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East Timor recent grenade attack linked to private dispute UN probe finds

Investigations conducted by the UN peacekeeping force, in conjunction with the UN Civilian Police (CIVPOL) and the Indonesian military, have revealed that the market site where the incident occurred on 29 May is a regular, traditional trading point located south of Balibo in a creek bed on the Tactical Co-ordination Line between East and West Timor, the UN peacekeeping force said in a statement issued in Dili. Witnesses say that a fight occurred on 28 May between a militia member and a gambling ring organizer who was operating at the market. The militia member then enlisted aid from another more senior member of the militia and they, with the possible assistance of one other, conducted a vengeance attack with hand grenades the next day. The gambling ring organizer was among those killed in the attack. Most of the casualties were bystanders who were not involved in the gambling. “This is primarily a criminal issue and has been handed over to UN CIVPOL for further investigation,” the UNTAET statement said. read more