A small webmaster by a traffic picture analysis of network development


according to 3% hits, 15000ip was less than 500 clicks! I took 1000ip80 yuan to count, only 40 yuan! Alliance in half the amount of your 15000ip button, click on the station, a day of pure income was 20 yuan! However, this is an ad, and he can put 20 more than advertising, but because there is little click East West Point characteristic, 20 ad is only half, so to get 20 yuan *20 advertising in 2 is divided by the pure click one day to go to 200 yuan


how many people will go to the GG or other league?.

is now a person, can clearly distinguish which is advertising, which is not advertising! Unless the ad really useful, will point, and no use will not point!

!In fact,

network make a click, in the next 10 years is not optimistic, because there are a lot of people in the Internet society, and this part is the distinction between which is not advertising, which is advertising! If we can make these new people, and after the new can well differentiate advertising, then, CPC will be the most the efficiency of the means of promotion, but not now generally believe that CPS CPA is the most efficient means of promotion


if everyone is able to distinguish between advertising, then CPC will be the lowest cost, most efficient means of promotion, because everyone can distinguish between advertising, then click on the people will think this is useful on its own advertising talent will point


at that time, sites may be less than now, but the quality will be higher, at least we eat these by clicking on the web site is a lot less! Of course, then mostly make people sell their products! Sites may also be just a marketing page "/p>!

is now being delayed because the probability is too high, so now CPS, CPA and CPA prevail! But CPS, is actually a bit of a thankless task! Webmaster think CPA CPS advertising, not to engage in money, advertisers and too high cost CPA, CPS! So, both CPS and click CPA. Ad! This thing right now is a transitional product! Network environment development to the ideal state, these will disappear in


that’s why CPC isn’t out of the stage at the moment CPS is so popular,


owners are not easy, but more and more mixed, later, when a webmaster want to simply have a high income is not possible! The development of the network is to let each stationmaster to do business, to sell their products! And website, just to provide a trading platform for products this is at present a lot of big!! home very good, in the commercialization of a lot of personal reasons, CMS commercial, commercial locomotive, love polymerization start direct commercialization, and to not like dedecms on the free version! >.

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