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Foreign exchange rates

These are indicative wholesale rates for foreign currency provided by the Bank of Canada on Thursday. Quotations in Canadian funds.Australia dollar 0.9900Brazil real 0.3989China renminbi 0.1881Euro 1.4789Hong Kong dollar 0.160130India rupee 0.01957Indonesia rupiah 0.0000940Japan yen 0.01146Malaysia ringgit 0.2928Mexico peso 0.07083N.Z. dollar 0.9039Norway krone 0.1598Peruvian new sol 0.3871Russia rouble 0.02119Saudi riyal 0.3341Singapore dollar 0.9202South Africa rand 0.09492South Korean won 0.001110Sweden krona 0.1554Switzerland franc 1.2992Taiwanese dollar 0.04144Thailand baht 0.03758Turkey lira 0.3597U.K. pound 1.6047U.S. dollar 1.2529Vietnam dong 0.000055 read more