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Vertical electricity supplier how to do elegant small business thinking so that vip com growth in t

A few days ago, sina

students mood is generally not high, because many media reported shares soared in science and technology, the market is worth two Sina "this one description, let Sina a"  collateral damage  "feeling.

even put in the market, is also a magic stock, in less than two years,’s share price rose by 35 times, the market value of close to tens of billions of dollars in the club, after "BAT" big three and 360 long in the mainstream view, finally the Central Plains of the potential. read more

This has been relying on designers to support the enthusiasm of the web site ten years

at the back of the Beijing Jiuxianqiao Lotte Mart supermarket small roadside, Hongyun Building a station on the four floor, Q brother every day to do only one thing, this thing he had done for eight years, sitting in front of the computer audit faces designers and photographers to upload pictures.

In the

7*24 hour shift, Q and six other colleagues were responsible for reviewing pictures uploaded to the designer community "cool", with an average of 3000 audits per person per day. For eight years, Q has reviewed millions of different designs, including graphic, illustration, UI, and almost all design categories. A picture, what labels to play, can not pass, what kind of recommendation level, Q brother knows it. read more

Share the way to make 14 a day

I want to say or do, the reason is I not something else, I eat the money from the guest, I began to do English site 5 months ago, this method can make people want to do, and will do better than me. I have been out of work for a long time, I don’t remember, I am not love to play games, see the day at home or play online games in Internet cafes, how I have to figure out, but a chance, one of my classmates said he made a game site, income well, let me envy. He said, why don’t you do e site, after online research, found that this method is really feasible?. read more

Taobao zern off contest broadcast Xmas War ended rookie deus ex

last Christmas 2012 years ago at the end of a carnival, "world famous Taobao shoes zern guest" promotion competition [the second season] Christmas cycle also successfully concluded……

from the beginning of the first season promotion contest, "reversal", "record", "back then overtake" these words never stop too, fierce fighting to use a word to describe today not tomorrow. Broadcast last week was named rookie of the week I’m not surnamed Li, a green hand first week turnover of 2 pens, second weeks of precise positioning in one fell swoop jumped to 9 pen, this week the outbreak of turnover of 43 pens! Only three weeks to the first batch of predecessors three months to complete the things this week a total of 3191.25 yuan commission! On the contrary, potential aggressive! Last week in the Christmas list results third startling step by step following last week to low-spirited ah, only 1 transaction. The combination of the two makes the ultimate transcendence I surnamed Li, soared to third in the list of Christmas performance last week, the "rookie of the year king deserved read more

Why is today P ten thousand tomorrow P two thousand

when conversing with many webmaster and network popularization personnel, they often complain about my website today IP tomorrow IP many little, this is why? The answer is very simple because your website does not stay, there is no repeat.

When I took over

China engineering auto parts network also encountered this problem, I in the QQ group, forum, blog, etc. Post Bar post promotion every day, I was very happy when I saw IP today, I feel the efforts have the harvest, but I did not repeat what happened yesterday tomorrow has dropped to IP very low, I will analyze the reasons, and through the communication with the customer and I draw a conclusion that is the site of less information, especially as we do Chinese engineering auto industry network of supply and demand information website, so many customers to our website to see little information they will not say on your website on the web advertising. read more

Website traffic can not be promoted it will enhance the user viscosity of the site

more attractive, the greater the depth of user traffic, the user viscosity is most of the sites are shouldering the mission of profit and flow, in order to enhance the profitability of open the door, but the traffic is so easy to come? I think it is easy to get a small flow, it is difficult to obtain large flow. In fact, the content of a website determines the upper limit of his traffic. I like the trouble point de, relying on some sexy graphic video, solid site experience, and sometimes the loopholes and indignant news, sports, games, music, movies and so on noodles the same content is impossible to achieve on IP20000. read more

Analyze five common causes of site failures

every webmaster in the website online early time ", it is the Greek aspiring" websites can have a space for one person in the domestic Internet, followed by some money, the idea is good, but in fact it is very cruel, when you are in the domestic Internet no technology, no money, no idea when never mind, you will find that you want to do a website is how difficult, which is why there are so many personal webmaster, but success is a number of reasons, so you know why there are so many website operators failed? If not so understanding. Take a look at the following, I according to some information on the Internet in recent years, and some do stand experience, summed up several leads to failure of website operation Important factor, read more

How to conduct site health investigation

why is a website ranked high, not necessarily through these methods to see out?. But the general website rankings can not be found, or suspected of punishment, you can see the clues through these steps.

first look at the domain name Whois information.

pay attention to the time of the first registration of the domain name. Do you have any registrants who change hands? This Whois tool can also display the type of host used.

, if the domain name registration is only a few months, in the Google ranking is not normal, do not go down the search. read more

Look at the Google incident from the book of changes GG will not quit China

the two day online crazy pass GG China coming out of the domestic market, but no rush about telling the news around spreading, a conclusion, I would think GG will not withdraw from the Chinese, many people may have different opinions, or let me finish my point, then appraise, really grateful.


Fu’s 7 thousand years ago that the "start", "easy" concept deeply implanted in people’s heart, plus the Later Zhou Wenwang added "King gossip", later in 2500 before Confucius on the "easy" note on "ten wings", the fundamental of Chinese civilization to set. Then, after we had any questions on a criteria, for thousands of years, no partial leakage. read more

38 year old boy personal direction

I don’t want to do the work now have thought for a long time, want to take a holiday now, to concentrate on the site, do feel development space will be great, my age is not small, do not want to dawdle in the company, please master pointing one or two.

‘s status: I am 38 years old, his wife, 3 year old children, a family of three, the average monthly income of 5 thousand of my wife, more than 4 thousand children in kindergarten, plus mortgage 3 thousand, place of residence in Shenyang, the second city, the consumption level is not high, I’m tired of the current work, have their own business plan has been a long time want to realize, by creating a website, want to listen to your views, give advice, here to talk about my ideas. read more

nternet business success five simply add search function for the website

After the

website is built, maintenance and management become necessary. In this chapter, you will introduce the internal links optimization, efficient maintenance, and the promotion of PR.

1. Optimize the internal links of your website.

two, website maintenance three major common sense

three, improve website PageRank, coup

four, site exchange links, but also beware of fake

five, against illegal websites that violate content,

six, simple configuration allows the web server as strong as iron read more

Assess baby net future development trend

meets the needs of mother and baby, and has become a new type of Internet industry in the world. Ari found that the United States market consulting finishing all kinds of network media research data, the maternal and family media has become a new hotspot of Internet users access, access to the number of users is growing rapidly in the past six months. China parenting market the most attractive in the world, but the domestic development of the parenting website is still in the primary stage, many personal websites eating this market, a considerable part of the parenting website registered members reached 40-50 million scale, therefore the development space of parenting although the market is very broad, but the competition is very fierce. In this situation, Tianjin baby net ( has developed rapidly. read more

How does website operation cut off worry root

Buddhist says, "worry three thousand, all is cause and effect not to see through; in fact very reasonable, people often cling to appearance, and not clear things internal relations, so confused and confused.". In the website operation, we also often fall into all sorts of trouble: how to improve the website search engine is included, how to improve the site keywords ranking, how to use the Internet to make money, but in the end seems to have not tasted all the Dharma, a clear approach. read more

Be the same outside and inside are on the way to success website

believes that compared to the station veteran, website construction and promotion would form their own a successful idea, but as some have just entered the ranks of the website construction of the novice webmaster, site construction and promotion is still a little difficult for them, do not know where to start. To join the new Adsense just entered, the industry’s friends are not many, there are problems can not receive timely guidance, they will inevitably go a lot of detours. I believe this is what every webmaster will experience. Here I think the problem about the website "table" and "in" speaking, how to do ", be the same outside and inside the site has done" full of sound and colour, and the road to success. read more

A small webmaster by a traffic picture analysis of network development

according to 3% hits, 15000ip was less than 500 clicks! I took 1000ip80 yuan to count, only 40 yuan! Alliance in half the amount of your 15000ip button, click on the station, a day of pure income was 20 yuan! However, this is an ad, and he can put 20 more than advertising, but because there is little click East West Point characteristic, 20 ad is only half, so to get 20 yuan *20 advertising in 2 is divided by the pure click one day to go to 200 yuan


how many people will go to the GG or other league?. read more

Baidu library washing white road

each domestic Internet products, almost all foreign countries have a corresponding product. We have Sina, micro-blog, foreigners have Facebook; we have Baidu, there are Google abroad; we have QQ; foreign countries have MSN; we have Taobao, Jingdong, foreign countries have Amason; we have Youku, YouTube abroad. And so on。 This has become a unique phenomenon of China’s internet. But there is an Internet product that we have, and there are no foreign ones. That’s the Baidu library. Perhaps you say Google academic search, but both content or model, is not a concept at all. read more

An older stationmaster in Guizhou is struggling

, an older Guizhou stationmaster struggling,, 007, has been using today’s Internet name due to the April 11, 2005 registration of the domain name in Guizhou. There are two kinds of usage: 007 young people, Internet friends, especially webmaster friends, the best name is 007; even now many people don’t know what my family name is, and of course it is not important. In real life, colleagues and leaders call me "Xiao Wang" or "woof". Talk to them about 007. They think of the spy in England, ha ha. read more

An Dongsheng tell you how to develop traditional clothing enterprises electricity supplier business

2014 double eleven, Tmall finally ended with a total turnover of 57 billion 100 million yuan. Clothing brand "Korean clothing house" double eleven, the day sales of 280 million, the wireless terminal is the first transaction value of billions of brands. This news is undoubtedly an incentive for garment enterprises. But how do traditional clothing enterprises develop their electricity supplier business?

one, management ideas to change

traditional clothing enterprises do electricity supplier, its advantages mainly reflects brand influence, years of precipitation down the customer base, as well as product development and supply chain advantages. First, due to the advantages of electricity supplier sector at the cost of the whole network and sales price decision-making atmosphere, many clothing brands only as a way to the electricity supplier sector inventory of products, low prices, outdated products with broken code. read more

Discussion on operation mode of 2012 electricity supplier website

2012, the wind years passed nearly half in May, who is drawing to an end, and the time will gently lift, do not leave any traces, sound theory, ontology about 2012 is still strong electricity supplier website mode, when the electricity supplier website still stand, but also a new website, every business platform will always have this or that the prospect of you, or me, still need to adhere to.

business website mode, e-commerce website popularity, also caused a large number of electronic business platform surging out, Taobao is still a large annual electricity sales data, this data also shows that a large number of electronic business platform to do so long, according to its own understanding about now based business platform the pattern of it, perhaps, you need to. read more