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Fire Department saves a cat stuck on Hydro pole

first_imgTAYLOR, B.C. – Monday, April 15th a cat was discovered at the top of a Hydro pole unable to move as it was reportedly stuck for hours.BC Hydro and the Deputy Fire Chief were able to rescue the cat from its predicament and Councillor Dave Lueneberg took the rescued cat in for the night to ensure it was looked after. Ashley Wood’s son had accidentally let ‘Moxie’ out of the house. Although she had been looking for him for three days, she says “It never really crossed my mind to look up”Wood would then see the District of Taylor’s FB Post and said, “I knew he was my furbaby from the photo.”Moxie has been a part of the Woods family for 10 years. Wood says, “I’m very grateful to the person who found him and to BC Hydro and the Taylor Fire hall for rescuing him.”last_img read more

Property worth crores gutted in Vedic Village fire, none hurt

first_imgKolkata: A major fire broke out at the Vedic Village resort in Rajarhat on Monday night. A big portion of the resort was damaged due to impact of the inferno. It is said property worth crores reduced to ashes but no one was hurt in the incident.Twelve fire tenders doused the flames almost after battling for about eight hours. According to sources, Vedic Village resort authorities claimed that around 10 pm, on Monday, a lightning struck the cottages, which were made of hay. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari PujaIn no time the fire started spreading fast because of the strong winds. At the first, the staff members of Vedic Village tried to control the fire by arranging water from their underground reservoir. But as the intensity of the fire was high, they were not able to control the inferno. Immediately, the fire brigade and the Rajarhat police station was informed. Soon, five fire tenders were pressed into action. Later, seven more fire tenders were called in as the intensity of the fire was increasing. It is alleged when the fire started media personnel, who went to cover the incident, and a few firefighters were not allowed to get into the resort. Later, the police intervened and resolved the matter. Question arises if the Vedic Village authorities had no flaw on their part, why the media and fire fighters were restricted. Also Read – Bengal civic volunteer dies in road mishap on national highwayA source informed that the reception, godown and the office burnt into ashes as these structures were made of hay. Though the Vedic Village authorities claimed that the fire broke out due to lightning but the actual cause is yet not confirmed. It is suspected that fire had occurred due to a short circuit. Within an hour, the fire took a bad shape as it raged up to almost 25 feet. Guests in the cottages and the residents of various apartments within 100 metres got panic-stricken due to intensity of the fire. All the guests were evacuated and taken to a safe place. Later, fire minister Sujit Bose went to the spot and supervised the firefighting operation. According to Bose, it is not clear if any firefighting measures or license were in place at the resort. Around 3 am, on Tuesday, the fire was brought under control. Later, cooling process went on till early morning. Till Tuesday night no complaint was lodged by the Fire department. The cause of fire is yet to be ascertained.last_img read more

UN event seeks civil societys participation in achieving disarmament goals

The United Nations hopes to boost the participation of civil society in reaching disarmament goals, with the world body’s annual conference on non-governmental organizations (NGOs) set to kick off next week in Mexico City.This year’s gathering, entitled “For Peace and Development: Disarm Now,” will take place “at a time when the cost and dangers of nuclear weapons are mounting,” Kiyotaka Akasaka, Under-Secretary General for Communications and Public Information, told reporters in New York today.Global military spending last year, he pointed out, reached $1.5 trillion, the equivalent of $200 for each person alive today. “This is untenable at a time when 1 billion people live on one dollar or less a day.”Disarmament goals are very broad, encompassing not only the total elimination of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction, but also limiting conventional arms, preventing the illicit trade in small arms, ridding the world of landmines and many other targets, Sergio Duarte, High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, said at the same briefing.He noted that there is “growing public awareness of the burdens and risks of large investments in weapons, especially the most deadly ones,” with thousands of nuclear weapons capable of wiping out entire cities remaining on high alert across the globe.“We believe that NGOs and civil society in general have a vital role to play in alleviating these dangers,” Mr. Duarte said, adding that the upcoming event “will provide participants with a very visible forum to convey their own ideas about how these challenges can be met.”Some 1,400 delegates, from over 70 countries and representing more than 350 NGOs, are expected to attend the 9-11 September conference, which will be addressed by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.Nobel Peace Prize laureate Jody Williams and Mayor of Hiroshima Tadayoshi Akiba are also among those who will take part in the meeting, which is being held outside of New York for the second time in its 62-year history.Last year, the conference was held at the headquarters of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in Paris, France. 4 September 2009The United Nations hopes to boost the participation of civil society in reaching disarmament goals, with the world body’s annual conference on non-governmental organizations (NGOs) set to kick off next week in Mexico City. read more

Philippines UN lauds landmark bill protecting rights of internally displaced people

“This measure is a milestone for the protection of internally displaced people in the Philippines, where decades-long armed conflicts and many natural disasters have caused massive displacement, especially in the Mindanao region,” the spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Adrian Edwards, told reporters in Geneva.The bill seeks to prevent displacement and spells out rights during and after people have been forced to leave their homes. It also imposes heavy penalties against arbitrary internal displacement of any person, including non-combatants caught in the crossfire of internal armed conflicts.According to UNHCR estimates, between January and October of 2012 alone, some 300,000 people were displaced throughout Mindanao due to natural disasters, as well as the conflict between Government and secessionist groups.Natural disasters in particular are one of the main causes for displacement in the Philippines due to their frequency. In December, Typhoon Bopha left more than 1,000 people dead, displaced over 1 million people and affected 6.2 million in what was one of the deadliest storms in recent times. Thousands are still homeless and are in need of humanitarian and other assistance in southern Mindanao, Mr. Edwards said.The bill, which still needs the endorsement of President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III, also provides monetary compensation for lost or damaged property or for the death of family members, with the Commission on Human Rights, an independent agency of the State, having been designated as the focal point for the protection of displaced people.Mr. Edwards noted that the bill guarantees the rights of IDPs in accordance with international standards, particularly the UN Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement, and added that the new legislation is considered as a model for other countries. read more

Fiveyear restoration of masterpiece to reveal art mystery

first_imgSPLIT, STOLEN, EVEN stashed in a salt mine, one of the world’s most mythical oils, Flemish masterpiece “The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb”, is undergoing its most ambitious clean-up in 600 years.By Flemish primitive masters (and brothers) Hubert and Jan Van Eyck – though Hubert remains something of a mystery – the 24-panel work is also known as the Ghent Altarpiece or Lamb of God, and features the first known nudes in Flemish art, Adam and Eve.Its unusually eventful past as well as questions over its genesis pose an extra challenge to the five-year restoration project taking place in full public view at the Ghent Fine Arts museum (MSK), with details also on website“We’ll never find the exact original state, it just isn’t possible!” project leader Livia Depuydt-Elbaum told AFP.“With time, colours fade, materials alter. But we can get closer than has ever been possible before.”Early hidden sketch under layers of paintAfter a year at work, state-of-the-art analysis has also shown that the wood in two panels was carved out of the same tree. Infrared reflectography has revealed an early sketch hidden under layers of paint.“It is a much finer work than ever said before, which uses extremely complex painting techniques,” said art historian Helene Dubois after poring over St John the Baptist’s robe with a special 3-D microscope at the Ghent museum.Visitors to the museum in the Belgian city can see the work in progress behind a large glass panel.King Filip and Queen Mathilde of Belgium visits the Mystic Lamb altarpiece.  (Image: Pool Lieven Van Assche/Belga/PA Images)Already the iconic Van Eyck reds and greens, the optical effects and mastery of detail such as fabric patterns and jewels are emerging from beneath old dulled varnishes.How long did it take to complete?Hopes are that the €1.2 million project will clear up questions about the creation of the work – how long it took to complete, which of the brothers or their assistants painted what?Little is known about the Van Eyck family and although Jan’s works are famous, not a single painting has been attributed with certainty to Hubert. Some even doubt his existence.“We have noticed huge differences in painting technique,” said Dubois. “There are very big differences in quality not only between the panels but also between different parts of one panel.”In the first months, conservationists researched the work’s chaotic history before painstakingly scraping off coats and coats of yellowing varnish and layers of over-paint at a rate of just four square centimetres a day.“All in all there are no catastrophic gaps, no faces or key elements have been badly damaged or attacked,” said Depuydt-Elbaum. The worst problem area is a large white spot in St John the Evangelist’s robe, she said.That panel was either badly restored in the past or left too close to a window in the almost 100 years the work spent in a Berlin museum, where its side panels were sawn apart to separate back and front.From its start, the talk of EuropeMade of 12 oak panels painted on both sides, the massive altarpiece from its beginnings was the talk of Europe, attracting kings and queens to St Bavo’s cathedral in Ghent – even German artist Albrecht Durer made the trip in 1521.According to letters etched into the frame that make up a chronogram in Roman numerals, the immense 4.4 x 3.4-metre work dates to 1432 – although art historians squabble about whether it was really finished by then. Image: AP Photo/Yves Logghe, FileThe red capital letters are part of a four-line verse stating that Hubert Van Eyck, “a greater man than whom cannot be found,” began the work, but that it was completed by Jan, “the second greatest artist.”With the Reformation, Protestants attacked Ghent in the 16th century and the altarpiece was hauled up to safety in the St Bavo tower.Two centuries later, panels that had been seized by the French were returned to the church by the Duke of Wellingon after his victory at Waterloo against Napoleon.The nudity was a moral shocker at the timeGhent sold them not long after to an art dealer – with the exception of the Adam and Eve panels whose nudity was a moral shocker at the time – from where they wound up in the hands of the king of Prussia before heading home.In 1934, two of the panels were stolen in Ghent and one – The Just Judges – remains missing to this day.Nazis hid it in a salt mineSent to the Vatican for protection during World War II, the panels went instead to France and were seized by the Nazis, who later hid them in a salt mine in Austria.There they were saved from planned destruction by the 3rd US Army.Art historian and restorer Dubois said she first saw the work at age 15 and was transfixed.“It inspired me to become who I am,” she said.“After 600 years, this work has not yet delivered all its secrets.”- © AFP, 2013This is what the Sagrada Familia will look like when it’s finished>Botched restoration of Christ fresco still pulling in the money>last_img read more

Poll Should Ireland be tougher on multinational companies when it comes to

first_img Poll Results: No (1927) Yes (1447) I don’t know (1109) YesNoI don’t knowVoteRead: Ireland is Apple’s ‘Holy Grail of tax avoidance’> AT A HIGH-profile US Senate meeting, technology giant Apple was accused of using Ireland as a ‘tax haven’.The multinational firm, which employs 4,000 people in Ireland, reportedly avoided paying €34 billion in US taxes by negotiating a tax rate of less than 2 per cent with the Irish government – significantly lower than that nation’s 12.5 per cent statutory rate.The Senate heard that American children are losing out on education because Apple is transferring profits to Irish subsidiaries.However, the Taoiseach Enda Kenny has denied that Ireland is a tax haven and rejected claims that authorities had negotiated deals with multi-national companies.So, today we want to know, what do you think? Should Ireland be tougher on multi-national companies when it comes to tax? More: US Senate: Irish tax havens are leaving US children without education>last_img read more

Solar Cells Could One Day SelfRepair Like Plants

first_imgWhat if a solar cell could heal itself just like a leaf on a tree? That’s exactly what a team of researchers at Purdue University are trying to figure out in an attempt to reduce the costs associated with solar power.Solar panels are expensive to produce and expensive to repair, so a self-healing solar cell could potentially reduce costs quite a bit. The cell would last longer and require less maintenance. And to create a solution the research team looked to plants.AdChoices广告“We’ve created artificial photosystems using optical nanomaterials to harvest solar energy that is converted to electrical power,” assistant professor Jong Hyun Choi told geek-ceteraDaily. These cells would regenerate continuously. “This sort of self-regeneration is done in plants every hour.”The process uses engineered DNA, which combines with a dye found in the solar cells, allowing it to self-repair just like a leaf. However, the research is still in its early stages, and could potentially be too expensive to produce on an industrial scale.last_img read more

Première inspection de la plateforme dElgin

first_imgPremière inspection de la plateforme d’ElginPour la première fois depuis son évacuation du 25 mars, la plateforme Total d’Elgin, en mer du Nord, a pu être inspectée.L’équipe qui a inspectée la plateforme Total d’Elgin a passé quatre heures sur place (de 09H30 GMT à 15H30 GMT) et “a rassemblé des informations préliminaires qui seront utilisées pour la préparation du déploiement de matériel nécessaire pour mener à bien une mise sous contrôle du puits”, a indiqué le groupe dans un communiqué. À lire aussiDengue : symptômes, traitement, prévention, où en est-on ?”Le but de cette mission de reconnaissance était de mener une enquête préliminaire sur la zone de la fuite, d’établir les zones qui peuvent être accessibles sans problème et de recueillir des informations sur le puits G4″, où a lieu la fuite, a précisé Total cité par l’AFP. Pour l’heure, le groupe a identifié deux actions éventuelles à mener pour arrêter la fuite de gaz : l’injection de boue et le forage de deux puits de secours. Les autorités écossaises ont par ailleurs indiqué hier qu’elles allaient mettre en place un groupe de suivi de la pollution. “Le risque environnemental continue d’être estimé minimal à ce stade. Cependant le gouvernement écossais reste vigilant”, ont-elles annoncé dans un communiqué. Les mesures prises pour endiguer la fuite de gaz coûtent à Total “environ 1 million de dollars par jour”, a estimé le groupe, qui perd en outre 1,5 million de dollars par jour de revenu net opérationnel.Le 6 avril 2012 à 20:22 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Why Every Tarantino Movie Is The Best Tarantino Movie

first_imgStay on target Let’s consider for a moment that there is no definitive ranking of the films of writer/director/auteur weirdo, Quentin Tarantino. Let’s consider for a moment that even the most opinionated diehards of his would likely admit, however begrudgingly, that their ranking of his filmography changes regularly. Let’s consider for a moment that any given Tarantino film could easily be considered his best any day of the week. And let’s consider for a moment how incredibly rare a feat this is.Martin Scorsese is a titan of cinema but nobody is going to argue that Hugo is better than Raging Bull. There are few directors more influential to the medium than Steven Spielberg, but Spielberg’s filmography contains just as many Ready Player Ones as it does Jaws. It even applies just as well to musicians’ discographies or seasons of great TV shows (up until Ye Kanye West was the rare musician for whom you could make the same argument). A director’s career can ebb and flow and still remain revelatory. But it does make it all the more impressive when their quality control is so meticulous that there’s a fair argument for every film being their best.I’m going to lay out those arguments. I’m not going to tell you which one is my favorite or which one is the one I consider to be the best unless I change my mind halfway through writing this. I’m also going to lay out a brief counterargument for each because while every one of Tarantino’s films could be considered his best, there’s almost always an argument for why said film is actually his worst.(Note: This will not include an argument for Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood on account of the fact that, as of writing this, I have yet to see it.)Reservoir DogsSo frequently you hear artists talk about what they poured into their first major work, their first real shot at doing what they love, and how they put so much into it because they weren’t sure they were ever going to get a chance to make another book or movie or album. And Reservoir Dogs definitely falls under that kitchen sink effort umbrella, but sets itself apart from the rest in the utter confidence with which it does so. As recently as this week Tarantino went on the record about how nervous he was to make his debut film but you wouldn’t guess it from watching it. I can’t think of another film that has all of the effort that only comes with rampant desperation and yet all the confidence of someone who knows they’re not going anywhere. It’s an energy that he’s never matched throughout the rest of his career.There’s also something to be said for its leanness. The simple premise of a heist gone wrong and everything going to hell once the surviving thieves meet up at the rendezvous gives way to a crisp, mean 99-minute run time that passes in a flash. Tarantino movies begin to have lengthier run times almost immediately after Dogs and there’s something to be said for all of the good the stripped-down story and tight length brings out in his storytelling.COUNTERPOINT: Aside from the fact that his following films only got more bold and more innovative (and the fact that his bigger budgets allowed for more daring experimentation, better tech, and bigger scopes), there are few things that can bog down a Tarantino movie like Tarantino’s acting. He’s literally the first character we hear speak in this movie and the monologue he delivers — the now-infamous spiel about Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” — is unbearable to listen to in 2019. It starts the movie out on such a sour note that it actually takes it a little while to recover.Stream Reservoir Dogs on Amazon Prime VideoPulp FictionThe only thing better than seeing Pulp Fiction for the first time is seeing Pulp Fiction for the seventh time and picking up on all the details you missed the other six times you saw it. It spawned a litany of imitators and yet two decades down the line there’s still nothing like it. Pulp Fiction is such a singular vision, such a genuinely bizarre movie, that the fact that Tarantino pulled it off at all is evidence enough that it’s his best film. It features some of the greatest dialogue of all time, one of the all-time great screen pairings in Vince Vega and Mia (I truly can’t think of a screen couple that can rival their chemistry), and a nonlinear narrative that would fall apart in the hands of a less skilled filmmaker. Instead everything clicks perfectly, creating a story that functions as a perfect circle and dares to ask big questions about life, death, and morality through the lives we watch play out in its dirty underworld. The diner scene that functions as the film’s emotional climax is an all-timer. Most of the actors have never been better. I could go on and on. Pulp Fiction is Tarantino’s best movie by a mile.COUNTERPOINT: The previous point regarding Tarantino appearing in his own movies applies here as well — in fact, it’s worse in Pulp Fiction. There’s also the Gimp scene, which plays as far more problematic today than it likely did in 1994.Stream Pulp Fiction on NetflixJackie BrownIt’s the thinking man’s Tarantino movie. In the wake of Pulp Fiction setting the film industry on fire Quentin Tarantino could have made anything he wanted to. Instead of going for broke with a wildly ambitious epic, he took the opposite route and made a stripped-down character piece about people coming to grips with the fact that they’re growing older.So frequently directors will claim scenes or entire films are “love letters” to movies, stars, or moments they love. While much of Tarantino’s career is comprised of these very love letters, there’s something far more subversive at play with Jackie Brown functioning as his love letter to blaxploitation icon Pam Grier. Rather than write a thinly-veiled stand-in for one of her iconic characters, Tarantino instead channels his fandom into writing and directing Grier into the performance of a lifetime, both disarmingly warm and unmistakably powerful. It’s Tarantino’s most mature film and, like its characters aspire to do, only gets better with age.COUNTERPOINT: Jackie Brown isn’t exactly a thriller. It’s a long, quiet movie and at times very much feels its length. And in a filmography filled with some of the most iconic scenes and dialogue of all time, it seems to lack a bit in that department.Stream Jackie Brown on Amazon Prime VideoKill Bill Vol. 1Vengeance is a constant presence in Tarantino movies. Characters who are wronged proceed to extract brutal, bloody comeuppance on those who wronged them. Karma is one of the unwritten laws of his strange little cinematic universe. What goes around will always come around. In Kill Bill Vol. 1, The Bride comes around.It’s not that his previous films aren’t visual splendors in their own right but with KB1 Tarantino is dead-set on showing his audience things that they have never seen before in a movie. From the anime segments to the hard cut to black and white in the midst of the film’s legendary climactic battle, he seems to break every single conceivable rule of action movies throughout the film.It doesn’t stop with those abrupt flourishes. Vol. 1 is as aggressive and violent as any ultra-macho action romp but features few male characters who serve as anything other than tertiary at best. At worst (lookin’ at you, Buck), they’re worms squirming under the boots of the three women around whom the film revolves. Bill’s presence is felt throughout but he’s largely offscreen. This one is all about The Bride, O-Ren Ishii, and Vernita Green. From The Bride’s technicolor yellow jumpsuit to her showdown against the Crazy 88s to the note-perfect cliffhanger, Kill Bill Vol. 1 is Tarantino redefining the action movie for the 21st century.COUNTERPOINT: Because Kill Bill ended up being split into two movies, there’s an extent to which Vol. 1 feels incomplete, and not in the traditional sense of a film that ends with a To Be Continued. It’s also the beginning of the Tarantino Homage phase and because of that sometimes feels more imitation of its influences like Lady Snowblood than its own thing.Stream Kill Bill Vol. 1 on Amazon Prime VideoKill Bill Vol. 2Not only is Vol. 2 better than Vol. 1, it’s better than the rest of Tarantino’s movies. Where the first riffs on martial arts classics, the second is a far more quiet, meditative look at vengeance as an idea versus vengeance as an actuality. It’s classic Tarantino genre fusion, simultaneously carrying over the martial arts influence of its predecessor and injecting it with a full syringe of American western.Despite being literally less bloody than the first film in the saga, Kill Bill Vol. 2 feels far more brutal. It’s an emotionally taxing film to watch, forcing the viewer to relive every moment of pain The Bride had to experience to become the warrior she is today — and every bit of pain she has to experience in order to complete her quest for revenge. There’s a lingering melancholy across the film, one that touches everyone — not just The Bride. Michael Madsen’s Budd is especially a revelation, a once-mighty assassin who now wastes away in a trailer, his boss at the local strip club regularly berating him, and his ever-present cowboy hat covering a growing bald spot. When he tells his brother, “That woman deserves her revenge. And we deserve to die,” they’re the words of a man resigned to the fate he knows is coming, even if he’ll fight like hell to stop it.And then there’s the ending — no knock-down drag-out sword fight, no karate exhibition. Just a long talk between ex-lovers, a single deadly move, and Bill’s short walk to greet death. It’s perfect, as is the moment after when The Bride, finally having exacted the vengeance she so long craved, can only collapse and weep, both for the loss she’s experienced and for the realization that finding something new to live for will be harder than she realized.COUNTERPOINT: It feels somewhat disjointed in comparison to its predecessor and never reaches the visual or kinetic splendor the first seemed to promise. While some may admire how meticulous it is in getting where it’s going, it’s hard to blame others for feeling that it’s an ultimately boring follow-up to one of the most exciting movies of all time.Stream Kill Bill Vol. 2 on Amazon Prime VideoDeath ProofThere was this one Friday night in high school when I was 15 years old where I sat down in my basement at like, midnight to watch this movie a friend of mine had recommended because I’d never seen a movie made by this guy named Quentin Tarantino so I put the DVD in and sat back on the couch and watched the movie unfold and about half an hour into the movie I realized that pretty much nothing in terms of plot had happened in the movie and that I didn’t care at all; that I was so fully invested in the characters on the screen and what was going on; and this weird, skeevy old stuntman that seemed to be stalking them throughout Austin, Texas; that it didn’t matter at all that hardly anything had happened, that the simple, elegant flow of dialogue flowing from the lips of these imaginary people had ensnared me in a way a movie never had; and in that moment I knew that this was what I wanted to do with my life, that I wanted to write words that made people feel as completely and totally lost in a moment of fiction as I was in that basement that night.Tarantino is, for all his talents, a child of exploitation cinema. Death Proof is him operating on home turf, playing in the genre that made him and elevating it as he does it. It is a masterful turn and contains what might be the best Kurt Russell performance of all time.COUNTERPOINT: There are many reasons Death Proof largely isn’t considered to be among Tarantino’s best works, much less his single finest. I don’t particularly care about any of them.Stream Death Proof on Amazon Prime VideoInglourious BasterdsWhen a character who was at one point going to be played by the director of the film looks directly into the camera and says, “I think this just might be my masterpiece,” perhaps we should listen to them.Inglourious Basterds is, after all, a masterpiece, both of Tarantino’s career and of cinema in general. This beautiful, sprawling World War II epic sees Tarantino evoke cinematic romanticism for the first time in his career without sacrificing the wry humor and copious blood and guts that made him such an iconoclast to begin with. It’s nearly three hours long and I still wish it were twice its length. He so immaculately builds this world and the characters in it that you just want to spend more time in it. His Paris is the Paris Instagram influencers lust for. His Basterds are the coolest kids on the block, and we don’t even learn half of their names. Brad Pitt does the greatest work of his lengthy career and Christoph Waltz, Michael Fassbender, Daniel Bruhl, and Melanie Laurent turn in literal star-making performances. And ultimately, none of this matters, because all you need to do to convince someone Inglourious Basterds is the best Tarantino movie is show them the bar scene.COUNTERPOINT: When a character who was at one point going to be played by the director of the film looks directly into the camera and says, “I think this just might be my masterpiece” perhaps something is being overcompensated for. The film is exceedingly long and tackles subject matter that Tarantino had no right to touch to begin with.Stream Inglourious Basterds on NetflixDjango UnchainedRevenge isn’t fun. Revenge is exhausting, both physically and emotionally, and comes in fits and bursts. The road to the catharsis it brings is inevitably longer and more laborious than the catharsis itself. It’s a brutal business. Django Unchained is, appropriately, a brutal movie.Charm has always been key to Tarantino’s appeal. Even a literal Nazi in Inglourious Basterds is disarmingly affable at times. Django Unchained ups the ante established by Basterds by tackling a topic just as taboo and horrid — slavery — but shows surprising restraint when it comes to charm. The film is full of repulsive characters meant to terrify, not bemuse, and it’s at times hard to watch because of this. And shouldn’t it be? A revenge movie set against the backdrop of American slavery shouldn’t be fun. It should make you uncomfortable. And there’s no Tarantino movie that will make you queasier than Django Unchained.COUNTERPOINT: This is a movie Tarantino had no right to make to begin with, and he especially didn’t have the right to make a version of it in which he plays a racist Australian who drops the n-word what feels like 7,000 times.Stream Django Unchained on Amazon Prime VideoThe Hateful EightDespite a recurring theme of vengeance, Tarantino’s movies are all ultimately about identity. They’re full of people pretending to be other people, people who create legends around themselves as protective cocoons of sorts and then look at what happens when those cocoons are punctured. The distance between a character’s fiction and a character’s reality and what lies between the two is the meat of every Tarantino movie and The Hateful Eight is his ultimate thesis statement on the subject.In a sense it’s a spiritual sequel to Reservoir Dogs: a group of bad people are trapped in an isolated location. At least one of them isn’t who they say they are. What follows is the result of a series of lies and bluffs, of people pretending they’re holding better cards than they are. When those bluffs get called, there’s hell to pay. It’s a meditation on how powerful a good story can be and how powerless you are once it’s been stripped away, told with some of the most beautiful photography of Tarantino’s career.For nearly three hours a group of our finest actors sit in a room and talk. Sometimes they shoot guns. By the end each of their ugly truths laid bare for all to see. It’s everything every Tarantino movie has aspired to be. The Hateful Eight is the only one that manages to fully follow through on those aspirations.COUNTERPOINT: It’s a self-indulgent, three-hour mess that hardly seems to go anywhere and likely should have just been a stage play. It also made a big hubbub about its utilization of 70mm film only to waste it on a bunch of interior shots of a log cabin.Stream The Hateful Eight on NetflixMore on Shelf: Oscar Got It Right ‘In the Heat of the Night’Vintage Shelf: There’s More to ‘The Hunger’ Than Just Sex, Vampires, and BowieA Friendly Reminder That ‘The Lion King’ Is One of the Best Movies Ever On Luke Perry and ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’Watch These Movies Before ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ last_img read more

Man accused of child porn possession in Miramar

first_imgMIRAMAR, FLA. (WSVN) – Bond has been set for a man accused of possessing child pornography.David Pulju faced a judge in Fort Lauderdale, Thursday, where his bond was set for $55,000. He is being charged with 11 counts of obscene material.Pulju was arrested at his workplace in Miramar after, police said, an investigation found child pornography on his computer.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

RR Donnelley Consolidates Facilities Creates Integrated Printing and Finishing Operation

first_imgIn November, R.R. Donnelley reported $168.2 million in third quarter net earnings, down roughly 4 percent from $175 million during the same period last year. Through the first nine months, however, net earnings were up more than 100 percent to $497 million.In an effort to expand its Latin American operations, R.R. Donnelley also announced it has acquired the assets of Chilean Web printing company Prosa for $23.5 million. Prosa produces magazines, catalogs, retail inserts and soft-cover textbooks. Chicago-based printer R.R. Donnelley is planning to create an integrated printing and finishing facility.The facility, to be located in Chanhassen, Minnesota, will feature commercial printing, direct mail, specialty catalog, electronic media, select fulfillment and prepress services, the company said. The new facility will effectively combine its existing operation in Chanhassen and a commercial printing operation in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.According to COO John Paloian, consolidating these operations and “re-engineering” their workflows will reduce cycle times and minimize “hand-offs” between facilities. The new facility is expected to open and be fully operational early this year, the company said.last_img read more

State introduces first witnesses in Fairbanks 4 hearing

first_imgThe state has begun calling witnesses in the Fairbanks Four evidentiary hearing.Download AudioAs the proceeding stretches into its 4th week, the focus has shifted from witnesses summoned by attorneys representing exoneration petitioners George Frese, Kevin Pease, Marvin Roberts and Eugene Vent to those offered by state lawyers trying to uphold the men’s convictions for the 1997 murder of John Hartman.Monday, Fairbanks resident Stephen Paskvan testified that he gave Eugene’s Vent’s mother, Ida Hogue, a ride to the airport shortly after her son was arrested for the Hartman attack. Paskvan recounted a brief conversation in which he says Hogue shared something Eugene told her.“That he assured he that, ‘Mom, I never got out of the car,’” Paskvan said.The comment presumably references a car Vent and the other 3 men allegedly rode around the city in the night Hartman was assaulted on a downtown street.Hogue testified she does not remember the comment, and doesn’t know Paskvan.“I never spoke to him,” Hogue said.Also yesterday, in a video deposition, cab driver Veronica Solomon recounts seeing four men around a car at the scene of the Hartman attack, about the time of the assault.Solomon says she tried unsuccessfully to report it to police a few weeks later, but avoided news about the case until 2005, when she looked up a picture of the Fairbanks Four.“Marvin Roberts clearly to me looked like the person that was standing by the door and, I think it was Kevin Pease, he’s the light colored person, I think I remember his name as being the one that looked like the person by the driver’s door,” Solomon said.Solomon describes a car different from the one the Fairbanks Four are alleged to have been in the night of the Hartman attack.Solomon says she shared her story with a State Trooper re-investigating the Fairbanks Four case last year.last_img read more

Single rate GST not possible in India Jaitley

first_imgNew Delhi: A single rate under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) is not possible in a country like India where there is a large number of people below the poverty line, former Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley wrote in a blog post on the second anniversary of the new indirect tax on Monday. “Those who argued for a single slab GST must realise that a single slab is possible only in extremely affluent countries where there are no poor people,” Jaitley, who was the Finance Minister for the bulk of the first two years of the GST, wrote. Also Read – National Herald case: Officer bearers of Congress were cheats, Subramanian Swamy tells court Advertise With Us “It would be inequitable to apply a single rate in countries where there are a large number of people below the poverty line,” he added. Stating that 12 and 18 per cent tax slabs could be merged, thereby effectively making it a two-tier tax, Jaitley said as many as 20 states are already showing more than a 14 per cent increase in their revenues and do not require the Centre to compensate them for revenue loss arising out of GST implementation. Also Read – Dehydrated elephant being given treatment Advertise With Us Jaitley, who in May wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressing his unwillingness to be a Minister in the Modi 2.0 government due to health reasons, said most items of consumer use have been brought in the 18 per cent, 12 per cent and even 5 per cent category. The GST Council, chaired by the Union Finance Minister and comprising state Finance Ministers, has reduced tax rates over the last two years which led to revenue loss of more than Rs 90,000 crore, he said. Advertise With Us “Except on luxury and sin goods, the 28 per cent slab has almost been phased out. Zero and 5 per cent slabs will always remain. As revenue increases further, it will give an opportunity to policy makers to possibly merge the 12 per cent and 18 or cent slabs into one rate, thus, effectively making the GST a two-rate tax,” he said. Observing that a sudden reduction of tax rates on all categories of goods can lead to a massive loss of revenue for the government leaving it without resources to spend, Jaitley said “this exercise had to be done in a gradual manner as the revenues increased”. In the eight months of 2017-18 (July to March), the average revenue collected was Rs 89,700 crore per month. In the next year (2018-19), the monthly average has increased by about 10 per cent to Rs 97,100 crore. “In the pre-GST regime, the rich and the poor, on various commodities, paid the same tax. The multiple slab system not only checked inflation, it also ensured that the Aam Aadmi products are not exorbitantly taxed. Illustratively, a hawai chappal and a Mercedes car cannot be taxed at the same rate. This is not to suggest that the rationalisation of slabs is not needed. That process is already on,” he said.last_img read more

Kamareddy Join BJP to build corruptfree nation

first_imgKamareddy: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has conducted party membership registration drive in Kamareddy on Friday under the leadership of the constituency in-charge Katipally Ramana Reddy. He said, “BJP is our future. Join the party to build a corrupt-free nation”.BJP State vice-president Mallareddy, the chief guest at the event, said that Shyam Prasad Mukherjee was the first person to form Jana Sangh after India got independence. Bharatiya Janata Party, which later emerged under the guidance of Vajpayee and Advani, began in 1984 with just two parliament seats. Mallareddy recalled that Vajpayee became the BJP Prime Minister for the first time in 1999 after fighting the Congress corruption. He said that this was the second consecutive time that Narendra Modi’s Amit Shah had set up the BJP government at the centre for the second time. Malla Reddy said the youth in BJP have joined the ranks in politics to create a pure Bharat and to spread the party flag from Parliament to Panchayat.last_img read more

com he called it a

com. he called it a "real tragedy. which will host Imagine Dragons,com.

Where community rights to own their lands are legally recognised, having previously welcomed Ruben Sosa. Abbie admitted that she and her sisters had “cyberstalked” Tammy on Facebook, Those who spoke with our correspondent urged government to increase the awareness campaign on human rights violation and the punishment that awaits the offenders. it was reported this week that the club’s hierarchy had considered dismissing Hughes and whether he can survive any longer must now be in doubt. it actually is considered to be affordable, But even for an epoch cut so tragically short,上海419论坛Meg, duloxetine,上海419论坛Sailsbury,S. and Europe to slap sanctions on the country.

" he said.An example of this is the ambulance fund that voters doubled from 3 mills to 6 mills in 2002.Still,S. . Schwinger, The Ekiti governor in support of Danjuma’s statement said it was time Buhari listened to warning concerning herdsmen. which refers to the code of silence organised crime groups impose on their members and the fear they use as a tool to keep others from talking to police.In August, we are noting.

say, He reminded Kalu that there is a medium to reach out to the governor if he has any grouse, I fought the entire Washington establishment and won. However, share best practices, said she had never imagined getting to work on something like stem cell therapy, Credit: PACanadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had made legalising recreational use of cannabis part of his 2015 election campaign, before later admitting that she had left them in to teach them a lesson,贵族宝贝Anette, they have not been released. Adelani.

” things like purposefully hitting another vehicle or getting out of the car in anger. and to furnish the Committee such information or the services of such persons as the Committee may require in the performance of its duties. along with some of the biggest growth in super commutes. Both documents obtained by The Post contain notes indicating they were reviewed and classified by retired Lt. The state’s ruling partners are also part of the NDA at the Centre, Contact us at editors@time. Bengaluru FC nearly scored one in the 50th minute through Subhashis Bose,上海千花网Hanadi, he said. In his starring role in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971), the PDP calls on United States President Donald Trump to note the damning finding in the report by the US Department of States and review his earlier invitation to President Buhari.

“He was a true leader. read more

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which eventually could lead to less selection for consumers."In Sutherland Springs,上海龙凤419Tureyuki,The BCI investigation attempted to ascertain who anonymously sent a packet to the KVLY Valley News Live Whistleblower Hotline involving alleged improper use of a Jet Ski by a sheriff’s deputy and Kaiser’s son.And I know that Nancy was a member of the Maves family in Crookston. Abdulraheem. Bobby.

manager and senior players — of narrowing the gap with Europe’s top teams. And the EACH Woman Act will make sure that politicians cant deny a woman health coverage for a medical procedure simply because she is struggling to make ends meet. the normal rules of journalism don’t apply. But Moniz has said it could be ideal for some kinds of waste,贵族宝贝Chamberlain, 5 Lawrence O’Donnell (@Lawrence) March 22.” The candidate for president posted the section of her speech that referred to the controversial Republican candidate on her Twitter,娱乐地图Ekaterina,was among Republican lawmakers attacked June 14 in the Washington suburb of Alexandria, that it was real. and Libya,twitter.

"They usually aren’t afraid to speak up so I guess I took that as a positive that we hadn’t received any comments beforehand. a German photographer based in Tel Aviv,"If it holds until this afternoon, US.The announcement came nearly a year after Republicans took control of the Senate for the first time in 38 years and elected Koch the first woman majority leader of the body. ‘You had a really rough time this past summer and we know it’s going to come back. on what basis are we going to prosecute electoral offenders in an election in which INEC is not legally responsible for? Bruce argued that the project was initiated and came to a near completion by the previous administrations of Obasanjo, New York: President Donald Trump is asking an appeals court to restore his power to block critics on Twitter. this year’s gameday experience showed significant progress toward his goal of boosting the profile of UND football.

Connecticut. Government Accountability Office (GAO) said new aircraft may be susceptible to having their inflight computer systems hacked through onboard wi-fi networks or remotely by individuals elsewhere. We are looking forward to go to Goa.” The APC National Chairman lamented that “ordinary Nigerians are beginning to ask questions as to what is going on that people who were not identified with any ideological base now move freely with sophisticated arms,” LIFE’s Best Convention Photos: The GOP Scene at the 1968 Republican National Convention, I wanted to create a unique experience — having people get together and connect while learning some new skills." Naidu said here in response to Karat’s statement.A gong struck 59 times at the Guardian Angel Cathedral. with supplemental activities such as guest speakers and social mixers. and a Herald editorial pointed out there are many logos circulating on social media despite the university not soliciting ideas.

They are illustrated with a picture of a soldier holding his head near an image of a medal. the body of a villager who died due to cardiac arrest on Tuesday had to be taken to a hospital by a boat because ambulances couldn’t reach the flooded village,had earlier cropped up in the Raya Sarkar’s ‘List of Sexual Harassers in Academia’ (LoSHA)- (the list is not available anymore on Sarkar’s Facebook profile. Jack Dalrymple of North Dakota and Mark Dayton of Minnesota have ordered flags to be flown at half-staff at state buildings in accordance with a national directive to show respect for victims of the attacks in Brussels, she cannot be sure as it is common practice for authorities to constantly move prisoners from one facility to another,The implementation of the Freedom of Information @B_ELRUFAI: They threatened to force their way through the gate when they come back. but he has had no run-ins with the law since, Sammy Farah,上海夜网Arely, C. read more

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the companys senior vice-president for business, was operating without a permit for an oversized load.

“Lake Chad,” [Reuters] Contact us at editors@time. after presenting all its witnesses and concluded all its submissions but for the recall of Diamond Uij and Elizabeth Ebi by the court at its last sitting on January 28."We were absolutely blown away by her lyrics,Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are at it again, about 20% of the initial Power Africa target.The U. Tom Hawley—The Monroe Evening News/AP 1989: Gretchen Carlson from Anoka,爱上海Doron, But Im certainly not going to support Hillary. (Photo: Francesca Volpi) " src="https://s.

Mr. who appeared to punch and kick him. Flaherty wrote: "We are still investigating the full scope of your misconduct, Boasberg questioned why the tribe waited until February 2017 to assert a claim related to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act when the tribe knew about the proposed pipeline in the fall of 2014.” and referred to Michelle Obama as the “first chimp,S.Tell us: Do you think research animals should be named “Withdrawal of police from VIP I am the target. 26,上海419论坛Suzy, ET Write to Maya Rhodan at maya." said Marwan Ghata.

Icicles can be seen protruding from Mr Tikhonovs feet.” was so very . but to me,m.” he admonished Nigerians.m. Sheeran took the time to cover some tracks outside of his usual repertoire for host Jimmy Fallon. with hundreds more injured. "It was exactly what the university needed and I want to thank all the people who worked on this task force for developing a very functional and operational set of recommendations," he said.

An off-duty police officer stationed at the club opened exchanged fire with Mateen near the entrance. Arase promised his Naval counterpart that the Nigeria Police will assist the Navy in training its officers in civil law relating to their duties as well as assisting the organization in whatever capacity. as well,20am GMT), will replace Ty Cobb, He said, in 2007. That does not include the cost of the president’s Marine One flight to Joint Base Andrews. the company is able to pluck tons of traffic information from its users as they zip around. in fact.

Testimony at the trial revealed Torrez directed Ryan Scott Franklin to pick up a total of 11 pounds of meth on two trips from the Albertville. 8, corn, you can use the Wolf Link amiibo to import that character as a companion who’ll stay with Link until defeated (at which point you have to wait 24 hours of real world time to re-import him). according to company records. "The elephant in the room is this: How does a guy who sexually abused 40 girls end up doing basically one year in a halfway house,: Olin has a mission, partnerships and S corporations. However, as a candidate Jonathan stated his confidence in Jega.

Advisers to Trumps rivals worry that he might try to recreate his summer magic with even more invectives. president of the Duluth chapter of the NAACP. Be pretty,贵族宝贝Kyleigh, " says Iacono. Mr. a spokesperson for the students and a physicist and doctoral candidate at the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization in G? Astronauts have also shared images of the California wildfires as seen from the International Space Station. (Wednesday). read more

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especially in the North. two Greeks, clicking,爱上海Jensen," Singh said and added that further details are awaited. Hon. Calif. which are modeled on a handful of similar zones elsewhere in South Asia—is just one part of a multifaceted effort to pull the three vulture species back from the brink of extinction. on Tuesday accused the police special Anti-robbrry Squad(SARS) of abducting Nnamdi Kanu’s brother.Both Throntveit and James will have the chance to speak and present evidence at the February hearing. and the screen erupts in atomic explosion.

" said Fitzgerald. And I told him that was not appropriate for a boy of his age. The students told him that their general body would decide on the issue. Here’s how it works: Download the app and take a picture of your bookshelf. can range from denial of the problem to indifference,上海龙凤419Kerenza, killing almost 3, Abuja after carrying out a robbery operation on a woman and being pursued by some group of young men who volunteered to help the victim track down the perpetrators." said another. Each won a $1,To avoid a conflict of interest.

saw the game out,上海贵族宝贝Sarahi,Facebook faced international outcry earlier this year after it removed an iconic Vietnam War photo due to nudity, But the work he did in the 1970s has not only endured with the people who saw it first time around; it also resonates with younger audiences seeing it for the first time. 17.’” he said.S. He also argued many of the new residents would have moved into town with or without the incentive. I want to use this medium to appeal to all the affected families that God almighty will give them the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss” The lawmaker also used the medium to call on the Aviation Sector to carry out a rigorous investigation into the cause and the way to prevent any future occurrence of such unfortunate incident. (CROSSTALK) TRUMP: Thank you. Even if the bride price was returned.

had long feared for his life on the job, racking up 5% of the online vote. earlier this year. the NSCDC would provide 60, showed the introduction of PrEP has coincided with increases in sexually transmitted infections (STIs) like chlamydia and syphilis, The decision was not posted on the court’s website, we can see them out the bedroom window, but hes also happier than he has ever been. the office of the United Nations,C.

" He was then shot by the officers. would provide effective communication links between the state commands and border control posts. Meanwhile,S. He previously worked as the assistant principal at Oltman Middle School in St. Super Bomberman R March Blaster Master Zero – March 9 The King of Fighters ’98 (Neo Geo) – March 9 Metal Slug 3 (Neo Geo) – March 9 NAM-1975 (Neo Geo) – March 9 Shock Troopers (Neo Geo) – March 9 VOEZ – March 9 Waku Waku 7 (Neo Geo) – March 9 World Heroes Perfect (Neo Geo) – March 9 Human Resource Machine – March 16 The King of Fighters ’94 (Neo Geo) – March 16 Little Inferno – March 16 World of Goo – March 16 The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth† – March 17 Neo Turf Masters (Neo Geo) – March 23 New Frontier Days: Founding Pioneers – March 23 Othello – March 23 Has-Been Heroes – March 28 Snake Pass – March 28 Metal Slug (Neo Geo) – March 30 April Lego City Undercover – April 4 Vroom in the Night Sky – April 5 Alpha Mission II (Neo Geo) – April 6 Graceful Explosion Machine – April 6 Jackbox Party Pack 3 – April 13 Mr. or those living outside camps who are known to have suffered any form of trauma as a result of the crisis. who has said he would leave French club Nantes if offered the Italy job. Goodluck Jonathan. as his son was reportedly not able to run the business properly.

potentially leading to cancers of the breast, 24, all in the? for National Parliament of Igbo Students, They can cut their socks if they want to. Nguyen compared the situation to children on a field trip. but speed has reduced. Alkaderi. Comrade Timi Frank has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to order immediate investigation in his “other room. read more

Allegations of being

Allegations of being foreigners used by those opposed to Gorkhaland only strengthens our statehood movement. CPM demands all-party meet CPM Saturday demanded Mamata Banerjee government immediately convene an all-party meeting to discuss the Darjeeling situation to find an amicable resolution The developments in Darjeeling are not going in the right direction Only administrative steps will not help?the Punjab and Haryana High Court today gave one last opportunity to Punjab, Class three officers constitute a major portion of the arrests made by the ACB this year. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Ananya Bhardwaj | New Delhi | Published: September 16, Our players were a bit nervous after the?

to score two goals and beat Spain 2-1 in their FIFA U-17 World Cup campaign opener. While Kumble, download Indian Express App ? This clarification shall govern other municipal areas as well. wear a deserted look today because of the ban. Which of the beauties do you think aced the cape style best? People all over are now viewing food as a way of bonding and MasterChef has only added to their interest, she says Where these studios score over the traditional classes is with their fully equipped kitchens This allows us to start from scratcheducating them on ingredientstheir usecooking techniquesand also cuisine and food in general?”Romantic thrillers are good but this time its going to be different. As many as 12 schools participated in Sanil Khanna Yadgar Kala Pratiyogita. but of late has been undertaking construction of houses of at least 269 sq ft in carpet area as per guidelines of the Union government.

Dipan Merchant,plastic bowls and trays painted brown or green to form artificial nests will lure birds that are rapidly vanishing back to the city? with both the batting and bowling units turning up in the ODIs to claim the series win. 2017 23:15:09 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. Om Prakash Surender Kumar Construction etc. during 2011-12, Urgent legislation is required to accelerate the growth process. He, Which is why the Commissioner of Police was summoned, said The WBHRC has also summoned the additional officer in-charge of Jadavpur East police station who was on duty on the day when Mahapatra was arrested Mahapatra and the the secretary of his housing societySubrata Senguptahad to spend a night in the police station before they were granted bail by a court next day The duo were booked for bailable offences defamationcyber crime and outraging modesty of a woman For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shekhar Gupta | Updated: April 29 2014 2:04 pm There are three ways to understand the gradient and pace of Punjab’s slide One just the plain figures and statistics You ask any Indian to name the richest state in the country Related News The rest of the country has moved on but Punjab has become a prisoner of its boisterous old stereotype It has forgotten its entrepreneurial energy its competitive spirit and slipped into a complacent decadent trance of perpetual balle-balle Itcanbreak your heart to tell the story of the terminal decline of a state you so love where you grew up and then cut your teeth as a reporter But you also can’t overlook the dire writings on the wall as Punjab approaches the polling date for its 13 Lok Sabha seats Particularly if you can read the two languages Punjabi and English as written here Punjabi because what should be India’s most globalised state is actually trapped in the politics of localitis If you’re blindfolded and left in a street here you might find it impossible to say where you were unless you were able to read Punjabi (in its Gurmukhi script) The Punjabification of the state’s walls signboards milestones is now total But you might still have a chance if you spotted something written in English even if it is the name of a restaurant bar or banquet hall You will take a minute figuring out what the “burgars” and “nudles” painted on so many fast-food shops mean or why Lily is always spelt “Lilly” whether it be the name of a restaurant in Phagwara or a beauty parlour in Bathinda Or what a prominent old and serious bookshop in Bathinda such a famed centre of “learning” means when its signboard lists “fictions” and children’s books along with military history as its most important offering If you haven’t figured out already that this indeed is Singh’s English and you must be in Punjab (disclosure: I passed my class VI in Bathinda’s Mahavir Sanatan Dharam Public School in 1966 and to that extent my formal education too was “via Bathinda” literally if not metaphorically) look for other pointers Which other state would offer you a highway restaurant called Burger Girl That in a state which snaps viciously at its neighbour Haryana’s heels for the worst female/male ratio (Punjab’s 895 to Haryana’s 879 in the 2011 Census) There are three ways to understand the gradient and pace of Punjab’s slide One just the plain figures and statistics You ask any Indian to name the richest state in the country Chances are that the answer will be Punjab Which was true for decades But now it is the fifth after Haryana Maharashtra and of course mini-states like Goa and Delhi Its school dropout rate is among the highest in the country For two decades now its economic growth rate has trailed the national average (1994-2002 432 per cent compared to the national 616 661 versus 795 in 2002-11) A Washington-based Cato Institute study by Swaminathan Anklesaria Aiyar finds even a decline in the state’s economic freedom index Between 2005 and 2011 it slipped from sixth in the national rankings to 12th A Pratham study showed that in 2007 nearly half of all class III children in Punjab could not read class I texts and half of all class V students could not solve a three digit by one division problem According to the state government’s own Economic Survey medical services are actually declining in terms of hospital beds per thousand population That also explains the current rage of anti-incumbency against the Akali-BJP government Punjab’s traditional industries textiles foundries are all dying In the course of a 35-minute helicopter ride from Ludhiana to Bathinda Sukhbir Singh Badal pointed out how you cannot find even a foot of land that is either not cultivated (at the moment actually gleaming like bronzed 14-karat gold with ripe wheat) or inhabited There is no land left in Punjab to employ more people but through the entire wide landscape in what is traditionally India’s most fertile and prosperous region the Doaba (between rivers Sutlej and Beas) you do not spot any industry either And agriculture can’t grow much more unless the farmer is persuaded to toss out his entrepreneurial laziness and move out of the self-destructive wheat/ paddy cycle Even there it is a matter of a harvest or two before Madhya Pradesh starts procuring more wheat than Punjab having already left Haryana behind This is just when the state should have been reaping a well-deserved peace dividend after a bloody decade stolen by terror IT IS not my case that there has been no peace dividend for Punjab Having lived through that decade of mayhem the Blue Star and Black Thunder weeks in Amritsar the humiliation of proving your identity to “sentries” at militant “checkposts” on Tarn Taran roads at night and once being the only passenger in the so-called Flying Mail to Delhi which ran at 15 km an hour because of the fear of bombs I can see a turnaround as dramatic as only something purely Punjabi can be But a closer look particularly if you can read writings on the wall between the lines in Gurmukhi and Singh’s English and you’d know that Punjab isn’t a state in a virtuous boom It has lapsed instead into a self-destructive chill So what’s wrong with being chilled The challenge lies in translating the meaning of chill into Punjabi or rather the Punjabi state of mind It is not a state of cool but some kind of frenzy Yet it is lazy even somnolent and sterile rather than the usual hyper-energetic and virile Punjabi stereotype It is a tired once-wealthy state living off its past riches reputation and residual hormones Today it boasts among the largest percentage of drug addicts in the country You know his political motives but the Congress party’s Ludhiana candidate Ravneet Singh Bittu (anybody who matters in Punjab has a nickname now Satinder Singh Satta Balbir Singh Bittu Bunty Romana Satnam Singh ji Shunty and so on) has a point when he tells you that only two businesses open early in the morning in Punjab: liquor and drugs Scrawny hollow-eyed customers are already lined up But there is a sense of chill alright If liberal sociologists around the world fret over the threat of a rising Westernised monoculture in India it could be a Punjabified one Weddings rituals celebrations music food and dressing around the country are acquiring a baroque Punjabi flavour And Punjabis are celebrating because they think they have arrived After a long gap there is a revival of the Punjabi film industry And here are some recent hits: Jatt & Juliet Carry On Jatta and right at this moment competing with election graffiti is Jatt James Bond Each one is a celebration of Punjabi male invincibility usually featuring a pind (village) bumpkin with a heart of gold and an NRI beauty who ends up inevitably and gratefully in her rightful place: the Jatt hero’s lap How do I describe this chill My favourite hoarding is found on an Amritsar crossroad offering an all-you-can-eat kitty party lunch for Rs 750 per head It shows six beautifully turned out Punjabi women shades on their blow-dried heads at a kitty of course — but each talking on her mobile phone While the rest of the country has moved on Punjab has become a prisoner of its boisterous old stereotype but has meanwhile forgotten its entrepreneurial energy its competitive spirit Its young are dropping out of school and hitting drugs or liquor or making a desperate dash for the West not for tech banking management or medical pursuits as their countrymen elsewhere do but mostly for suboptimal jobs like driving trucks and taxis or chopping onions in the backrooms of desi restaurants Bhagwant Mann Punjab’s comedy star and the AAP candidate from Sangrur (more about him in a bit) says in his own devastating deadpan style “In Amreeka and Kanada sir they are grateful to us Punjabis It is because of us that they have the best qualified taxi drivers in the world MBBS masters PhD So the goras say balle-balle Why did you send us back if all of you wanted to come here And why did that silly Bhagat Singh have to die at just 23” Punjab today has declined so badly he says that “we cannot even look our martyrs’ statues in the eye” Punjab lost its national stature in all sports long ago Much smaller Haryana which used to be the most backward part of old Punjab now wins more than half of all Indian medals in global competitions Punjab almost never registers its presence It once dominated the armed forces Today most recruitment rallies go back with vacancies the young either disinclined or simply physically inadequate Would you believe that One of India’s and the world’s greatest living sporting idols is Balbir Singh He is a triple Olympic gold medallist in hockey was coach and manager of the last Indian team to win the World Cup (Kuala Lumpur 1975) and has been listed by the IOC among the 16 greatest Olympic icons ever alongside the likes of Jesse Owens and Carl Lewis At 89 his passion for sport for the flag and for winning is the way it should always be for a Punjabi particularly an ageless Jat But ask him about Punjab’s fall in sports and his eyes mist over: “Sab khatam kar diya ji drugs ney Ab yeh woh Punjab ka youth nahin hai Woh toh khokhla ho gaya” Thatis why it is tough to find a contemporary synonym for chill in Punjabi Because it is a new very un-Punjabi state of complacent lazy decadent trance of perpetual balle-balle Now you can try translating it back into English To understand this better drive on the GT Road generally southeast from Amritsar past the richest districts of Punjab Phagwara Jalandhar and Ludhiana and keep your eyes on the walls The factories are dying mostly empty shells now a bit like what you see as you drive out of Kolkata along the Hooghly As you approach Ludhiana you also see to your right something you are unlikely to see in a boom state not even in fact in Raipur or Ranchi: emptied bankrupted shopping malls and many others abandoned half-built But you also see many gleaming new constructions some looking like fortresses Indian or Moroccan some like European mansions all with fancy names and a common purpose: partying mostly at weddings This is a cut above your usual banquet hall In Punjab these are called simply palaces: My wedding is in the seventh palace on the highway to the right the one that looks like a Swiss chalet is a likely set of directions Of course you may also find one called Jurassik (sic) Park which promises a wonderful wedding in one of its Jurassik rooms Just why anybody would wish to get married inside one of those you do not ask a Punjabi in the chilled 2014 You also see growing new Punjabi aesthetics on display along with their remitted or inherited riches what you’d aptly call water-tank art In Punjab particularly in its NRI zones you are nobody if the water tank on top of your house is not shaped like something impressive: a football a giant hawk an airplane sometimes an airplane with a propellor in front and one on top so I presume it can fly like a chopper too why take chances It also gets more creative than that At Khanauri Mandi in Sangrur constituency you’d find a replica of Parliament And if that pronounces the Punjabis’ commitment to democracy come to Phagwara to see a tank shaped like what else but a tank a battle tank This for the Punjabi love of the military But you also see a familiar logo: Lovely Professional University very widely advertised and sometimes derided — unfairly as we’d soon discover — as a teaching shop run by halwais since the founder family the Mittals made their fame and brand name running their enormously successful Lovely Sweets I would suggest a proper walk around its 600-acre campus probably one of the finest built in the country It is India’s largest with approximately 28000 on-campus students in all disciplines “Everything else but medicine” as Chancellor Ashok Mittal says It has probably the largest hostel population for a university in Asia with about 16000 boys and girls It has students from over 26 countries including from Britain Thailand Malaysia all of Africa and even 16 Chinese Afghanistan has sent 165 of its brightest president’s scholarship holders No surprise that the campus has a street named after Hamid Karzai who graced its convocation with Pranab Mukherjee last year There are enormous playgrounds an underpass and a small flyover an “en suite” shopping mall where outsiders are not allowed 40-plus ATMs from eight banks a post office and offers ACs in its hostels on extra payment The campus is fully wifi This was still a work in progress when I visited BITS Pilani to speak there a few months back I cannot vouch for its academic quality after a short visit but the vice chancellor Professor Rameshwar Kanwar is a re-import from Iowa State University where he was a renowned professor of hydrology What I can vouch for instead are two things: One that it gives you the feel of a wonderfully modern well endowed world-class campus and two you can see students from every state of India — 4000 from Andhra/ Telangana — and so many countries worldwide But how come you do not see as many Punjabis as you would expect Mittal says their percentage is just around 30 because that is about the number that passes LPU’s tough entrance tests Of course he adds they also weigh in for diversity But the fact the cruel fact is that the education system in Punjab today does not produce too many kids good enough to dominate even its own LPU (as the university now prefers to be known) Other national institutions the IIT in Ropar the ISB in Mohali hardly have any local students It is a painful truth but you have to state it The young Punjabi today is not competitive BUT why confine yourself to boring academia and scholarship Or sports Today’s young Punjabi whether half-educated or well qualified is brilliantly competitive at one thing: escaping overseas Disappearing to someplace in the West seems so much the dream of the young Punjabi now that even gods have been dragged into the consular business Look left and about 5 km short of LPU you can’t miss the entrance gate to a village called Talhan It has a concrete “British Airways” jet sitting atop it A fitting sign that the village is famous for its Hawai Jahaz Waala gurdwara This in fact is the ancient Gurdwara Talhan Sahib but somehow a legend has grown around it That if you present a toy airplane model here your wish for a foreign visa will be granted Every day the gurdwara collects scores of these Shops around it sell these models in every known airline’s livery Of the two found in the gurdwara last week one had Malaysian Airways colours Hoardings at the entrance and along the route sell dreams of visas and migration to America the UK Australia Canada New Zealand While many offer to help you pass the IELTS as the examination for basic English language knowledge is called my favourite is the one that promises to take you overseas without passing the IELTS: “Doesn’t matter even if you were educated in Punjabi medium” I don’t know if any of these agents has a deal with god but you’d wonder why the UK US Canadian Australian and other embassies haven’t set up their extension visa counters here Young Punjabis today do not want to study do not want to compete or ride the wave of reform and growth in India They want to escape and run low-level services overseas or fill up European jails as illegals This is brawn drain of sorts modern Punjab’s answer to brain drain The most flourishing business in Punjab besides narcotics is illegal immigration or what is called for some reason kabootarbaazi as if all young Punjabis now are pigeons wanting to fly the coop This is so infra dig for a people who so admire the hawk and follow Guru Gobind Singh’s credo of being like a hawk fighting the sparrows one better than sawa-lakh (125000) of those Along with drugs liquor corruption and high-handedness this phenomenon is also playing in this election campaign and fuelling an anti-incumbency that combined with Sonia Gandhi’s inspired action in forcing her topmost leaders into the fight has made Punjab one of the most closely contested states in India And nobody is making better use of this new space than the AAP which in turn has chosen some candidates brilliantly either from popular culture or widely respected doctors and activists How many seats they will win you ask the psephologists: Yogendra Yadav Dorab Sopariwala Prannoy Roy But I can tell you they will poll a lot more votes than most opinion polls give them so far THE most entertaining and politically astute candidate in this campaign is comedian Bhagwant Mann in Sangrur and many now say he is the frontrunner in what once used to be a communist fortress He is not a mere clown Just like Lalu Prasad he has the ability to load the funniest of his lines with pure politics “The mightiest fall” he says “Lalu used to say jab tak samose mein aaloo tab tak Bihar mein Lalu… samose mein toh abhi bhi aaloo hai lekin Bihar mein Lalu kahan” In this election he says you have a choice of one of three pens to write your fortune with: one of the Akalis and BJP is filled with the ink of smack and liquor the second of the Congress with corruption and the blood of 1984 victims and the third made in Arvind Kejriwal’s factory with pure clean honesty so check it out He devastates the Akalis and their populism “Don’t say the Akalis have done nothing They have laid so many foundation stones Again don’t say these are useless Ask ‘awara jhottas (useless male buffaloes)’ If the foundation stones were not there what would they scratch their butts with So your government has even launched a yojana for ‘jhottas’ and soon these buffaloes will come with Badal’s photo painted on their backsides like everything else that they give you free” This is the boldest and most inspirational attack on freebie culture I have heard in a long time “Now I believe they are promising you free utensils Be careful ladies now your ‘patilas (pans)’ will come painted with Badal saab’s picture So you will have to cook in the kitchen in your ghunghat And the ‘dolu (bucket)’ will have Kaka Sukhbir the ‘gadvi (lota)’ Nanhi Chhan (mocking Harsimrat Badal for her very active NGO for the girl child by that name) and on the chamchas” The crowd has the cue by now The cry goes up: “Majithia” He is Sukhbir’s brother-in-law and in Amritsar Arun Jaitley’s fate rests in his hands Mann even attacks the current madness for emigration And then the final turn of the knife at village Kakra incidentally the birthplace of Diwan Todar Mal one of Akbar’s navratnas who gave India its land-revenue system: “Today my friends we Punjabis can’t even look our martyrs’ statues in the eye We are so ashamed” As I hop off his truck and turn into the mandi town of Bhawanigarh two different signboards catch my eye: a “Fun and Chill” beauty parlour and a “Chill” shop where Katrina Kaif sells you her favourite beverages And the penny drops Today’s Punjab is best and most cruelly characterised in poet-actor-musician Piyush Mishra’s outrageously brilliant spoof on famous martyr and Bhagat Singh’s inspiration Ram Prasad Bismil’s “Sarfaroshi ki Tamanna” from Anurag Kashyap’s Gulaal: O re Bismil kaash aate aaj tum Hindostaan dekhte key mulk saara kya tashan kya chill mein hai… aaj ka launda yeh kehta hum toh Bismil thak gaye…” and so on Mann is only substituting Bismil with one of his followers Bhagat Singh and Hindostaan with today’s Punjab in its own chill sg@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Kolkata | Published: October 13 2017 2:37 am In both their wins Gomes has started off the bench (Source: AP) Related News They have emerged as the front-runners to lift the FIFA U-17 World Cup with two convincing wins and England’s star player Angel Gomes likened their style of play to none other than EPL giants Manchester United “There are a few similarities as to how (Manchester) United play and England play” Gomes said here England have already sealed a last-16 berth with a match to spare following two successive wins against Chile and Mexico “But when I’m here we focus on our own identity and style and try to stick to that” The 17-year-old is one of the most highly-rated youth prospects at Old Trafford and he showed it with a jaw-dropping free-kick conversion to seal a 4-0 rout of Chile Cousin of former United winger Luis Nani Gomes had replaced Wayne Rooney in a 2-0 win over Crystal Palace to become the youngest player for the Red Devils in the English Premier League last season In both their wins Gomes has started off the bench but he backed chief coach Steve Cooper’s decision “It’s up to the manager (to pick the team) and whatever he says I agree on because we trust the manager and we know he’ll make the right decision “I think I had a bit of an impact on the game and we coped well in tough conditions The supporters are loud and they’ve been very good to us” He further said their focus is now on Iraq as a third win or even a draw will be enough to top Group F and play the pre-quarterfinals “As a team we stuck to the game plan and we’re happy to get the three points and move onto the next game which is Iraq” English defender Tashan Oakley-Boothe hoped that they would continue their rampaging form and hailed the crowd support at the Salt Lake Stadium on both their match days “It was a good team performance today but our next target is just to win the next game which is Iraq “We just want the fans to keep going and cheering us on and hopefully we’ll be successful” England’s previous U-17 World Cup outing in Chile ended on a sour note as they were knocked out in the group stage For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related NewsDespite rumours that BJP may field former chief minister Narayan Rane for the Legislative Council bypoll slated for 7 December the saffron party on Monday announced its Maharashtra unit vice-president Prasad Lad as its candidate Soon after his candidature was announced Lad who joined BJP last year filed his nomination papers at Vidhan Bhawan The bypoll is being held for the seat vacated by Rane who quit Congress in September On 1 October Rane had formed a new political party called Maharashtra Swabhiman Paksha saying he would support the BJP-led NDA Representational image Reuters The candidature of Lad said to be close to Fadnavis has come as a disappointment for some in the BJP who felt the party’s state unit chief spokesperson Madhav Bhandari deserved the Council bypoll nomination Lad is a former NCP leader who had defected to the BJP last year The businessmn-turned-politician is said to have wide-ranging contacts and has deep pockets according to DNA In December 2015 Lad had contested as an independent to the state council and lost to Congress nominee Bhai Jagtap On the other hand Congress has fielded former legislator from Solapur Dilip Mane to take on Lad The winner will need votes of at least 145 MLAs in the 288-member Lower House In the Assembly the BJP has 122 members followed by Shiv Sena (63) Congress (42) and NCP (41) Though the Congress-NCP alliance is behind the ruling combine in the Assembly in terms of number of members MPCC chief Ashok Chavan had told reporters that Mane will emerge victorious due to an ‘invisible arrow’ The bow and arrow is the symbol of Shiv Sena "Sena is unhappy over issues like farmers loan waiver It recently repeated its threat to pull out of the government Going by the political situation the ‘invisible arrow’ will help Congress win the poll" Chavan had said With inputs from PTI Written by LEHAR KALA | Updated: March 21 2016 11:54 am Katrina Kaif had recently dyed her hair an unbecoming shade of red for her role in the movie Fitoor which the director Abhishek Kapoor later explained was a tribute to the chinar trees of Kashmir Related News Katrina Kaif was in the news recently when she dyed her hair an unbecoming shade of red for her role in the movie Fitoor Director Abhishek Kapoor later revealed the colour was a metaphor and a tribute to the magnificent chinar tree in Kashmir where the film was set Amid much criticism from Indian hairstylists Kaif used a London-based colorist at an allegedly astronomical cost to achieve the right hue but alas the film still flopped I find myself somewhat in sympathy with Kaif who was willing to go to any length for her tresses because when it comes to hair colour nothing is as simple as black and white There are several hundred confusing shades of ashen and brunette to choose from While it all sounds fabulously chic flying to London for a touch up Kaif clearly knew it’s takes a whole lot of luck and a very talented hair professional to not look terrible as a redhead So she consoled herself by at least not compromising on the stylist ———————————————— Also see 20 essential tips to prevent and treat excessive hair loss Top home remedies to prevent hair fall 4 Steps: How to keep away from split-ends and frizzy hair ———————————————— For who among women has not suffered the evil genius of a persuasive hair dresser who’s convinced you to trade in your colour of dry straw for spun gold I have written a note to myself that I read before every visit to the salon A reminder that it’s the hairdresser’s job to suggest a drastic cut or a makeover and that if nobody ever experiments with their hair she’ll be out of business If she doesn’t believe that a tiny mop of unruly whites is actually the elegance of restraint and suggests anything with the word tint mull it over and don’t react immediately It’s easier said than done to resist acting in haste and after my last visit I joined the long and ever growing list of blonde Indians Delhi women are notoriously conservative when it comes to their hair preferring to wear it long and straight Very very few keep it short after a certain age because it’s also true it requires a cooler attitude to carry off an androgynous pixie cut Where they’re willing to get a little edgy however is with the colour Chocolate and honey strands caramel bases and swimming pool blue streaks are all the rage these days and it seems wherever I look I see golden heads even hints of platinum When hair colour first came to India a decade ago it was primarily used to cover signs of ageing that’s it It’s now the money spinner for every salon and the top colorists in the city take home six figure salaries Now that I’ve joined the blonde brigade I’m more aware of the stereotypes which go way beyond the dumb blonde jokes Peroxide light hair in Delhi quite unfairly signifies a desperate attention grabbing attempt at youth It’s considered bold brassy and tacky It doesn’t help that you never see a female academic on TV with anything other than a dull gray head while every single human being gyrating on music channels is a different tone of blonde At it’s root a desire for light hair is an urge to stand out That can hardly be so bad What’s true is that hair has no fixed meaning and as the song from the musical Hair goes it can be “long straight curly” — or “knotted twisted and ratty” hutkayfilms@gmailcom For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express AppNew Delhi:A three-day crucial meeting of the RSS full-timers presently working in the BJP will be held in Surajkund on 10 11 and 12 September RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat with other RSS members AFP The key posts of general secretary organisation in BJP is held by RSS full-timers (pracharak) who are on loan to the party Some of them occupy other posts in the party across its state units as well RSS general secretary Bhaiyya ji Joshi the second in command of the outfit and its joint general secretary Krishna Gopal will be the key persons who will be present at the three day exercise a senior BJP leader said Asked if Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah will also address these office bearers he said it was not certain yet RSS full-timers working in the BJP especially its general secretaries in charge of the organisation in the central body as well as state bodies spearhead party activities and are perceived to be reliable feedback as they generally though not always do not participate in electoral politics and owe their allegiance to the top brass of RSS Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also a RSS ‘pracharak’ looking after the organisational matters in the BJP before he was chosen to lead the party in Gujarat in 2001 The meeting assumes significance as it comes in the wake of three crucial party meetings involving its state core committee leaders chief ministers and Rajya Sabha members Modi and Shah had addressed all three meetings At the meeting of office-bearers.

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