Wisla Plock wins again over Sungul Snezhinsk advances to group phase

Polish Wisla Plock won in the return leg of the EHF Cup against Sungul Snezhinsk got advance to the next round. Although “Oilers” have played with only one goalkeeper, Marcin Wichary, they won 29:24. First game in Plock has ended with 37-23 result and therefore Wislas players and fans were quite composed going to Russia. Even some adventures, like sending back to Poland Marin Sego, couldn’t stop Lars Walther’s players to win. “Oilers” were having everything under control during all game, hosts were able to fight on the same level only 10 minutes (5 min – 3-1; 10 min – 5-5). Great day had Marcin Wichary, who had 52%, and Christian Spanne, the best scorer of Wisla (11 goals).Sungul Snezhinsk – Orlen Wisła Płock 24:29 (12:16)Orlen Wisła Płock: Wichary (52%) – Ilyés 1, Eklemović 1, Spanne 11, Kubisztal 2, Zołoteńko 1, Toromanović 3, Syprzak 2, Paczkowski 3, Nenadić 1, Nikčević 4Later today in the EHF Cup play: Meshkov Brest – Goppingen, Presov – Borac, Vojvodina – La Rioja, Alpla Hard – Motor, Aragon – Guif, Doboj – Elverum, Porto – Koper, Benfica – NantesTEXT: Michalina Chabowska EHF CupeklemovicilyeskubisztalnenadicnikcevicpaczkowskiPlockPoland handballsegospannesungul snezhinsksyprzaktoromanovicwaltherwislaWisla Plockwycharizolotenko ← Previous Story World Championship (W) Qualifications: Netherlands with a win over Slovenia Next Story → VELUX EHF Champs Lg: Gorenje and Metalurg advance to L16, Pick Szeged win important game against RK Zagreb

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