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Who Is Poisoning Our Wells?

first_imgEarly Sunday morning people in the capital, Monrovia, awoke to the terrible news that a certain band of individuals were going around spilling formaldehyde in wells in the general vicinity, beginning in the Roberts International Highway area in Margibi County.There are those who believe it is not formaldehyde but some other highly poisonous substance being used to contaminate the wells.Early Monday morning there was commotion at the New Georgia Junction on Somalia Drive when a man or group of men was spotted putting unknown substances in wells with syringes.The first story was immediately reported by the state-run Radio ELBC.When the Daily Observer reporting team went to Zone 8 near ELWA Hospital junction, they were told to proceed to police operations further up the Robertsfield Highway, because the people poisoning the wells had first been spotted in the Margibi area not far from the Roberts International Airport (RIA).Indeed the Daily Observer web site carried early Monday the photograph of a man who had been arrested for allegedly putting substances into wells in the Margibi area.The Observer web site also reported that 10 persons had died in Dolo’s Town along the Robertsfield Highway; and later that another 20 or more people had perished after eating food at a repast in the town.  The site carried photographs of the incident, including that of a dead dog which had also been poisoned.But there were two developments that, in the midst of all this, created serious suspicion: ELBC, which had first broken the story, back-tracked on it, saying that it was a “mere rumor.”  The suspicion intensified when it was later learned that the National Traditional Council of Chiefs had gotten involved in the investigation, taking it over from the police.  Now for Heaven’s sake, what do traditional chiefs have to do with a criminal investigation? This very serious and alarming matter should be in the hands of professionally trained criminal investigators working for the Criminal Investigation Division (CID), the National Security Agency (NSA), the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and, given the reports of so many dead, the entire Joint Security.But the back-tracking by ELBC and the alleged sudden involvement of the Traditional Chiefs in the investigation have raised alarm bells as to what is really going on.  Is this something far bigger that it appears?  Who is behind it?  Is this a new form of ritualistic killings, only on a massive scale as the elections approach?  Are there higher-ups involved?  Who are they and why do they want to traumatize the already Ebola-terrified Liberian people?The man arrested on the Robertsfield Highway was quoted as having said that he was not alone in this criminal and murderous adventure.  “We are many more, about 250 of us, who have been well trained to carry out this exercise,” he was said to have revealed.It is indeed mindboggling (unbelievable) that in the wake of the Ebola epidemic, anyone would want to inflict upon the hapless Liberian people another deadly menace, such as pouring poison into the people’s sources of drinking water.What on earth is the motive?  Is it a ritualistic exercise feeding the ruthless ambitions involving higher ups seeking or consolidating political power?  Or is it politically motivated by detractors to destabilize the country in order to force regime change?And why are the Traditional Chiefs involved?  What business do they have to do with this criminal investigation?  Do they know the people involved in these wicked deeds?  Is there any connection between them and the suspects?With people dying from poisoned drinking water, and reports of other marauding murders intent on poisoning more wells to kill more people, it seems to us that this is a very serious matter that demands the immediate intervention of the Ministry of Justice and the entire Joint Security Force, including UNMIL, to get to the bottom of this new deadly menace that has befallen the already Ebola-traumatized national landscape.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Guyanese urged to be more health conscious

first_img– as Govt launches ‘Health Expo 2018’The Public Health Ministry on Wednesday launched its inaugural Health Exhibition aimed at sensitising the public of the services being offered within the public health sector, as well as encourage a more health-conscious citizenry.Prime Minister Nagamootoo speaking at the launching of Health Expo 2018 while Public Health Minister Volda Lawrence (fourth from left) and other officials from the Health Ministry are seated at the head table‘Health Expo 2018’ is an inter-ministerial and multi-sectorial meeting and will also focus on developing synergies between the Ministry and healthcare providers as well as the public. The exhibition, which is the first of its kind to be hosted by the Ministry, will be held at the Sophia Exhibition Centre between May 30 and June 2, under the theme “Reaching for a better life with good health.”The expo was officially launched at the Ramada Princess Hotel in Providence, East Bank Demerara, by acting President Moses Nagamootoo, who himself recently underwent triple bypass heart surgery.According to Prime Minister Nagamootoo, while Government has taken certain steps to ensure that the necessary health services are available for citizens, they too should be health conscious and more proactive in taking care of themselves.“Health is not only the function of the Government; we have also, as citizens’ functions, choices to make whether we would like to live long, whether we would like to live healthy, whether we would like to live a productive life and here, I believe, that we have to deal with some reality that if we don’t make those choices while we are young and when you have time to do that… life could be cruel to you, life could be cut short, life could be brutal and you could be exposed to those very things that the health system is set up to look into,” Nagomootoo said to the gathering that was packed with students.A section of the gathering at the Ramada Princess Hotel on Wednesday when the inaugural ‘Health Expo 2018’ was launchedThe health-conscious Prime Minister, who made his first public appearance since resuming work after his February surgery, went on to urge Guyanese to read the labels of food products before purchasing so that they are aware of the contents/ingredients and the quantity. He noted that companies have a way of trapping consumers with their attractive packaging and ‘all-natural’ or ‘0-sugar’ labels when the products contain ingredients such as concentrates.To this end, Nagamootoo posited that a forum such as the ‘Health Expo’ will not only educate the public on what to look for and how to read the content tables but also inform companies as to what Government is looking for in products, especially with regards to dietary contracts such as the School Feeding Programme.Also encouraging healthy diets as part of a larger drive to promote a healthy society was Public Health Minister Volda Lawrence. She said, “We hope to make citizens health conscious and take care of their own health. We want to remind people that they are living in a country that’s blessed with an abundance of food that will ensure we not only live long but healthily.”Lawrence further posited that in addition to making Guyanese more health consciousness, the expo is also aimed at informing the public of the various health services that are available.The Public Health Minister further noted that too often persons end up seeking services within the public health sector only after they would have expended large sums of monies at private institutions for services that are being offer free at public institutions.“There are too many persons within our society who are not au fait with the services provided by the Ministry of Public Health and so this expo is to ensure they are acquainted with the services that are provided and about those services that are provided not only at our local health facilities but also at our primary and tertiary health facilities,” she stated.According to the Minister, the expo will also provide an interacting platform for the public to give feedback on the public health services and how they can be improved on.Moreover, during the four-day exhibition period, there will also be a host of activities such as seminars, workshops and a career fair. The latter will aim at closing the human resources gap within the public health sector.last_img read more

Christmas Tree permits are now available.

first_img Choose a tree that can be cut near the base and is easy to transport. The wasted tree remains left in the forest can form a summer fire hazard. Local natural resource district offices can provide details about specific cutting requirements and approved harvest areas. Free-use permits are provided for personal use only. It is illegal to sell a tree cut under a Christmas tree permit or to cut a tree in an unauthorized area. Leave home prepared. Bring ropes, gloves, tools, tire chains, a first-aid kit, a mobile phone and warm clothing. Do not leave a pointed stump as this may cause injury to livestock, wildlife, pets or other people. When cutting a Christmas tree, keep the following tips in mind; Make sure you have found the tree you will use before cutting. Some permits specify only one tree can be cut.center_img Drive carefully. Be prepared for logging trucks;  http://www.bcforestsafe.org/files/tk_pdfs/gde_resrd.pdf VICTORIA, B.C. – British Columbians who want to cut their own Christmas tree can get a permit online, or by contacting their local natural resource district office or FrontCounter BC office. Clean up and remove all debris associated with your activity. – Advertisement -Members of the public are reminded to check online maps provided by districts to ensure they are cutting within a designated area.last_img read more