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Be wary of Raising The Bar, Fortuneonehundred

first_imgPUNTERS hunting quick-fire bankers on today’s 11-race card at Caymanas Park should be wary of the two obvious choices – FORTUNEONEHUNDRED in the 1000-metre round opening event and RAISING THE BAR in the nightcap at 1100 metres.FORTUNEONEHUNDRED has not trained on the track since turning for home with a two-length lead in the Diamond Mile on December 5. Tumbling to $550,000 claiming from grade one, where he campaigned most of last year, suggests something has gone amiss in the last 70 days since the talented United States-bred last raced.Even on an off day, FORTUNEONEHUNDRED should easily put away his six rivals, especially at the minimum distance. However, punters are advised to tread carefully in the opening event by backing up their bets with sound horses such as DWAYNE STAR, ITALIANO and speedy COME DANCE WITH ME.Similar to FORTUNEONEHUNDRED, RAISING THE BAR has taken a shocking drop in class from non-winners-of-four to the second-lowest claiming level, a $250,000 tag.It should be noted that RAISING THE BAR, a renowned speedster, has been slowly into stride in his two races this year. First, it was January 9 at 1500 metres, followed by January 31 at 1000 metres straight.In neither of those races did the four-year-old filly recover, even briefly, to show some speed. In addition, she has been sparingly trained, which makes her suspect against horses who she should easily put away.Options to RAISING THE BAR are consistent INFANTRY OFFICER and CLASSICAL TRAIN, who’s hunting a double, carrying 48.0 kilos, but up in class.HOWARD PHILLIPPS MEMORIALMeanwhile, ACTION MAN should prove too quick for his eight rivals in the 1100-metre Howard Phillipps Memorial.Omar Walker partners ACTION MAN, who heads the scale at 56.0 kilos. However, the four-year-old colt is not too heavy to take charge of the event coming off the final turn.Included in the nine-horse field are five fillies, none of whom can match ACTION MAN for speed. His other three rivals, two geldings and a colt, have neither the form nor speed to deny him following his strong third-place run behind DWAYNE STAR at 1000 metres straight on January 31.Partnered by apprentice Bebeto Harvey last time out, ACTION MAN disputed the lead with LEGAL ACCOUNT from the start before DWAYNE STAR closed in mid-track to overhaul both a half furlong out.DWAYNE STAR had reported for that race with solid runs under his girth, finishing no more than five lengths behind winners such as LONG RUNNING TRAIN, TARANIS, ROYAL ASSAULT and BRAWN in four consecutive races.The filly DINNER BY SEVEN has some speed, but was well beaten by ACTION MAN in their last three meetings.The two expected closers, COMMANDING AVIATOR and TURBO MACHINE CAT, are recent graduates to non-winners-of-three, having both beaten non-winners-of-two in the last two weeks.last_img read more

A Tale of Two Videos: Advocacy and Censorship

first_imgA teacher gets a free video on science, and likes it.  She thinks it fits in with the lesson plan and curriculum guidelines.  Should she be allowed to show parts of it in the classroom?  At what point should the government step in and say the material is inappropriate, or even ban it outright, if it is considered politically incorrect?  In a day when a multitude of interested parties of all kinds seek to influence the education of the young, how can schools wade the quagmires between the free market of ideas and censorship?  When do guidelines for quality education become indoctrination into the beliefs of the party in power?  The complexity of these issues can be seen in two recent, but very different, cases.An Inconvenient Gift:  Should an advocate be allowed to Gore the teacher’s oxygen?  Laurie David, producer of Al Gore’s popular documentary about global warming, An Inconvenient Truth, thought it would be a charitable idea to supply 50,000 DVDs of the movie to the National Science Teacher’s Association, presumably to leverage them as a distributor to its members.  After all, Ms David (the wife of comedian Larry David) probably thought in all seriousness that global warming is a hot topic for science education classes.  She undoubtedly expected that science teachers would be eager to share some of the material from this popular film in class.  When she got a chilly reception to her offer, she accused the NSTA of being in cahoots with ExxonMobil and other oil interests, remarking that she found it shocking that the NSTA would have ties to a company “that has spent millions misinforming the public about global warming.”    The NSTA has received $6 million from oil and gas interests over the last decade to support science education, but this represents only 3.7% of their budget and came with no strings attached, reported Jeffrey Mervis for Science Now.  Gore himself “threw gasoline on the fire by telling [Jay] Leno, incorrectly, that ExxonMobil has a seat on NSTA’s board.”  The NSTA’s executive director responded that they don’t do mass distributions for anybody or send unsolicited material.  Laurie David was not interested in buying the NSTA’s mailing list and doing the distribution on their own.  “David says NSTA’s imprimatur was essential” to the plan, the article states.  On her website, she has posted letters from teachers angry over the NSTA’s position.Gift Horse or Trojan Horse:  Whether you find this next gift idea a blessing or a curse depends on which side of the evolution debate you’re on.  In September, a group calling itself Truth in Science sent free “resource packs” to all the secondary schools in Britain with DVDs of the intelligent design documentary Unlocking the Mystery of Life, and its adaptation for schools Where Does the Evidence Lead?, along with a teacher’s manual.  Though about 59 schools have decided to incorporate the material in their lessons, this free gift was unwelcome in some quarters.  The Guardian reported that the matter was debated in Parliament, and the government may be telling schools it is “inappropriate” material for the classroom; indeed, reporter James Randerson termed it a “ban” on use of this “creationist” material.  Truth in Science quickly tried to counter the claim that the ministers’ action constitutes a ban.  On Friday, however, Truth in Science reported growing political pressure “as Members of Parliament and Government ministers seek to discourage science teachers from using our resource packs,” some calling for a “restriction” and others a “directive” against their use.  The front page of this organization has links to news on this developing story.  Evolution News, Post-Darwinist and Uncommon Descent have posted reactions.Nobody seems to be asking the students what they think – or the parents who pay the taxes, for that matter. What should schools do in such situations?  A computer technician from Michigan wrote in with his response:It actually is a pretty simple solution… only teach provable, observable fact in schools, not opinion.  For instance, you can study all the details about an organism… what it does, its habitat, its gestation period, its predators and its prey.  But you can leave out the atheist opinion that it evolved from inanimate matter.  Since evolution has absolutely nothing to do with any scientific advancement or discovery that has ever taken place, and is really just the origins theory for atheism, what is the benefit of teaching it in schools?  Let students form their own opinions based on the actual, observable facts.Good thoughts.  Principals, administrators, parents and teachers: try freedom.  We get so paranoid about things teachers are supposed to say or not say, about guidelines and political correctness.  We worry so much about what high school students might hear.  What is needed is honesty and the ability to think.  High school students can be pretty savvy at figuring out what is sensible and what isn’t when they are allowed to hear two sides of a dispute.  They get bored when being spoon-fed official textbook dogma without an opportunity for the teacher to engage the students in lively discussions about evidence and truthfulness.  And teachers should be allowed to think for themselves when getting materials like the Truth in Science videos.  They can judge whether such materials are appropriate without Parliament telling them.    Nobody wants schools to become pulpits for cults and weird beliefs, but guess what: they already are.  Political correctness, tolerance, relativism, diversity and gay rights are the norm, while the old-fashioned values of patriotism, hard work and responsibility are mocked.  Are the Darwin-only-Darwin-only DODOs making things better?  In many schools it could hardly get worse.    A return to the basic 3 Rs and a well-rounded, liberal-arts education, combined with emphasis on discernment and understanding instead of rote retention will screen out much of the harmful or useless material that goes around.  Teachers receiving unsolicited material shouldn’t be on the job if they can’t tell what has value and what doesn’t.  Students know when teachers are really helping them think and which are just pushing their own opinions.  Most of us as students had good teachers and bad teachers.  The bad teachers often served as examples and stimulated further examination of our beliefs and assumptions.  Parents need to be involved, knowing what is being taught and voicing support or opposition as needed.  There need to be standards and limits, to be sure, on acceptable behavior and use of the classroom for legitimate purposes.  In general, though, let the free marketplace of ideas do its work.  The only mind at risk is an empty one.(Visited 6 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Brand South Africa working with Department of Home Affairs to position South Africa as open to visitors

first_imgJohannesburg, Thursday 27 August 2015 – Brand South Africa earlier this month conducted training at the Lebombo port of entry with officials from the Department of Home Affairs.• Download press releaseBrand South Africa has been working closely with the Department of Home Affairs since the beginning of the year, training officials on issues related to reputation management and why this impacts on the strength of the South African nation brand and the country’s competitiveness. Immigration officials are the first point of contact for visitors to South Africa and they play a crucial role in shaping perceptions about the country.The training included insights from the National Perceptions Audit, conducted by Brand South Africa. The study aims to measure perceptions of South Africans in relation to the nation brand and results in an assessment of pride and patriotism, active citizenship and social cohesion in the country.The officials were also informed about Brand South Africa’s Play Your Part programme that calls on all South Africans to become active citizens. Play Your Part is a nationwide campaign, driven by Brand South Africa, created to inspire, empower and celebrate active citizenship in South Africa. Home Affairs officials are encouraged to play their part by providing professional and efficient services to visitors to the country.last_img read more

Grids London 10 Hair Bobbles Stretchy Girl Ladies Styling Bands Ponytail Elastic Stretchable Strong Hairband : Five Stars

first_img Posted on April 15, 2019Author Nathalie DuboisCategories HeadbandsTags Grids London Good but not very strong It’s difficult to find hair bobbles that can cope with my thick hair without breaking. These are relatively good; but they do lose their elasticity rather quickly. The little wooden beads are a nice feature; but tend to snag my hair. Both myself & our 2 daughters have long, thick hair. These hold the well & seem less prone to snapping & breaking than others bought – very good buy. It’s hard to find hair bands that don’t break if you have long thick hair. These are great they don’t break:-). Unlike other bands, these have a little head where the band joins, so it fully protects the hair from breakage. Wish i’d found these sooner, would have prevented a lot of breakage. Perfect Five Starscenter_img Very good, my daughter is pleased with them. Good strong hair bands as advertised. They last more than once which is fantastic, i pull my hair back tight for excercise classes and these bands are standing the test if time. These are amazing i haven’t had a problem with the hairbands. Less likely to break than others on the market. I have heavy, thick hair, so need a band that won’t overstretch, and are strong enough. These do seem to return to size well enough. Were perfect for putting my daughter’s hair up for her ballet exam. I know they’re just bobbles but there the best bobbles i’ve ever bought lol. Oh and very reasonably priced. Good quality, not too stretchy. Really hold your hair in place. Pleased with these hair bands, they are good and strong and don’t snap when using in my thick hair. Bought as a gift, well sturdy and recipient was happy. When you try to tight the pony the elastic of the bobble break. I have very long and thick hair and i have always been struggling to find a strong and think enough hair band to hold my hair. No matter what i used my hair would always would slide down and just wouldn’t hold. This hair band is absolutely the best one i ever had. Good item, just what i needed to control my ponytail. SummaryReviewer Nathalie DuboisReview Date2019-04-15 12:38:05Reviewed Item 10 Hair Bobbles Black Stretchy Girl Ladies Styling Bands Ponytail Elastic Stretchable Strong HairbandRating 5.0 / 5  stars, based on  26  reviews 10 Hair Bobbles Black Stretchy Girl Ladies Styling Bands Ponytail Elastic Stretchable Strong HairbandPack comes with 10 Black hair bandsApprox size -60mm and stretch upto 100 mmIdeal for young girls and adults to do tight ponytail and stylingHairbands Ponytail Thick Snag ColorMade with very Good Quality….last_img read more