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Hammes bookstore introduces new tech center

first_imgThe Hammes Bookstore has upgraded their technology center in the form of the newly-opened Hammes Hub, which provides students and faculty with a central location for technology services, retail and assistance, said marketing manager for Notre Dame Retail Operations Kristin Blitch. Located in the northeast corner of the first floor of the Hammes Bookstore, The Hub carries a variety of Apple, Dell and Lenovo products, including laptops, tablets and desktops, Blitch said. Microsoft chose the Hammes Bookstore as one of only 25 University bookstores to carry its Surface tablet, she said.  The Hub also carries a variety of iPods, headphones, iHome clocks and speakers, printers and accessories for all of its hardware, she said. Blitch said the Hub does not, however, offer the iPhone, though it does sell iPhone accessories.  Blitch said the staff of the Hub makes all of the tablets, laptops, desktops and iPods available for in-store testing before purchasing, which creates a “try it before you buy it” atmosphere much like an Apple or Windows store.  She said students can easily order any product not in stock and can pick it up at the bookstore. The Hub sells the products at an academic price, which is discounted from retail pricing, Blitch said. Academic pricing also includes the popular Apple back-to-school offers, which give students a $100 App Store credit with the purchase of a Mac and a $50 credit with the purchase of an iPad.  In addition to being an all-in-one technology shop, the Hub provides service and assistance for broken computers and other products, she said.  “One of the things we’re able to do now is repairs,” Blitch said. “If you have any issue with your computer, the Office of Information (OIT) will run a diagnostic on it and let you know the next course of action.”  Blitch said OIT can still handle any service issues at their offices, located in the Information Technology Center (ITC) on Library Quad, but the Hub provides the same services in its convenient bookstore location.  Blitch said the Hub is a significant improvement on the bookstore’s old technology platform, which featured basic software and minimal hardware, such as flash drives. She said the improvements are part of the bookstore’s partnership with OIT. “We’ve really worked hard to expand [the technology platform], and that was through the partnership with OIT. They know what works for campus,” she said. “We’re working hand-in-hand every step of the way. It’s a full partnership.”  In a July press release, Director of Hammes Bookstore and Retail Operations Keith Kirkpatrick said the bookstore will continue to work with OIT on ways to serve the campus community “Collaborating with OIT to develop our comprehensive retail plan has been a great experience and we look forward to the opportunity to further serve the campus.” Kirkpatrick said.  The Hammes Hub is open during all regular bookstore hours and is accessible online at any time through NDCatalog.com.last_img read more

UW looking to end season on high note

first_imgHaving now dropped eleven of its last twelve matches, the Wisconsin women’s tennis team will take to the road in search of a dignified finish to a disappointing season, this weekend. Saturday the Badgers will venture to West Lafayette, Ind., for a dual meet with Purdue before traveling west to Urbana, Ill., to take on the Fighting Illini Sunday.”I think that Purdue and Illinois will be really good. I’m excited for it,” sophomore Chelsea Nusslock said. “Everyone has improved so much… if we compete hard, I think we have enough talent.”In Purdue, the Badgers find an opponent that has won four of its last six matches, including a 5-2 victory over a Michigan State squad that handled Wisconsin by the same score just two weeks prior.Conversely, the Illini have hit a skid of late, posting disappointing results throughout the spring frame.”I think Illinois — they’re having an off-season… the chance is there,” said team ace Caitlin Burke.”I think we have a great opportunity,” added sophomore Morgan Tuttle. “Illinois has an injured player and Purdue lost their number one player.” The Badgers, however, may be forced to cope without Burke this weekend, as the junior standout continues to fight a rib injury sustained during play against Notre Dame February 26.”Right now, I’m going toward [not playing] — I just started practicing,” Burke said. “It still hurts on my backhand, so I’m a little iffy there.”Meanwhile, Tuttle looks to extend to four a team-leading win streak that dates back to April 2. Last weekend, Tuttle — who transferred to UW from Iowa this year — claimed the Badgers’ sole victory over the Hawkeyes in a match replete with emotional impact.”It was amazing,” Tuttle said of offing her Hawkeye opponent 6-0, 6-0. “It definitely gives me a lot more confidence, just knowing that match is out of the way.”This weekend’s road trip will mark the final regular season venture outside of Madison for a Badger squad that has become accustomed to living out of hotel rooms this spring. Only two conference opponents have played on Wisconsin’s home courts this season, though Ohio State is slated to make the trip next week.”I traveled all throughout juniors… I’m used to it,” Nusslock said. She summarized the experience as “managing our time well on the bus, getting our studying done, [and] having some good meals.”last_img read more

Trump Tweet: 75-year old protester shoved to the ground an “Antifa provocateur?”

first_imgToday President Trump called this poor old man “ANTIFA” and defended the cops viciously attacking him. He’s 75 years old for god’s sake! pic.twitter.com/hle5ktmTp8— Black Lives Matter (@HKrassenstein) June 9, 2020 Trump tweeted Gugino “could be an Antifa provocateur” claiming he appeared “to scan police communications in order to monitor, track or black out the equipment” – adding “I watched, he fell harder than was pushed. Was aiming scanner. Could be a set-up?” President Trump reportedly siting information from this conservative sourced article.(Via Daily Mail) – Two Buffalo cops have been arrested and charged with second degree assault after they shoved a 75-year-old peace activist to the ground Thursday causing him to crack his head open on the sidewalk, as hundreds of colleagues gathered outside the city court in solidarity to cheer their release without bail.Aaron Torgalski and Robert McCabe were each charged with one count of assault in the second degree in a court hearing Saturday morning over the shocking incident that left peaceful protester Martin Gugino in a ‘serious condition’ in hospital.The cops were arraigned in a virtual court hearing where they both pleaded not guilty to the charges and the two cops hid from the view of the camera.They each face up to seven years in prison if convicted of the class D felony. They were released without bail and will appear back in court on July 20.Gugino is still in the hospital with a head injury while the officers have been charged with assault and are suspended without pay.However, here is an alleged photo of Mr. Martin Gugino sitting up chatting on his cell phone before being loaded into the ambulance: President Trump has fired off another incendiary tweet this time about the possible Antifa affiliation of a 75-year old protester in Buffalo, who hit his head on the sidewalk after being shoved by police. Video showing 75-year-old Martin Gugino being pushed to the ground during a demonstration in Buffalo quickly went viral last week. last_img read more