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Fresh legs, multiple lines the key to Syracuse’s strong play in the midfield

first_img Facebook Twitter Google+ Published on February 21, 2018 at 11:08 pm Contact Michael: mmcclear@syr.edu | @MikeJMcCleary It happened fast. In Syracuse’s season opener against Connecticut on Feb. 9, UConn players barreled past SU’s back line and put SU in a 2-0 hole 1:24 into the game.But as the game wore on, the pace of play caught up to UConn’s starters. Before the speed slowed down SU, the Orange made a switch.“Our depth and ability to use two and three midfield lines took its toll,” SU head coach Gary Gait said. “You saw the exhaustion on their starters. They were tired and they made a lot of mistakes.”In its first two games, No. 5 Syracuse (2-0) has used a multitude of different lineups in the midfield and made frequent subs in an attempt to stay fresh as opponents tire out. The new rule allowing free movement for players after whistles has sped up the game by lessening the amount of stoppages in any given game. It’s also allowed the Orange to tap into its depth in the early going.“We got three, even four lines of girls that can play,” redshirt senior Taylor Gait said. “Fresh legs is always great when you run up and down the field.”AdvertisementThis is placeholder textAgainst Connecticut and again against Oregon nine days later, Syracuse used 13 players listed as midfielders on the official roster, changing starting groups for each game. Gary Gait said cycling new players in and out of the game is one of his biggest emphases going forward.Players are still adjusting to the faster pace. Freshman midfielder Sam Swart said that the college game was “faster than (she) expected” and, with the whistle blowing less frequently, she’s hardly found time to stop and collect her thoughts.“You don’t have any moments to breathe, you just go,” Swart said. “The whole game was a blur… I feel like I didn’t even take one breather.”But the adjustment from high school to college wasn’t the problem. The game has changed. Swart remembers talking to fellow midfielder Gait after the game and even she, a fifth-year senior, said to Swart that it’s a “totally different game” than she’s used to playing.The movement affects the midfield the most, sophomore attack Nicole Levy said. Though Levy said it hasn’t affected her game so far, senior attack Riley Donahue notices the speed of the game changing so there’s “never a standing moment.”But the Orange players have yet to feel the effect of the faster game because Gary Gait was ready for it. Syracuse has used constant switches throughout games to make sure players are getting the rest needed for the Orange to go the distance in games.On Feb. 18, Oregon came out of the second-half gate and moved fast. After scoring the first three goals of the frame, Syracuse started to lose its early lead. But following a few switches in personnel, the Orange got back on track and cinched up a 17-11 win.The substitutions were important to the midfielders. With the game moving faster than ever, SU has found new ways to keep individual fatigue from affecting its play. Luckily for Syracuse, players and coaches alike are confident that this year’s team is deeper than in year’s past.“Our coaches usually don’t let us get to the point where we are super tired,” midfielder Kelzi Van Atta said. “We’re subbing on the fly so everybody is fresh all the time.”The new faces getting involved will be a common thread throughout the year, as Syracuse aims to give itself the advantage over shorthanded teams. Gary Gait said the rules this year make it difficult to have just one midfield line, so SU prepared two, senior Neena Merola said. Others, like midfielder Gait, said SU has more than two.“Our team does a lot of subs really fast, which is awesome. I think it’s the way our coaches prepared it,” Swart said, “they knew (it) was going to be fast.”So far this year, everything has happened fast, but Syracuse thinks it has the formula that will allow it to catch up. Commentslast_img read more

U.S. Virus Patients, Businesses Suing China Over Outbreak and Info

first_imgIn one of the cases filed in Miami federal court, attorneys Matthew Moore and Jeremy Alters are suing the Chinese Communist Party as an entity separate from the Chinese government.“They have their own assets. They are recognized as an independent organization. We are going to argue they are not a part of the government,” Moore sas. “There has been personal injury that happened in the United States.”Alters adds: “They’re going to have to pay … We can say, ‘We’re not going to do business with you anymore.’ When you hit them in the (gross domestic product), it hurts.”On the other hand, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang is defending his country’s record of fighting the virus. He states the lawsuit filed by the Missouri attorney general is “very absurd and has no factual and legal basis.”Shuang says that China has acted in an “open, transparent, and responsible manner,” and the U.S. government should “dismiss such vexatious litigation,” he said.In the meantime, efforts are underway in Congress and in some state legislatures to make it easier to sue China and other countries.It us not clear at this time whether any of the proposed legislation will pass. However, if the bills are ultimately enacted, legal experts believe such a situation could lead to hundreds more lawsuits against China. Groups of people in the United States who have been affected by the novel coronavirus are taking action against China for allegedly failing to contain the spread early.So far, at least nine lawsuits have been filed claiming that China attempted to hide information from the outbreak center of Wuhan, and to conceal what officials in that country knew.Eight of the lawsuits are potential class actions that could end up representing thousands of people and businesses. Another suit was filed by the attorney general of Missouri, which so far is the only state to take legal action against China.However, the cases face obstacles under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, which states that foreign governments cannot be sued in the U.S. unless certain exceptions are met.“We think it’s going to be an uphill battle for them to ultimately take advantage of those exceptions,” says Robert Boone, an attorney in Los Angeles who specializes in class action cases.One of those exceptions involves commercial activity that directly affects the U.S.Another of the exceptions addresses misconduct inside the U.S. under certain circumstances that is then traceable back to a foreign government. Yet another exception covers whether the foreign entity explicitly waived its immunity, such as by including certain language in a contract.The attorneys who filed the lawsuits say they can prove those claims, and will determine some method of collecting damages, perhaps by seizing Chinese bank accounts or other assets here. if the Chinese refuse to pay, if they end up winning.Bernie Marcus: Missouri’s lawsuit against the Chinese Communist Party outlines all the ways the CCP failed the world during the COVID-19. The communist dictatorship must be held accountable.https://t.co/eG02gCb5NX— newtgingrich (@newtgingrich) May 5, 2020last_img read more

BET founder urges BLM to form its own independent political party

first_imgRobert Johnson, founder of Black Entertainment Television, says that Black Americans should form their own political party to concentrate their electoral influence.This after a claim that Democrats get a cut of all money donated to Black Lives Matter.It’s a claim that has gone viral on social media. The claim has not been verified.The Instagram post claims “donations to Black Lives Matter website go directly to the DNC” and that blacklivesmatter.com “appears to be an international money laundering program used by the Democratic National Committee.”Meanwhile, BET’s Johnson, who has previously called on the U.S. government to provide reparations for slavery, said the independent political party would stand for things “principally focused on the interests” of Black Americans.Last week, Johnson sent a letter to “Black Lives Matter Leaders and Supporters,” suggesting that “Black Lives Matter (BLM) consider establishing a formal independent political party. The party could be founded on the principle articulated by the founding members of the Congressional Black Caucus in 1971.” He described the Congressional Black Caucus’ founding principle as Blacks having “no permanent friends, no permanent enemies … just permanent interests.’”Johnson’s idea comes as waves of protests against racism and police brutality continue in cities across the U.S. following the killing last month of George Floyd, an unarmed Black man, by a White Minneapolis police officer, who has since been fired.Black Americans already possess clear political influence, Johnson said, citing their lower turnout in the 2016 presidential election compared with elections in 2008 and 2012 as one reason why Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump. Still, Clinton received 89% of the Black vote while Trump received 8%, according to CNN exit polls. Johnson also referred to the overwhelming support from Black voters for Joe Biden in his victory in the South Carolina’s Democratic primary, which reignited his stumbling campaign and help make him the presumptive nominee. But Biden’s suggestion in May that “you ain’t Black” if you vote for Trump instead of him demonstrates that Black voters are too often taken for granted, Johnson said. Biden later apologized for the remark, saying “I shouldn’t have been so cavalier.”“That someone could be so presumptuousness, that you have to vote for a Democrat or otherwise you’re not identified as Black, that is the principal reason why we need a Black party, independent, to change that kind of behavior,” said Johnson, who became the first Black billionaire in the U.S. when he sold BET to Viacom in 2001. He’s no longer on the Forbes billionaires list.Johnson has been a large Democratic donor over the years but also has spoken positively about Trump’s work on the U.S. economy. He said in 2016 that he turned down a position in Trump’s Cabinet, not over politics but because he said he could not deal with government red tape. He adds that Black Lives Matter, by establishing an independent political party, can become a force dedicated to advancing the permanent interests of 40 million Black Americans in this country.last_img read more

Coast Salish Art on Display at Lt. Governor Offices

first_imgSubmitted by Lt. Governor Brad OwenAspire, serigraph; ink on cotton by Peter BoomeA display of Coast Salish hand-carved objects, serigraphs and painted canvases by University Place artist Peter Boome is currently on display in the office of Lt. Governor Brad Owen.A native of McCleary, Boome is an Upper Skagit Tribal artist specializing in Coast Salish art. Peter earned his AA from Northwest Indian College, his bachelor’s degree from the Evergreen State College and a doctorate in law from the University of Washington. He is currently finishing his Masters of Environmental Studies at Evergreen State College. His work has won numerous awards and is collected internationally.Boome’s work reflects the culture and experiences of indigenous peoples of the northwest coast with a specific emphasis on the environment and human relationship with the natural world. He currently resides in University Place with his wife Lois and their children.Peter Boome retells his motivation for his work, Aspire, featuring a raven who steals the sun and returns it to the sky.“I created this design for the Eiteljorg Museum in Indianapolis as part of a fund-raiser. I happened to be preparing to graduate from law school at the time and was doing some serious self-reflection. An unfortunate truth of being an Indian and growing up on a reservation is there are not many positive expectations placed on me. Be that as it may I was preparing to graduate from law school despite societal expectations or the lack thereof. I started thinking of the famous story of the raven and the sun.Kindred Spirits, serigraph; ink on cotton by Peter BoomeThe story basically states that the raven stole the sun and returned it to the sky. I couldn’t help but admire the audacity of the raven. Why did he think he could do what he did? Why did he put himself in a position to be criticized, mocked, or even killed if he were to fail?As I thought about that story I realized that I had surpassed any expectations that had been placed on me as a youth. I had a successful career as an artist having shown around the country and being internationally collected. I was also about to experience academic success well beyond my own wildest expectations. I realized one the main reasons for my personal success was my willingness to ignore social expectations and simply have the audacity to have goals and pursue them.It is amazing what we can accomplish when we simply put our heads down and work, when we have a goal and decide to go for it, even if we don’t have a road map to success, we can figure it out and make it happen. This piece is called “aspire” because when we aspire to succeed we will.”Ten of Boome’s works of art and four hand-carved objects are featured in the lobby of the Office of the Lieutenant Governor. Please stop by and visit or check out our brochure. Our doors are open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays on the second floor of the Legislative Building in Olympia. Facebook104Tweet0Pin0last_img read more