosening trade restrictions, members of The Texas Lyceum – a public policy group went to Cuba with the goal of bringing business back to the Lone Star state.In 2014 Texas sent less than $200,000 in goods to Cuba, down from more than $96 million in 2008.Judge Ed Emmett says a major emphasis of the trip is to change that. For example, with agriculture…“We used to ship large quantities of rice to Cuba now we don’t, and that’s the Cubans decision,” Emmett says. “They, for whatever reason, have chosen to now get their rice from Thailand and places like that.”Emmett says another opportunity lies in converting the U.S. Naval base at Guantanamo Bay into a global logistics center for shipping.“It’s not a destination for freight. Very little of it is going to stay on this island of Cuba,” he says. “It could completely change the way we do things. And from Cuba, coming into all of America becomes that much easier. If you look at a map, Houston’s perfectly positioned to capture the bulk of that traffic.”Because the city is also a major point of entry for Mexico, Emmett believes Houston can become the gateway for goods moving from Cuba to Mexico. Sharelast_img read more

Kolkata International Childrens Film Festival to be held from January 2027

first_imgKolkata: The eighth edition of the Kolkata International Children’s Film Festival organised by Sishu Kishore Akademi (SKA) will be held from January 20 to 27 at eight venues in Kolkata. The festival will screen around 200 films from 35 countries.The inaugural film will be Walking With the Wind directed by Praveen Morchhale that has won three national awards in sound designing, best audiography and best Ladakhi film. Films from countries like Brazil, Estonia, Ireland, Italy, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Portugal, Norway and Romania have been newly added in the Festival. There will be seven films from Iran. Apart from Nandan I, II and III, Rabindra Sadan, Sisir Mancha, Ahindra Mancha, Rabindra Tirtha, Rabindra Okakura Bhavan and Star Theatre will be the venues for the festival. Also Read – 3 injured, flight, train services hit as rains lash BengalThe films that will be screened has been divided into several categories like Sci Fi, blockbuster, seven classics, retrospective, literature and cinema and world cinema to name a few. The festival will also pay tribute to noted filmmaker Mrinal Sen who died recently. State Education minister Partha Chatterjee, state Public Works Department minister Aroop Biswas, Minister of State for Information and Cultural Affairs department Indranil Sen, filmmaker Sandip Ray and Arpita Ghose, Chairperson of SKA, will be present at the inaugural ceremony that will be held on January 20 at Nandan I. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedThere will be an exhibition on Sci Fi at Gaganendra Pradarshanshala and another exhibition at Rabindra Okakura Bhavan on Evolution of Camera. The special publication for this year are Goopi Gyne Bagha Byne 50 edited by Sandip Ray and Icche Danar Ora Uri — a compilation of personal anecdotes of film personalities which will be launched during the inaugural programme. The closing film will be Jim, Button & Luke — The Engine Driver of Germany directed by Dennis Gansel. The announcement regarding the details of the event was made by Indranil Sen in presence of SKA chairperson Arpita Ghosh and filmmaker Sandip Ray. The details on the timing and venue of the films will soon be made available on the website of SKA. It may be mentioned that similar to the Kolkata International Film Festival, the Kolkata International Children’s Film Festival has also reached a new height with several steps taken by the Mamata Banerjee government.last_img read more

What Magnetic Fields Do to Your Brain and Body

first_img(Credit: pippeeContributor/Shutterstock)There’s no escaping magnetic fields—they’re all around us. For starters, the Earth itself is like a giant magnet. A spinning ball of liquid iron in our planet’s core generates the vast magnetic field that moves our compass needles around and directs the internal compasses of migrating birds, bats, and other animals. On top of that, ever-industrious humans have produced artificial magnetic fields with power lines, transport systems, electrical appliances, and medical equipment.We may not be able to see, hear, feel, or taste the magnetic fields that surround us, but some may wonder whether they can still exert effects on our bodies and brains. This question becomes more pertinent, and the answers more tantalizing, as the strength of the magnetic field in question gets cranked up.Everyday ExposureA magnetic field arises whenever a charged particle, like an electron or proton, moves around. Since the electric currents running through blenders, hairdryers, and wires in the walls of our homes consist of flowing electrons, they all generate magnetic fields. Through these sources, the average person is exposed to magnetic fields reaching 0.1 microtesla in strength on a daily basis. By comparison, the Earth’s magnetic field, which we are always exposed to (as long as we remain on the planet’s surface), is about 500 times stronger. That means the magnetic force penetrating your body as you lounge around your home or spend a day at the office is decidedly insignificant.From time to time, a scientific study finds a link between living near high-voltage power lines and illness. Heightened risk of childhood leukemia is the most commonly cited potential health consequence, but whether or not the risk is real has been hard to pin down. One glaring issue is that scientists have yet to figure out the mechanism by which such weak magnetic fields—which are still in the microtesla range for homes next to power lines—could adversely affect the human body. In 2010, the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection concluded that the evidence that living near power lines increases the risk of the deadly blood cancer “is too weak to form the basis for exposure guidelines.”An MRI machine. (Credit: VILevi/Shutterstock)What’s the Threshold?Meanwhile, a team of scientists at the Utilities Threshold Initiative Consortium (UTIC) has been busy working to figure out the threshold at which the human body shows a physiological response to a magnetic field. According to Alexandre Legros, a medical biophysicist at the Lawson Health Research Institute and Western University in London, Ontario and a UTIC scientist, the smallest magnetic field that has reliably been shown to trigger a response in humans is around 10,000 to 20,000 microtesla. But crucially, to produce the effect, the field cannot be static like Earth’s magnetic field; rather, it must change directions over time. When these strong, direction-shifting magnetic fields get directed at a human, small electrical currents begin to pulse through the body. Above that threshold, the currents can stimulate super-sensitive cells in the retina, known as graded potential neurons, giving the illusion of a white light flickering even when the affected person is in darkness; these visual manifestations are known as magnetophosphenes.The 10,000-microtesla threshold is well above the strength of any magnetic field encountered in everyday life. So in what situations might magnetophosphenes occur?Medical Magnets“There’s only one circumstance in which you may perceive magnetophosphenes,” says Legros: “If you’re in an MRI [magnetic resonance imaging] machine and moving your head fast.” An MRI scanner is essentially a big magnet that produces a powerful magnetic field of around 3 tesla (or 3 million microtesla) — millions of times larger than the fields we’re normally exposed to. But because it’s a static magnetic field, MRI scanners don’t exert any noticeable effect on the body. That would change, however, if the patient inside the scanner were to rapidly move his or her head back and forth. “Moving quickly induces a time-varying field, so by doing that you are inducing currents in different structures of your brain,” says Legros. Those currents may lead to nausea, loss of balance, a metallic taste in your mouth, or in some cases, magnetophosphenes.On par with the magnetic field of an MRI is the one produced by a medical procedure known as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). But unlike MRI, which makes detailed pictures of the inside of the body, the purpose of TMS is to stimulate the brain. That task requires an electric current, which is why TMS relies on a magnetic pulse rather than a static magnetic field. When this pulse is delivered via an electromagnetic coil placed against the scalp, the resulting current jolts a particular part of the brain with the aim of treating neurological diseases like depression.Out-of-this-World Magnetic FieldsThe magnetic fields associated with MRI and TMS are the strongest that a human might realistically be exposed to. Still, they are “hilariously puny” compared to those found beyond our planet, says Paul Sutter, an astrophysicist at Ohio State University and chief scientist at the COSI Science Center in Columbus, Ohio. At the extreme lies the aptly-named magnetar, which is a rare type of neutron star with a magnetic field one thousand trillion times stronger than Earth’s.An artist’s impression of a magnetar. (Credit: ESO/L. Calçada/Wikipedia (CC BY 4.0))If any human ever got close to a magnetar, they would quickly find themselves in dire straits. “Strong magnetic fields can start to do surprising things,” says Sutter. At the atomic level, the strong magnetic field would move all of the positive charges in your body in one direction and the negative charges the other way, he explains; spherical atoms would stretch out into ellipses and soon they would start to resemble thin pencils. That drastic change in shape would interfere with basic chemistry, causing the normal forces and interactions between atoms and molecules in the body to break down. “The first thing you would notice is your entire nervous system, which is based on electrical charges moving throughout your body, is going to stop working,” says Sutter. “And then you basically dissolve.”Sutter guarantees that our local neighborhood — which he defines as a radius of a few hundred light-years around Earth — has been surveyed and certified magnetar-free. None of these exotic objects are approaching us, and none of the massive stars nearby are likely to turn into magnetars when they die. The nearest magnetar is a safe distance of tens of thousands of light-years away. So, at least for the time being, we can rest easy and take comfort in our planet’s own meager magnetic field.last_img read more

This transgender pastor in New Jersey is celebrating with a historic renaming

first_imgGAYSTARNEWS- Since last summer, New Jersey-based Pastor Peter (neé Rose) Beeson has been transitioning from woman to man. On Sunday 11 February, Beeson was officially recognized by his new name. Pastor Peter Beeson (left) during his renaming ceremony. eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) Beeson’s backgroundBeeson chose the name Peter because ‘Peter’s persistence resonated’ with him.Growing up in Arizona, Beeson always felt ‘queer.’ But in the conservative Evangelical church there, he never felt comfortable identifying as a woman.‘I wrestled with sex and gender from my teens into my early 20s,’ Beeson recalls. He remembers seeing two films about transgender men—Boys Don’t Cry and Southern Comfort—both of which had violent endings.‘Seeing those scared me and pushed me back,’ Beeson said.Before joining the church, Beeson worked as an IT professional. He then attended Pacific Lutheran Seminary in Berkeley, California, which is part of the progressive Graduate Theological Union.Beeson says his family back in Arizona supports his transition, but he now considers the Hoboken church community his family.‘I am grateful to be in a congregation in part to be a bold witness to God’s mercy and grace,’ he said.The quote the church used on the event page of Beeson’s renaming ceremony is:‘As many of you were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female, for all of you are one in Christ Jesus.’—Galatians 3Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us .center_img The ceremonyThis historic ‘renaming ceremony’ took place at St. Matthew Trinity Lutheran Church in Hoboken, New Jersey.After Lutheran Bishop Tracie Bartholomew finished the parish’s regular Sunday service, Beeson accompanied her to the baptismal font at the church’s entrance. Then, Bartholomew affimed Beeson’s baptism and called him Peter for the first time.Since Beeson, 31, began his transition, he shared his progress with his supportive parish community. According to the church’s website, Beeson is one of the first ministers of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America to transition from female to male while serving as a pastor.Bishop Bartholomew has been supportive of Beeson from the beginning.‘I support Pastor Beeson coming to the realization who he really is,’ she said. ‘St. Matthew Trinity is a welcoming place and showing leadership to respond to gender identity and sexuality.’‘This a wonderful day in the life of this radically inclusive community,’ Mark Singleton, a 21-year member of the church, told Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… Council gave award to church whose pastor compared homosexuality to murder and terrorismChurch of England considering transgender renaming ceremoniesWATCH: Traverse the rails of time to 1920s Britain aboard the Belmond British PullmanRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  : read more

Almost half of bisexual people in Utah experience sexual violence

first_imgIt reveals 45.5% of bisexual people in Utah have experienced sexual violence. It also said 33.6% of lesbian/gay respondents reported sexual violence.This compares to just 8.7% for straight people.According to the survey, sexual violence is ‘sexual activity (sexual touching, harassment or exposure to sexual content) that involves victims who do not consent, or who are unable to consent.’Bisexual flag. | mary / FlickrTurner Bitton, executive director of the Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault, said in a written statement: ‘Sexual violence is rooted in the inequities of our society and disproportionately hurts those who have been pushed to the margins.’He also said: ‘Utah communities are counting on us to ensure that everyone is included in prevention efforts.’ Gay Utah GOP leader says high LGBTI suicide rates partly caused by too much sexStudy reveals different masturbation habits of gay and straight peopleTwo-thirds of black LGBT people face racism within LGBT communityRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  : Bitton calls for ‘culturally specific prevention programming’ in the state to combat the huge disparity.Interestingly, other breakdowns of the statistics include disproportionate incidences among unemployed people, with 21.3%. ‘Student’ comes in second with 10.7% and ’employed’ with 10%.Sexual violence in Utah breaks down to affecting 3.1% of the state’s male population and 16.4% of females.Utah repeals gay propaganda lawsUtah became the first Republican-held state to repeal gay propaganda laws last year.Dubbed the ‘no promo homo’ law, it was a series of laws prohibiting the ‘advocacy of homosexuality’ in schools.The original law as outlined in the Utah Code does not specify what exactly constitutes advocacy of homosexuality.The Mormon religion heavily influences the state of Utah. In fact, it is the most likely state to search for Mormon gay porn.According to PornHub statistics released last year, in searches compared with other US states, Utah is 845% more likely to search for ‘Mormon’.Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… GAYSTARNEWS- Bisexual people in the U.S. state of Utah report the most incidences of sexual violence, according to a new survey.The shocking new survey analyzes responses from about 10,000 Utahan adults collected in 2016. eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us)last_img read more

India tourism organises Incredible India roadshows in the US

first_imgIn order to woo the American travellers and showcase the varied tourism destinations of India, the Indian government organised roadshows in four US cities. The ‘Incredible India’ roadshow was held in New York, Chicago, Houston and St Louis from June 18 to 22.During the roadshow, American travel enthusiasts walked through various tourist destinations digitally and informed about travel options through experts and tour operators.KJ Alphons, Minister of State for Tourism (I/C) speaking at a roadshow in Houston, said India would double the number of tourists from the US within the next three years as visiting India is not just a vacation but a lifetime cultural experience that enriches mind and body.“Last year 1.37 million Americans visited India and we had 1.25 million Indians visiting America so we want to double these numbers in three years. America is our biggest tourism partner,” he said.“India has everything that any travel enthusiast can dream about and explore; be that Himalayas, splendid architectural monuments, deserts, seacoasts, backwaters, royal trains trips, tropical forests, performing arts, paintings, trekking, cycling, rafting, paragliding, medical tourism, diverse cuisine and vibrant culture,” he said.Assuring the safety of tourists in India, the minister said, “India is one of the most secure countries in the world – unfortunately, some media have the habit of exaggerating what’s happening in a country of 1.3 billion people. India is a very safe country. The number of tourists visiting India is increasing and many of them, including women, are travelling alone.”He said India wants to take the essence of the country’s 5,000-year-old civilisation to the world. “We are now focusing on what we think is the essence of India which is two things, number one the fact that we are a 5,000-year-old civilisation and we don’t take you somewhere and say well this is where it was, but where it is we have a rich cultural heritage, which is very much intact and alive, I mean everyone has heard of the Taj Mahal, which of course is a marvel, but we also have 35 other magnificent monuments, numerous 9th century temples, that are architectural marvels, but unexplored,” the minister said.With the focus on projecting India as a “must visit” tourist destination, the roadshows had direct B2B interactions, presentations and press briefings in all four cities. During the roadshows, videos featuring international celebrities who visited India were shown in which they expressed their fascination with various aspects of India’s culture.A ministry spokesman said the US is among the top three source countries in the percentage share of Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs) in India. During April 2018, the US was the second highest source country with 11.21% share of total FTAs. Luxury tourism was of keen interest to American visitors, the spokesman said.last_img read more

JPMorgan Chase Fails in Bid to Dismiss FHFA Suit

first_img November 6, 2012 416 Views in Government, Origination, Secondary Market Share JPMorgan Chase Fails in Bid to Dismiss FHFA Suitcenter_img Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies FHFA Investors JPMorgan Chase Lenders & Servicers Mortgage-Backed Securities Processing Service Providers Underwriting Standards 2012-11-06 Tory Barringer A U.S. district judge in Manhattan squashed an attempt by “”JPMorgan Chase””: to fully dismiss a lawsuit from the “”Federal Housing Finance Agency””: (FHFA) over alleged misrepresentation of mortgage-backed securities (MBS).[IMAGE]In its case, FHFA contends that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac purchased approximately $33 billion of MBS sponsored or underwritten by JPMorgan, Bear Stearns, or Washington Mutual–the latter two entities having been acquired by JPMorgan Chase in 2008. The offering documents for the certificates sold to the GSEs contained false or misleading statements or omissions, FHFA alleges.The loans contained in those securities were improperly underwritten, FHFA says, leading to losses when they [COLUMN_BREAK]defaulted in the housing crash.In its motion to dismiss, JPMorgan argues–among other things–that FHFA’s complaint does not contain enough factual support that the loans in question were not underwritten properly.Judge Denise Cote disagreed. “”The Amended Complaint devotes over 60 of its 321 pages to … factual support,”” Cote says “”in her ruling””: “”Taken together, these allegations amply support FHFA’s assertion that the Offering Documents for the Securitizations contained false statements regarding originators’ compliance with underwriting standards.””Cote cited heavily a decision she made in May, when UBS tried to dismiss a similar case from FHFA. That motion was also denied.The matter wasn’t a total loss for JPMorgan, however. Cote did agree with the bank that FHFA failed to prove fraud on JPMorgan’s part regarding statements on owner-occupancy rates and loan-to-value ratios for the mortgages in the securities.Cote’s ruling will almost certainly affect other defendants in the case, including Credit Suisse, Citigroup, and Goldman Sachs.A spokesperson for the bank did not immediately return a request for comment.last_img read more

12 Sit next to John Lennon Whilst the Beatles mus

first_img12. Sit next to John LennonWhilst the Beatles music was banned in Cuba for most of Lennon’s lifetime, on news of his death Castro chose to have ‘the rebel and dreamer’ commemorated with a statue and public park dedicated to him. You’re now welcome to go and have your photo taken with the bronze statue – there are holes in the statue for slipping a pair of glasses onto him too. Opening Hours: 24 hoursTickets: FreeAddress: Calle 8, Havana 8. Dance to live Cuban musicYou’re never far from live music in Havana, and it’s easy to find local bands – just wander the streets at night and listen out for the distinctive sounds of Cuban music wafting from the bars and clubs. If you’d rather not chance it, Privé on Calle 88A in Miramar is a good bet for jazz by local big names, while Café Teatro Bertol Brecht on Calle 13 in Vedado is best for contemporary Cuban fusion music. 3. Take a tiny taxiThe streets of Havana are packed with vintage vehicles, many of them dating from the 1950s before ties with the USA were cut. Ingenious mechanics have kept these old Cadillacs going against all the odds, and many now serve as taxis – although be prepared to pay a premium for a classic car (the ubiquitous Russian-made taxis are cheaper). However, for a really novel treat, why not hop into a bright yellow bubble taxi? These tiny, open-air three-wheelers make for an exhilarating ride through the Havana traffic, and their charismatic drivers are always happy to pose for photos. 1. Drink a mojitoYou haven’t had a mojito until you’ve had a mojito in Cuba. Almost every bar and restaurant in Havana offers them, and for a fraction of the price you’re used to back home. And damn do they taste good – and strong! Most places will pour in obscenely generous measures of rum, topped with lashings of brown sugar, resulting in an intensely sweet, alcoholic drink that will have you dancing on the tables in no time. Head to La Bodeguita del Medio on Empedrardo in the heart of the Old Town for the best (even Hemingway said so). Opening Hours: 8am-12pm every dayAddress: Empedrado, La Habana, Cuba 13. Get to the beachCuba is a Caribbean island, which means you’ll still get Caribbean beaches just a few hours away from most of the cities. The best known ones are in Varadero, but Playa del Este is 20 minutes outside of Havana (by cab), and it’s got the white and and blue sea you’re looking for. 2. Go to Mass at the Catedral de San Cristóbal de la HabanaThis impressive building with its distinctive asymmetrical towers is one of the oldest churches in the Americas and dates from the mid-eighteenth century. The inside is fairly austere but the cupola is impressive, as are the numerous statues and frescoes. If you can, time your visit to coincide with mass on Sunday morning (9am) for a real insight into local culture. The plaza in front is also a great place to grab a coffee (or mojito) and spend the afternoon watching the world go by.Opening Hours: 9amAddress: 156 Empedrado, La Habana, Cuba 10. Toast the city with a Havana ClubHoused in a renovated 18th-century “solar” (colonial townhouse), Havana Club’s Museum of Rum tells the tale of how one of Cuba’s most successful – and tastiest – exports is produced. You’ll see the wooden fermentation casks, the gleaming copper distillation columns and the ageing cellars with their rows of barrels before tasting the finest of Havana Club’s tipples in the Havana Club Boutique. Opening Hours: 9am-5pm Monday to Thursday, 9am-4.30pm Friday-SundayTickets: $7 CUCAddress: Avenida del Puerto 262, esq. Sol, Habana Vieja Cuba, Havana 7. Stand tall at Plaza de la RevoluciónIt may be stark, but Havana’s main square is impressively huge – holding as many as one million Cubans on celebration days, such as 26th July (the Day of the Revolution, a national holiday). Check out the huge portraits of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro, then dodge the traffic to make your way to the José Martí Memorial, the giant 109m tower in the centre of the square. There’s a museum to José Martí, a Cuban national hero, underneath the tower, and you can also ride the lift to the top for spectacular views of Havana. 11. Get photos in cars of the 50’sYou don’t need to go far to see Havana’s most photographed stars. Fidel Castro enforced a ban on imports from the United States in the sixties, meaning that no new models were imported after this time. Chevy’s, Belvederes and Ford rattle up and down the roads, some flagged with the ‘taxi’ sign which you can hail down. It costs around $35 to ride around in these for the hour, and if you have an English speaking driver you’ll be able to get a history lesson too. 14. Eat a Cuban sandwich (a real one)When you eat a Cuban sandwich in Cuba, the most surprising thing is the price. Chances are you’ll be paying less than $2 for a sandwich with cooked meat (sometimes multiple varieties), grilled cheese, pickles or cucumbers, and it’s on Cuban bread. If you’re lucky, it’s toasted too. Where to find a Cuban sandwich: Once you’re in more local districts it’s easy to find one for very little. Try to get your hands on the local currency (CUP) to get access to the more local menus. Cafe Montero (El Vedado) is a popular local spot. If you’re in Parque Central, Cafe Francesa is known for their Cubans and coffees. 15. Party at Club TropicanaThis cabaret show is 75 years old, serving as the original inspiration for Wham’s song and the evolution of the Eden club, made popular around the Depression era. Now it’s music, lights, camera and action most evenings at the Club Tropicana. It’s popular with couples, groups and singles for the 3 course meal, drinks and entire evening of colourful entertainment.Opening Hours: from 8.30pm til dawn, ask your vendor for exact dates.Tickets: $80 for a package including a welcome drink and snacks, usually available to book through your hotelAddress: 72 A, La Habana, Cuba 4. Visit a cigar factoryA visit to a traditional Cuban cigar factory is a must on any visit to the island and you don’t need to venture too far from central Havana to find one. Head to Partagas Cigar Factory on Industria street No. 520 and you’ll see teams of skilled workers deftly picking the best leaves and hand-rolling perfect cigars in seconds. One thing that photos can’t convey is the wonderful smell of the factory – the drying leaves create a pungent, almost sweet aroma that you’ll never forget.Opening Hours: 9am-3pmTickets: $10 CUCAddress: Calle Industria 520, Havana5. Head out to ViñalesFor the gorgeous views alone, this lush valley two hours outside Havana and is well worth a day trip. The steep limestone cliffs plunge almost vertically to the valley floor, and there are some spectacular caves to explore. Don’t miss the Cuevas del Indio (Indian Caves) where you can jump on a boat tour through the flooded caverns. Bizarrely, the valley also features an enormous wall painting of dinosaurs in garish colours, allegedly commissioned by Fidel Castro himself.How to get to Viñales: Purchase bus tickets to Viñales from the bus station in Havana, or organise a private transfer via your hotel to do the tobacco farms tours. 6. Follow in the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway”My mojito in La Bodeguita, my daiquiri in El Floridita.” Hemingway may or may not have said these words, but his years living in Havana certainly included plenty of evenings (and days for that matter) drinking in these two traditional bars – and La Floridita has even cordoned off his favourite seat with a velvet rope to honour him. You can also visit the room (number 511) he first lived in in Havana at the Ambos Mundos Hotel, where he started to write For Whom the Bell Tolls. Outside of town, his home, Finca Vigia, has also been preserved just as he left it, so you can wander past his desk and imagine him penning The Old Man and the Sea (written here). Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday 9am-5pmTickets: $5 per personAddress: Finca Vigía Km. 12 ½, La Habana How to get to HavanaThomas Cook, Virgin Atlantic and Thomson all have direct flights from the U.K to Cuba (to Holguin, Havana, Caya Coco and Varadero). You can fly direct from London to Havana, and there are multiple connecting flights to Havana from Manchester, Birmingham, Belfast, Bournemouth, Exeter, Cardiff, Newcastle, Leeds, Liverpool and more. Search for cheap flights to Havana Where to stay on a city break in HavanaIf you’re looking for a hostel:Aparthotel in Playas del Este is one of the most affordable places to stay. You can also book casa particulares when you’re there for much lower prices.If you’re looking for a hotel:Gran Caribe Hotel Inglaterra is one of the few hotels in the city with wifi, and it’s in the city centre.If you’re looking for luxury:It’s rumoured that Saratoga is the spot Jay Z and Beyonce favour when they visit Cuba. If it’s good enough for them…Search for hotels in Havana Looking for cheap flights to Havana? Search nowReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map 9. Stroll along El MaléconThis lengthy seafront esplanade is a great place to take a late afternoon stroll, and you’ll find plenty of locals doing the same, especially as the sun dips over the water and the romancers come out to canoodle on the sea wall. Watch the Cadillacs roll by as the fishermen haul in their catch, and life in Havana slowly putters along. Nothing ever happens quickly in Cuba, so get with the vibe and take a leisurely meander.last_img read more

winger Taison mo

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Write to Zeke J Miller at zeke. Finland,贵族宝贝Charley, which sends the second-biggest number of higher education students to the (Reporting by Scott Malone in Washington; Additional reporting by David Morgan and Susan Heavey in Washington and Joseph Ax in New York; Editing by Frances Kerry) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. as social psychologist and author of The Psychology of Gender, Calif. read more